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The following items below were present in the alpha version of League of Legends and were either removed or reworked in a later stage of the game.[1][2]

Item list

Ancient Pocket Watch item.png Ancient Pocket Watch: +5% movement speed, Unique Active: Teleports your champion to a target location. 120 seconds cooldown.[3]

Bag of Tea item.png Bag of Tea: Click to consume, restores 400 health and 200 mana over 10 seconds. It can only be used after scoring a killing blow on a champion.

Item.png Blink Dagger: Unique Active: Teleports your champion to a target location once every 2 minutes. Any damage taken during the cast time will interrupt the cast.

Breathstealer item.png Breathstealer: +95 ability power, +70 armor, Unique Passive: 15% cooldown reduction, Unique Active: Reduces target enemy champion's ability power and attack damage by 70% for 4 seconds (600 range). 90 second cooldown.[4]

Item.png Gouging Blade: +25% attack speed, +25 hp per 5 sec, Unique Passive: Chance on hit, to apply a minor damage over time effect that deals 10 damage per second for 10 seconds, during which time the target cannot regenerate their health.

Hexdrinker (old) item.png Hexdrinker (old): +20 attack damage, +30 magic resistance, Unique Passive: After taking magic damage you gain attack damage for 8 seconds. Bonus stacks up to 25 attack damage after taking 600 magic damage.[5]

Item.png Lightslicer: +45% attack speed, +12% critical strike chance, Passive: Every third attack becomes guaranteed to hit and deals 75 bonus Magic Damage.

Item.png Mana Battery: +300 health, +25 ability power, Unique Passive: 20% chance on attack for your next spellcast to gain +100 ability power.

Marksman's Rifle item.png Marksman's Rifle: +35 attack damage, +20% critical strike chance, Passive: 25% chance on attack to reveal the target to your team, prevent them from dodging, and reduce armor by 20 for 4 seconds.

Item.png Mournblade: +15% life steal, Passive: restores 50 health after killing a unit.

Oponn's Razor item.png Oponn's Razor: +15% life steal, +40% attack speed, Unique Passive: 30% chance on hit to proc a debuff that increases the damage received by enemy champion attacks by 8 magic damage by 8 seconds. This effect stacks to a maximum of 6.

Oracle's Hood item.png Oracle's Hood: +25% critical strike chance, +500 mana, Unique Passive: Your magic damage has a chance (based on critical chance) to deal 25% extra True Damage.[6]

Item.png Parasitic Recurve Bow: +10% life steal, +40% attack speed, Passive: 5% mana leech.

Pendant of Zephiris item.png Pendant of Zephiris: Unique aura: +25 armor, +30 magic resistance to nearby allies.[7]

Rejuvenation Potion item.png Rejuvenation Potion: Click to consume: restores 175 health and 150 mana over 15 seconds.

Item.png Razzle's Pride: +550 health, +50 armor, Unique Passive: Shields your champion, absorbing the next 250 damage, +80% of your ability power (25 sec cooldown).

Renewal Tunic item.png Renewal Tunic: +24 armor, +10 health regen per 5 sec, Unique passive: upon being hit, restores 20 health over 5 seconds, does not stack. Also known as the Renewal Shell.

Runegorger item.png Runegorger: +50 attack damage, +40 magic resistance, +16% life steal, Unique Passive: After taking magic damage you gain attack damage and magic resistance for 8 seconds. Bonus stacks up to 50 Attack Damage and 50 Magic Resistance after taking 800 magic damage.[8]

Item.png Savant's Stone: +25 health regen per 5 sec, +12 mana regen per 5 sec, PRIME Passive: Subjugate magic- Decreases damage received by area of effect abilities by 20%.

Scroll of Teleportation item.png Scroll of Teleportation: Teleport to target allied structure. Max: 3 stacks. 2 Minute cooldown.

Item.png Soul Crystal: +30 ability power, +300 health, Unique Passive Aura: Grants yourself and nearby friendly champions +20 ability power and +200 health.

The Rose's Pride item.png The Rose's Pride: +52 ability power +64 armor, Unique Active: Shields your champion, absorbing 200 damage + 150% of your ability power; expires after 4 seconds. 45 second cooldown.[9]

Wizard's Regalia item.png Wizard's Regalia: +25 ability power, +54 armor, Unique Passive: +25 ability power + 60 armor, Unique passive: On being hit by a spell or attack, reduce spell cooldowns by 0.4 sec and restore 20 mana (does not occur more than once a second).[10]

Item.png Wrathfire Bracelet: +70 ability power, +30 magic resistance, Passive: On spell cast, you hit each nearby enemy for magic damage equal to 8% of their current health (4 sec cooldown).

Yordle Stompers item.png Yordle Stompers: Unique Passive: Enhanced Movement 2, Unique Active: Teleports your Champion to the targeted location. 240 second cooldown.[11][12]

Unknown Effect Items

Patch History

July 10, 2009 Patch:

May 29, 2009 Patch:

May 15, 2009 Patch:

May 9, 2009 Patch:

  • NEW Pendant of Zephiris item.png Pendant of Zephiris: Low tier legendary Armor / Magic Resistance item with UNIQUE Passive: +25 Armor / +30 Magic Resist Aura (Affects Minions).

Alpha Week 2:


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