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Upon Selection

  • Ahri
    "Don't you trust me?"


  • Ahri.attack1
    "Play time's over."
  • Ahri.attack2
    "They're mine now."
  • Ahri.attack3
    "It's too late for mercy."
  • Ahri.attack4
    "Let's have some real fun."
  • Ahri.attack5
    "No one will stand in my way."
  • Ahri.attack6
    "They've exhausted their use."


  • Ahri.move1
    "Shall we?"
  • Ahri.move2
    "Indulge me."
  • Ahri.move3
    "How tempting."
  • Ahri.move5
    "Don't hold back."
  • Ahri.move6
    "Tell me a secret."
  • Ahri.move7
    "Don't you trust me?"
  • Ahri.move8
    "I know what they desire."


  • Ahri.taunt
    "Should I make your pulse rise? Or... STOP! (giggles)"


Ahri manipulates her orb like a basket ball using her tails.
  • Ahri.joke
    "If you'd like to play with me, you'd better be sure you know the game."
  • Ahri.joke2
    "Come try your luck, if you think you're in my league. (giggles)"


AhriSquare.png Arcade Ahri [S|L]
  • AhriArcade.dance01
    Plays a segment of her login music.


  • Ahri.laugh1
    Ahri laughs.
  • Ahri.laugh2
    Ahri laughs.
  • Ahri.laugh3
    Ahri laughs.
  • Ahri.laugh4
    Ahri laughs.


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