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Who is following c9 for worlds bc I sure am...
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its a bug?

for a reason when i am on the main page of LoL it throws me out when i am in champ select or at the que to get in the game can u help me to fix this bug?

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is this game on console?

i have put this game off for too long and my pc has no space. what platforms are this game on.

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Support for auto fill

Which champion would be easiest to play in support for when I get auto fillled.
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Ezreana Jones

Did the 2018 update of Ezreal just make Indiana Jones reference in his quotes as well as Thanos with any dialogue with a gauntlet?

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does attack move click have slower start up?

attack move click feels slower than just clicking so am i imagining it or is there something to it? maybe riot added a delay to compensate for the auto accuracy
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Veigar League Of Legends

How it is possible i didnt unlock veigar, morgana, sha lin and others, but i can play with them?
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Zyra strategies

I'm starting to play with zyra, and I was wondering what are some good strategies/combos for her.
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Stats in LoL

In your stats tab what determines wether you went top,mid, bot, jungle or support? I am confused about this because I spent all my time in top lane but stats said I played Jungle. Thanks in advance.
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I'm sick of this

Can riot do something about this shit when someone on your team ban your champ
I wanted to play akali 6 games 3 of them my team ban it
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Reroll for permanent skin?

I just rerolled 3 skins for a perma skin which were cost 975-1350-1350 rp's. But the only thing I got was Mundo GYM skin that is only 540rp and it's not even a perma skin, it's a skin shard. I thought rerolling skins can only give you perma skins?
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Is ranked not popping up for anyone else?

Tryna play ranked and the option doesn’t pop up. Just blind and draft... someone please help!
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Glacial augment rune

What champion is good with glacial augment??
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What champions are next to be reworked I saw a post about this a while back but can’t seem to find it. Pls help.
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champs to play bot lane?

Let's face it- ADC is screwed
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Adcs for a nube

I’ve played league for a while but I can never play ads well what adcs are good to start with
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Kai’sa advice

Hi im new and i got question

What build do i do with Kai’sa

AD or AP
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Better adc

Which adc is better
4-Miss Fortune
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Recommend me a tank jungler to pick up in this meta? I'm so lost 😂😂
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4800 BE champions

Can someone recomend me some champs to buy i mean some really broken champs that i will enjoy to play but 4800 champs
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