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Champion Update: Alistar

By fizzNchips [1]

The champion update guys had a closer look at Alistar Alistar and decided it was time for a brush up! We’ve just finished shampooing and shearing, clipping and steering him through the champ-up workshop, and he’s finally ready to stampede with style.

Alistar VU Screenshots

As with a few other Singed recent Maokai updates, Alistar didn’t actually require a massive gameplay or thematic overhaul, meaning we could focus on the Minotaur’s visuals. His update’s packed with new models and textures for all of his skins, and while we had him in the shop, we also tweaked a couple of the big guy’s animations. Now Alistar will cycle through different run types as he speeds up and slows down, and you’ll actually see him trampling enemies with his Trample.png passive! You still can’t milk those, though.


2014 FIFA World Cup League Of Legends Login Screen With Music02:28

2014 FIFA World Cup League Of Legends Login Screen With Music

2014 FIFA World Cup Theme

Worlds 2016 Zedd - Ignite03:47

Worlds 2016 Zedd - Ignite

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