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Freljord Avarosan

Upon Selection

  • Anivia select
    "On my wings."


  • Anivia.attack01
    "Find peace."
  • Anivia.attack02
    "Life passes so swiftly."
  • Anivia.attack03
    "I bring the storm."
  • Anivia.attack04
    "I shall endure."
  • Anivia.attack05
    "A great darkness approaches."
  • Anivia.attack06
    "The Freljord awakens."
  • Anivia.attack07
    "Do not tempt the blizzard."
  • Anivia.attack08
    "I will not forsake my home."
  • Anivia.attack09
    "I am the snow, wind, and ice."
  • Anivia.attack10
    "The cycle closes."


  • Anivia.move01
    "Meaning, in every snowflake."
  • Anivia.move02
    "Something ancient stirs."
  • Anivia.move03
    "I am neither the first, nor the last."
  • Anivia.move04
    "What change will this wind bring?"
  • Anivia.move05
    "Take time to reflect."
  • Anivia.move06
    "I dream of eras past."
  • Anivia.move07
    "Think beyond one lifetime."
  • Anivia.move08
    "We are all connected."
  • Anivia.move09
    "I will be reborn."
  • Anivia.move10
    "Forever watchful."
  • Anivia.move11
    "Winter wind, guide me."
  • Anivia.move12
    "A thousand lives will I give for the Freljord."
  • Anivia.move13
    "Let's soar."
  • Anivia.move14
    "I have felt this corruption before."


  • Anivia.taunt01
    "So young, so naïve!"
  • Anivia.taunt02
    "Poor creatures, so confined by a single life!"


  • Anivia.joke01
    "Laying an egg isn't as easy as it looks."
  • Anivia.joke02
    "The chicken or the egg? Actually I came first."


  • Anivia.laugh01
    Anivia laughs.
  • Anivia.laugh02
    Anivia laughs.
  • Anivia.laugh03
    Anivia laughs.
  • Anivia.laugh04
    Anivia laughs.

Upon Triggering Rebirth.png Rebirth

AniviaSquare.png Festival Queen Anivia [S|L]
  • AniviaFestivalQueen.passive01
    Samba music plays.

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

AniviaSquare.png Festival Queen Anivia [S|L]
  • AniviaFestivalQueen.recall01
    Anivia dances to Samba music.


  • BlackIceAnivia.attack01
    "They were lost long ago."
  • BlackIceAnivia.attack02
    "As meaningless as one snowflake."
  • BlackIceAnivia.attack03
    "So many chances... wasted."
  • BlackIceAnivia.attack04
    "Snuff out the fire of chaos."
  • BlackIceAnivia.attack05
    "Freeze the fury in their blood."
  • BlackIceAnivia.attack06
    "Eternal winter."
  • BlackIceAnivia.attack07
    "Frozen... forever."
  • BlackIceAnivia.attack08
    "The world must be saved from itself."
  • BlackIceAnivia.attack09
    "A heart of ice cannot bleed."
  • BlackIceAnivia.attack10
    "Vile tainted things."
  • BlackIceAnivia.attack11
    "To the bitter end."


  • BlackIceAnivia.move01
    "I hear whispers beneath the ice."
  • BlackIceAnivia.move02
    "Endless cold, endless peace."
  • BlackIceAnivia.move03
    "A world in perfect stillness."
  • BlackIceAnivia.move04
    "The cycle ends here."
  • BlackIceAnivia.move05
    "Life is corruption. Ice is purity."
  • BlackIceAnivia.move06
    "The abyss speaks through me."
  • BlackIceAnivia.move07
    "I have seen eons of suffering."
  • BlackIceAnivia.move08
    "A beating heart holds violence within."
  • BlackIceAnivia.move09
    "My skies darken."
  • BlackIceAnivia.move10
    "I will have serenity."


  • BlackIceAnivia.taunt01
    "Come mortal beings, bring your armies to my domain. All will perish in endless winter."
  • BlackIceAnivia.taunt02
    "The wind will howl, the stone will crumble and the world will freeze beneath my wings!"
Taunting Ashe Ashe
  • Blackfrost.tauntAshe01
    "Your dream has failed."
  • Blackfrost.tauntAshe02
    "The Freljord is lost!"
Taunting Sejuani Sejuani
  • Blackfrost.tauntSejuani01
    "Strength cannot save you."
  • Blackfrost.tauntSejuani02
    "You too will succumb!"
Taunting Lissandra Lissandra
  • Blackfrost.tauntLissandra01
    "I will not spare you, Lissandra!"
  • Blackfrost.tauntLissandra02
    "Your plots are undone, Lissandra."


  • BlackIceAnivia.joke01
    "With this dark power, I can finally... ugh, no... still not... easy."
  • BlackIceAnivia.joke02
    "Behold my darkest power: laying an egg... uh... nope."


  • BlackIceAnivia.laugh01
    Anivia laughs.
  • BlackIceAnivia.laugh02
    Anivia laughs.
  • BlackIceAnivia.laugh03
    Anivia laughs.
  • BlackIceAnivia.laugh04
    Anivia laughs.


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