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The Ancient Krug is a large monster found on the Summoner's Rift along with a smaller Krug.

Smite Bonus

Using Smite.png Smite upon Ancient Krug will grant you Gift of Heavy Hands.png Gift of Heavy Hands for 90 seconds, causing every 6th basic attack to stun minions and monsters. Additionally, you can attack a tower to expend the buff early - dealing 80 - 325 (based on level) bonus true damage. This bonus can only be claimed once per spawn, and only by smiting the Ancient Krug - Smite cannot be used on the small Krug.

  • The stun is primed on your first attack after obtaining the buff.
  • Attacks against champions will not increase the stacks.
  • Attacks against champions while the stun is primed will not reset the counter.

The Ancient Krug gives off blue bubbles if the smite bonus is available. Once the bonus is harvested, the effect disappears until the Ancient Krug respawns. This is only visible to champions with Smite.png Smite.

The duration of this bonus is unaffected by Runic Affinity mastery s3.png Runic Affinity.

Table of Experience granted

Gift of Heavy Hands screenshot

A champion with the Gift of Heavy Hands.

  • Possessing one of these items grants an additional 50 experience. Additionally, another 30 bonus experience per level beneath the monsters level.
    • Same level: 120 (+50) exp
    • One level behind: 120 (+50) +30 exp
    • Two level behind: 120 (+50) +60 exp
  • Experience won when killing Ancient Krug: 120 - 330 (based on Level Difference) +50 Additional Experience.

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