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AkaliSquare old2 Akali, the Fist of Shadow
  • Akali is fromerly voiced by Laura Bailey.
  • Akali's dance references Single Ladies by Beyoncé.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Akali is currently the only Energy-based champion to have any associated cost on their Shadow Dance ultimate (one Essence of Shadow).
  • Due to Japanese rhotacism, Akali may sound identical to Japanese 明かりakari "light, brightness, gleam", from Old Japanese stative verbal root *aka(-r-) "to be red, to be bright" (> aka(-i) 赤(い) "red")
  • Shadow Dance Shadow Dance was going to be a skillshot but became single-targeted.


  • Her previous title, "the Fist of Shadow", was replaced with "Rogue Assassin" after patch V8.15.
    • However, her previous title and visual appearance are still considered her canon title and look around age of 17.[1]


  • Her current age is around 19 years old.
    • She left the Kinkou Order between her 17th and 19th year.[2]
    • She was 'the same age as Shen was when they caught Jhin the first time' when she went with ShenSquare Shen to track down JhinSquare Jhin in the Golden Excellence short story.


AkaliSquare old2 Akali, the Fist of Shadow
  • Akali's joke references (albeit in a rather tongue-in-cheek fashion) the criticism towards the matchmaking system, often matching up teams of wildly varying levels, causing lower-leveled players to be swiftly defeated by higher-level ones.
    • She is one of the few champions to say 'noob'.
      • Before his relaunch SionSquare old Sion was another one.
    e "Tread lightly" resembles  
    e ShenSquare "Tread carefully".
AkaliSquare Akali, the Rogue Assassin
  • When she says "Steel beats Rock, Taliyah", she could be referencing Pokemon where Rock-type Pokemon are weak to Steel-type moves.


Akali OriginalCircle Classic Akali [S|L]
Akali StingerCircle Stinger Akali [S|L]
Akali InfernalCircle Infernal Akali [S|L]
Akali All-StarCircle All-Star Akali [S|L]
Akali NurseCircle Nurse Akali [S|L]
Akali BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Akali [S|L]
Akali SilverfangCircle Silverfang Akali [S|L]
Akali HeadhunterCircle Headhunter Akali [S|L]
Akali SashimiCircle Sashimi Akali [S|L]


  • Akali, with KennenSquare Kennen and ShenSquare Shen, was are members of the Kinkou Order. The three shadow warriors worked together in order to preserve balance in Valoran.
    • She is currently a Ronin / Rogue Ninja of the Order, still part of it, but operating outside of its rules and regulations.[4]
      • She and ShenSquare Shen parted on neutral terms. Neither hates the other but both disapprove of the others methods. [5]
  • Akali and her fellow ninjas are at war with ZedSquare Zed and his Order of Shadows.
  • Akali is apparently the least willing of the Kinkou triumvirate to forgive Zed in any way. She believes only death is deserving of him, in contrast to KennenSquare Kennen believing redemption is still possible and ShenSquare Shen being undecided in lieu of his duty towards exercising emotionless, unbiased judgement.