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  • Anivia is one of only three champions to have had her voiceover changed twice, the others being Ashe Ashe and Katarina Katarina.
  • Anivia is derived from the Latin adjective nivea (nomivative & vocative feminine singular derivatives of niveus), all of which mean 'snowy' and 'snow white'.
  • Cryophoenix is the combination of the words Cryo (from the Greek word cryos, meaning 'cold') and Phoenix (a mythical creature capable of resurrecting from its own ashes. A traditional depiction of the Phoenix is that of a bird-like creature partially on fire).


AniviaSquare.png Blackfrost Anivia [S|L]
  • BlackIceAnivia.move06
    "The abyss speaks through me" resembles Karma
    "Ionia speaks through me".
  • BlackIceAnivia.move01
    "I hear whispers beneath the ice" is likely referencing the Frozen Watchers.
  • Blackfrost Anivia shares quotes with:
    • "To the bitter end." - AniviaSquare.png
      / SejuaniSquare.png


AniviaSquare.png Team Spirit Anivia [S|L]
AniviaSquare.png Bird of Prey Anivia [S|L]
AniviaSquare.png Hextech Anivia [S|L]
AniviaSquare.png Blackfrost Anivia [S|L]
  • This skin depicts the aftermath of the Freljord Civil War if the ProfileIcon0548 Frostguard Frostguard win. Their victory further spreads Lissandra Lissandra's corruption of True Ice and, as a result, Anivia succumbs to it due to her elemental nature and tie to the Freljord.
  • She strongly resembles the demon Black Frost, the darkened variant of the snow fairy Jack Frost from Shin Megami Tensei, going so far as to having closely matched color schemes.
AniviaSquare.png Prehistoric Anivia [S|L]
AniviaSquare.png Festival Queen Anivia [S|L]


  • Anivia has formed a close friendship with both Nunu Nunu (and by extension Willump Willump) and the ProfileIcon0546 Avarosan Avarosan leader Ashe Ashe.
  • ProfileIcon0575 Iceborn Keeper Gregor says he 'remembers Anivia's sacrifice', which might mean she died during the Iceborn uprising in the Howling Abyss.
  • It was Anivia who froze Gnar Gnar in True Ice so as to preserve him until the Frozen Watchers finally return.[3]



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