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Abyssal Scepter is a legendary item in League of Legends.[1] 


Abyssal Scepter item
Abyssal Scepter
Gold 2750 (Gold 695)
Fiendish Codex item
Gold 900 (Gold 465)
Negatron Cloak item
Gold 720 (Gold 270)

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter is 96.42% gold efficient without its aura.

Similar Items


Champ with abyssal scepter

Miss Fortune Miss Fortune with Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter's aura

  • Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter is most effective to build during laning, if both you and your opponent are mainly dealing magic damage and you're looking for a defensive item without sacrificing damage, or as an option to increase your overall burst and dueling power.
  • With proper maneuvering Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter's aura debuff can be applied to the entire enemy team, securing kills for longer-ranged champions.
  • The icon indicating the debuff aura often appears before the enemy who carries it. If an enemy is standing in a nearby brush or just over a wall, the debuff icon may give them away even if they cannot be seen.
  • The aura will remain present even while using Zhonya's Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass.

Patch History


  • Aura changed to: Nearby enemy champions take 10% more magic damage.


  • New Recipe: Fiendish Codex item.png Fiendish Codex + Negatron Cloak item.png Negatron Cloak + Amplifying Tome item.png Amplifying Tome + Gold 695 = Gold 2750
  • Ability power reduced to 60 from 70.
  • Magic resist increased to 60 from 50.
  • Now grants 10% cooldown reduction.
  • Aura now only affects enemy champions.
  • Aura's magic resistance reduction changed to 10 - 25 (based on level) from 20 at all levels.


  • Item cost reduced to Gold 2350 from Gold 2450.
    • Combine cost reduced to Gold 780 from Gold 800.


  • Item cost increased to Gold 2450 from Gold 2430.
    • Combine cost increased to Gold 800 from Gold 730.


  • Item cost reduced to Gold 2430 from Gold 2440.




  • New icon.


  • Item cost reduced to Gold 2560 from Gold 2650.


  • Combine cost reduced to Gold 980 from Gold 1050.
  • Magic resistance reduced to 45 from 57.
  • Aura range increased to 700 from 600.


  • Aura range reduced to 600 from 1000.


  • Aura magic resist reduction reduced to 20 from 30.

July 10, 2009 Patch:

June 26, 2009 Patch:

  • Increased combine cost to Gold 1050 from Gold 1000.

June 19, 2009 Patch:

  • Ability power bonus increased to 70 from 60.
  • Aura magic resist reduction reduced to 30 from 40.

May 15, 2009 Patch:

  • Ability power reduced to 60 from 70.
  • Magic resist reduced to 60 from 70.

May 9, 2009 Patch:

  • Aura magic resist reduction increased to 40 from 30.


  1. Itemlist on leagueoflegends.com

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