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2012 Lunar Revel Login
The Lunar Revel log-in screen for 2012

The Lunar Revel is an event based on the Lunar New Year in the Asian Lunar calendar. It has been celebrated in the League of Legends world since 2012 and continued in 2013[1]. It started on January 10, 2012, and was accompanied by the release of four new skins and the temporary renaming and replacement of pictures of several consumable items.


Lunar New Year is an annual festival still popularly celebrated by the Asian cultures such as Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. Every lunar new year changes the symbolic animal of the Chinese zodiac. The Lunar Revel skins also reflect that animal of the year accordingly. For example, Dragon is the zodiac animal of 2012, so three of four skins feature the dragon theme in the name and the design. In 2013, it is the year of snake, so Cassiopeia was given her Lunar Revel skin that year.

Champion skins




Some items received new temporary names/icons to celebrate the festivities:

Ward Skins

For the 2013 Lunar Revel event, Riot had two ward skins to kick off the celebration for the year of the serpent. These ward skins were free to use throughout the duration of the event.

Lunar Revel Wards
Lantern of the Serpent Ward and Banner of the Serpent Ward


2012 Lunar Revel Skins Artwork

  • Dragon Fist Lee Sin
  • Guqin Sona
  • Dragonblade Talon
  • Jade Dragon Wukong

2013 Lunar Revel Skins Artwork

  • Jade Fang Cassiopeia
  • Dragonwing Corki
  • Panda Annie
  • Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV
  • Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao

2014 Lunar Revel Skins Artwork

  • Lunar Goddess Diana
  • Dragonblade Riven
  • Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere

Login Music and Login Animations

Lunar Revel 2012

Lunar Revel 2012 (Talon & Sona) League Of Legends Login Screen With Music(01:01)

Lunar Revel 2013

Lunar Revel 2013 (Panda Annie) League Of Legends Login Screen With Music(01:01)

Lunar Revel 2014


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