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2009 Snowdown Showdown Banner
The Snowdown Showdown banner for 2009.

The Snowdown Showdown is a seasonal event to commemorate the Time of Snowdown. Riot Games introduces a few changes to the game and items that are only available in the world of Valoran. They also introduce a few cosmetic changes to the game such as themed skins and discounted runes.

Champion Skins

Snowdown Champion Skins, like Harrowing skins, have been released for a various League favorites since 2009. The first groups of these festive skins began as limited edition only - meaning once they left the store they were not coming back in the future. More recently Snowdown skins have been made Legacy, meaning after they leave the store at the end of the event there is a chance they might come back in the future for a limited time.

Limited Skins to Legacy

Due to League of Legends's dramatic increase in its community, the Snowdown Showdown skins that were originally released as limited edition were changed to Legacy skins in December 2013, and put back on sale during the year's holiday event. Riot stated that the

... overwhelming player feedback has been that this creates an extremely negative experience for players who cannot acquire their favorite skin for their favorite champion. We believe that skins should be more about self-expression and fun than exclusivity, so we are rereleasing them in a limited way
ProfileIcon Vintage
Exclu. icon

Veteran Player Compensation

As the value of exclusivity will lower in the process of bringing back the limited edition skins, Riot is giving compensation to the veteran players that originally bought the holiday skins in 2009 and 2010. They are gifting RP RP equal to the cost of the skins they purchased, giving Vintage treatment to the loading screen of those Snowdown skins as well as an giving those players an exclusive summoner icon. For more information please check out Riot's plan for vintage Limited Edition skins post.

Snowdown Showdown Skins

2010 Snowdown Showdown background
The Snowdown Showdown log-in screen for 2010.
2011 Snowdown Showdown background
The Snowdown Showdown log-in screen for 2011.


Snowdown Showdown Minions
Melee minions as they appear in the Snowdown Showdown each year.

Snowdown Showdown events in the past have included, but are not limited to:

  • Limited edition Holiday Runes
  • Some egg-nog tasty editions of your favorite in-game consumables
  • Merrily festive costumes for your minions
  • A cold, snow-covered version of Summoner's Rift (2009-2011)
  • Some festive summoner icons to show off to your friends and teammates
  • Cheerful ward skins for additional map vision
  • A joyful new login screen to get you in the mood
  • Gifting feature (Only new purchases. Cannot gift Riot Points, skins, and champions which are already possessed.)


The health and mana potions in the item store were replaced by the Eggnog Health Potion and Eggnog Mana Potion. The effect of the potions were identical to their counterparts.


Summoner's Rift Snowdown Showdown
Summoner's Rift during the Snowdown Showdown.

The Snowdown Rift was replaced with the Winter Summoner's Rift, a seasonal variant that includes many holiday elements.


During the 2009 Snowdown Showdown, special holiday runes were released and they were only available from December 16 to January 6. Three of them were Tier 1.5, and three were Tier 2.5. During the 2010 and 2011 Snowdown Showdown, only 4 runes were released.

Summoner Icons

The Snowdown events of 2012 and 2013 introduced new Summoner Icons that a summoner could earn in celebration of the festive holiday.

Ward Skins

Snowdown Wards 2012
Snowdown Ward Skins art

The Snowdown Showdown of 2012 found a welcome gift in League of Legends of two ward skins to celebrate the festive season. These skins were free throughout the duration of the event.

In 2013 the two ward skins returned for free use again for the duration of the event along with the new candycane ward. For a limited time, these three ward skins were also purchasable for 640 RP to add them permanently to your account.


2009 Snowdown Showdown

  • Workshop Nunu
  • Earnest Elf Tristana
  • Happy Elf Teemo
  • Snow Bunny Nidalee
  • Old St. Zilean
  • 2009 Snowdown Showdown Banner
  • Mark of the Crippling Candy Cane
  • Mark of the Yuletide Tannenbaum
  • Glyph of the Special Stocking
  • Glyph of the Gracious Gift
  • Seal of the Elusive Snowflake
  • Seal of the Stout Snowman

2010 Snowdown Showdown

  • Silent Night Sona
  • Nutcracko
  • Ragdoll Poppy
  • Candy Cane Miss Fortune
  • Reindeer Kog'Maw
  • Santa Gragas
  • Re-Gifted Amumu
  • Greater Quintessence of the Piercing Present
  • Greater Quintessence of Sugar Rush
  • Greater Quintessence of Frosty Fortitude
  • Greater Quintessence of the Deadly Wreath
  • Eggnog Health Potion
  • Eggnog Mana Potion

2011 Snowdown Showdown

  • Festive Maokai
  • Snowmerdinger
  • Mistletoe LeBlanc
  • Toy Soldier Gangplank

2012 Snowdown Showdown

  • Slay Belle Katarina
  • Snow Day Ziggs
  • Bad Santa Veiger
  • Dark Candy Fiddlesticks

2013 Snowdown Showdown

  • Winter Wonder Lulu
  • Snowstorm Sivir
  • Snow Day Singed

Snowdown Login Screen

On top of all the new gleeful features, every year summoners are met with a new animated login screen. They usually showcase one or more of the year's new Snowdown skins and are backed with music fit for the holiday to set up the mood as everyone enters the game.


Snowdown Showdown 2011 Login Music
Snowdown Showdown 2012 Login Music


Snowdown 2010
Snowdown 2011
Snowdown 2012
Snowdown 2013
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