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In regards to: Champion skin

I fear that we will get to a point in the future where this page will become heavily bloated. I already rearranged content around and deleted a section (future speculative skins), but I believe it may become unmanageable when dealing with future seasonal event skins.

Price Changes Section

My immediate concern is for the price changes section: Champion_skin#Price_Changes

This table has useful information detailing which skin has a price change at a particular date. However, we hit a snag where there has been a stealth change to Samurai Master Yi from 975RP to 520RP. Obviously a communication error from Riot's marketing department but no reference can be found anywhere and no exact date can be confirmed. Probably changed at release of latest Headhunter Master Yi skin, but I'm hesitant to guess the date without evidence.

One idea I have is to self contain the price changes in the Available Skin section: Champion_skin/Available_skins

Price changes are already colour coded and you can put a reference by the changed price too. This would allow us to delete the Price Changes section, which would help trim the whole page overall. However, we will still hit the snag of stealth changes from Master Yi where we can not put in a reference for an official statement by Riot. Either way, I would still veer to this idea as this would help address the long term issues of a bloated page.

Seasonal Event skins

I'm not suggesting at all to delete the skin section as I believe it is relevant to have historical data of old skins. However, in order to tidy the page perhaps an idea is to hide these tables. I have seen in other wikias where spoiler content are hidden away but can be accessed by a click. Perhaps this could work for this page?

These are the only ideas I have so far which could address short-mid term issues for the page. However, I still believe there would be a problem in the long term unless someone can figure out an appropriate design style to keep the page relevant and neat.

Basod 16:01, February 21, 2012 (UTC)


Er anyone?

Basod 18:28, February 25, 2012 (UTC)