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Aether Wisp is an advanced item in League of Legends.[1] 


Aether Wisp item
Aether Wisp
850 Gold (415 Gold)

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Although not a basic item, Aether Wisp item.png Aether Wisp is the item from which the percent movement speed gold value is derived. From this item derives a value of 39.5 Gold per percentage of movement speed.

Builds Into

Similar Items


  • The lowest base movement speed in the game is 325. At this speed, Aether Wisp item.png Aether Wisp grants 16.25 movement speed.
  • The movement speed stat only increases flat movement speed, and will not interact with other percentage increases.


  • It is worth noting that if you are considering a Lich Bane item.png Lich Bane, you can purchase an Aether Wisp item.png Aether Wisp and a second Amplifying Tome item.png Amplifying Tome for only 35 Gold more than the price of a Sheen item.png Sheen. This combination of items nets you a total of 50 AP compared to the 25 AP on Sheen alone.


  • Aether Wisp item.png Aether Wisp is the cheapest item to grant increased movement speed (not counting boots).

Patch History



  • Combine cost reduced to 415 Gold from 515 Gold.
    • Total cost reduced to 850 Gold from 950 Gold.

V4.5: Added

  • Recipe: Amplifying Tome item.png Amplifying Tome + 515 Gold.
  • +30 Ability Power
  • Unique: +5% Movement Speed


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