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Ammunition is a resource that behaves akin to real life guns. They are consumed by the champion's basic attacks and after all ammunition is depleted, or not attacking for a period of time, the champion is seen visually reloading his gun, during which he is Disarm icon disarmed and the champion's ammunition is restored.

Champion Guns

  • Graves Graves' New Destiny.png New Destiny can hold two Shells that, after being consumed or sitting on one Shell for 4 seconds, needs to Disarm icon reload for 2.079 seconds. The reload timer can be reduced, by 「 0.4% for every 1% bonus attack speed 」「 1% for every 2.525% bonus attack speed 」, for a minimum reload timer of 1.22 seconds.
  • Jhin Jhin's Whisper.png Whisper can hold four Bullets that, after being consumed or after not firing for 10 seconds, needs to Disarm icon reload for 2.5 seconds. The reload timer cannot be reduced.