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2014 FIFA World Cup logo.svg

2014 FIFA World Cup logo

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is the 20th FIFA World Cup for men's football/soccer world championship. It is currently taking place in Brazil and it is the second time that this contest is held in that country (the first being in 1950).


This FIFA World Cup event began on June 12th with its final to take place on July 13th.

League of Legends Content


Hat Trick Summoner icon

To celebrate the FIFA World Cup for a second time, Riot released[1] five new football/soccer-themed skins for specific champions, like they did in 2010. These skins are permanent additions to the store and were released in patch V4.10. Also a new football-themed ward skin and summoner icon were released to celebrate the contest as well.


The following World Cup champion skins were released on June 18th:

Skin Name Cost RpPoints
AlistarSquare.png Sweeper Alistar 750
GragasSquare.png Superfan Gragas 750
LucianSquare.png Striker Lucian 750
MaokaiSquare.png Goalkeeper Maokai 750
Twisted FateSquare.png Red Card Twisted Fate 750
Splash Art

All five skins share the following splash art:

Alistar SweeperSkin
Login Screen Music and Animation
2014 FIFA World Cup League Of Legends Login Screen With Music02:28

2014 FIFA World Cup League Of Legends Login Screen With Music

Golden Goal Ward Skin

  • Cost - RP 640
Beautiful Game Set

The Beautiful Game Set


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