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Upon Selection

  • Akali Select
    "As balance dictates."


  • Akali.attack1
    "Without question."
  • Akali.attack2
    "Whatever's necessary."
  • Akali.attack3
    "Mark acquired."
  • Akali.attack4
    "Another unworthy opponent."
  • Akali.attack5
    "A necessary sacrifice."
  • Akali.attack6
    "Honor is the blade's edge."


  • Akali.move1
    "Deftly I travel."
  • Akali.move2
  • Akali.move3
    "Through twilight's veil."
  • Akali.move4
    "Tread lightly."
  • Akali.move5
  • Akali.move6
    "Remain focused."
  • Akali.move7
    "Hesitation is the seed of defeat."
  • Akali.move8
    "Symmetry in all things."
  • Akali.move9
    "We travel the same path."


  • Akali.taunt
    "I suggest you run... I want to savor this."


  • Akali.joke
    "So many noobs... will matchmaking ever find true balance?"


  • Akali.Laugh
    Akali laughs.
  • Akali.Laugh2
    Akali laughs.
  • Akali.Laugh3
    Akali laughs.
  • Akali.Laugh4
    Akali laughs.


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