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Rule of Three

So, now that we've covered the basics, what are some other things that have a tendency to appear in threes? Well in response to the community concerns surrounding ShenSquare Shen's ninja status, we've added KennenSquare Kennen to the mix to promote the spirit of friendly competition. But even with a Yordle already competing for assignments with the infamous Eye of Twilight, there's got to be room for a little AkaliSquare feminine energy in any self-respecting ninja organization, right? What the Kinkou Order without a Shadow Dance Shadow Dance of the classic femme fatale, right? Could it be... three ninjas?! Rule of threes!

Champion Sneak Peek: Akali, the Fist of Shadow

By ByronicHero [1]

Summoners of Valoran, the Kinkou Order of the Ionian Isles wanted me to reinforce to you that they are an equal opportunity employer! While by now you've all witnessed the awesome power of ShenSquare Shen and KennenSquare Kennen on the Field of Justice, none of you have yet run afoul of AkaliSquare Akali, the Fist of Shadow. Which is fortunate for all of you, since ninja academies are really only discerning about one thing: the lethality of their students! And this is one lady ninja who doesn't like to disappoint her instructors!

Full Relaunch

Shrouded in Mystery[2]

By Ryan 'Reav3' Mireles

Akali Update teaser 01

Now let’s move on to the next big VGU that will be stepping out of the shroud: Akali. Akali has always been a beloved champion, but she hasn’t aged particularly well. Her assassin pattern is very all-or-nothing, so it can be difficult for her to succeed unless she snowballs off of early kills. We want to give her more options for success by playing up her ability to hide in plain sight. We think her Shroud is an awesome and iconic ability and want to push it even further.

Akali also has trouble laning against a large portion of the modern League cast, so we’ll be looking to give her a stronger laning pattern that should bring her more in line with the current needs of solo-lane champions. This will allow us to reduce her snowball potential, as she won’t have to be as dependent on early kills to succeed.

Overall, we are pretty satisfied with Akali’s high-level theme of a “Ninja Assassin,” but the current execution is a bit generic. We’ll be looking to add a couple more unique traits to Akali to elevate her beyond this common theme. As for her narrative, we want to go with an approach similar to the one we took for the Gangplank VGU, meaning we want to extend her narrative rather than rework it. Instead of a new Akali, this will be a tale of growth and change.

Tools of the Trade[3]

By Ryan 'Reav3' Mireles

Akali Update teaser 02

So let’s go rogue and talk some more about the upcoming Akali VGU. In the last roadmap, I mentioned that we wanted to preserve her Shroud as the ability that makes her unique and helps her stand out in the Assassin class. Though the baseline functionality is the same, we’ve made some pretty dramatic changes to Akali’s Shroud so that her play pattern of “hitting hard, repositioning, and then striking again” is more engaging for Akali players. Outside of her Shroud, we felt it was important to maintain her high mobility, especially since it fits really well with her ninja theme, so don’t expect that to vanish.

Another thing we wanted to maintain about her kit was her dual scaling, as that gives Akali flexibility and really makes her feel like a champion who has mastered a wide range of weapons—both magical and physical. And speaking of her thematic, we’ll be extending her current lore and looking at what her life looks like a couple years down the road when she strikes out on her own, ready to show the world her skill as a ninja.


LoL Login theme - Chinese - 2015 - Headhunter Akali

LoL Login theme - Chinese - 2015 - Headhunter Akali

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