Akali OriginalCentered
Statistics Edit
Health 593 +90 Attack damage 58.376 +3.2
Health regen. 8.5 +0.65 Attack speed [*] 0.694  (+ 0 +3.1%)
Energy 200 +0 Armor 31.38 +3.5
Energy regen. 50 +0 Magic resist. 32.1 +1.25
Range 125 +0 Move. speed 350 +0
Slayer icon Akali
the Fist of Shadow [1]
Price:BE icon 3150 / RP icon 790
Secondary Bar:Energy resource Energy
Release Date:2010-05-11 Last Changed:V8.4
Secondary Attributes:Melee role Melee
Champion style basic attacks inactiveChampion style 65Champion style abilities active
Champion difficulty 2
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