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Kayn R

So I'm kinda new to Kayn and I played him today and I ulted a Fiora yet I still died, and my ult went on cooldown. I didnt even see Kayn go inside Fiora. Is this a bug, because I am pretty sure I did ult the Fiora
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• 2d

What do you think of the new rune shield bash coming in soon?

  • Overpowered!!
  • Pretty decent.
  • Absolute garbo.
  • Needs Buff.
  • ... *readies all champs with shield*
  • Make Morde Great Again?
  • Shen is better
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• 4d

Which of these factions of Runeterra do you think is the most powerful?

  • Demacia
  • Noxus
  • Shurima
  • Ionia
  • Targon
  • Bilgewater
  • Piltover / Zaun
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• 4d
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• 4d

I'm new.......

I'm new to this fandom and LoL in general. I've played moba games like ml and aov. Please any tips and tricks for a noob.😁😁
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• 11/9/2018

How rare is Annie in Wonderland?

Just wanted to know is she rare or nah
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• 11/3/2018

Broken,crazy builds/metas

I want try some broken,crazy builds/metas which actually works like AD Thresh, AD Soraka or Taric top etc. If you know something like this pls let me know in the comment section.
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• 11/1/2018

Just wanna know

What du u guys think about fury champs like my own main papa croc
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• 10/30/2018

Questions for Riot!

The FANDOM team is off to Worlds-- and we want to bring the voice of the community with us! On this trip, we will have the unique opportunity to talk to Riot's dev team and executives, professional players, and more. We can't wait to interview these amazing people, but before we do we need to know: What are your burning questions for Riot and co.?

While we cannot guarantee that all of your questions will be used, we'd would love to hear where your most pressing concerns and deepest curiosities lie. Whether its granular, patch note related, bigger picture, the future of Worlds/the meta game or even just questions about esports in general--Ask your questions below!

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• 10/27/2018

Started to play slot of Diana, any tips?

I can usually do quite well (10+ kills, 5-7 deaths) but was just interested if you guys would have any useful tips
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• 10/20/2018

Refining The League Wiki

I have seen that their are a ridiculous amount of duplicate images in this wiki I've seen six different ezreal arcade skin pictures that are the exact same. We need to work on refining this so we don't have 1114 pages of images. I want to know your opinions on this.

Should we refine the images and pages
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • If Necessary
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• 10/19/2018

Irelia tips??

Im just starting to main ỉelia and i want some tips to play her, can you guy help please :)
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• 10/16/2018

Lolking shut down, no more stats or 3D models to view!

As of 15/10/2018 Lolking has taken down their site, and here on our wikia we used their services to link our champs and skins to their respective models and others of course loved to see their stats and find ways to improve. For stats its alright, there are other sites, though in game model viewers are what some do love to see. Will there be others who can make the same thing as Lolking did or even better, can we live without having what Lolking was able to show us?

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• 10/13/2018


Who is following c9 for worlds bc I sure am...
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• 10/7/2018

its a bug?

for a reason when i am on the main page of LoL it throws me out when i am in champ select or at the que to get in the game can u help me to fix this bug?

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• 10/2/2018

is this game on console?

i have put this game off for too long and my pc has no space. what platforms are this game on.

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• 10/1/2018

Support for auto fill

Which champion would be easiest to play in support for when I get auto fillled.
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• 9/27/2018

Ezreana Jones

Did the 2018 update of Ezreal just make Indiana Jones reference in his quotes as well as Thanos with any dialogue with a gauntlet?

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• 9/20/2018

does attack move click have slower start up?

attack move click feels slower than just clicking so am i imagining it or is there something to it? maybe riot added a delay to compensate for the auto accuracy
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• 9/15/2018

Veigar League Of Legends

How it is possible i didnt unlock veigar, morgana, sha lin and others, but i can play with them?
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