The announcer in League of Legends reports important events in the game, usually kills, deaths and objectives, both on Gameplay and Spectator Mode.

On Game Start
  • Female1 OnWelcomeSummonersRif
    "Welcome to Summoner's Rift!"
  • 001.Odin1.female1.Welcome The
    "Welcome to the Crystal Scar!"
  • Female1 OnWelcomeTwistedTreel1
    "Welcome to the Twisted Treeline!"
  • Female1 OnWelcomeTwistedTreel2
    "Welcome to the Twisted Treeline!"
  • OnStartGameMessage1Map12.ARAM
    "Welcome to the Howling Abyss!"
  • Tutorial WelcomeMurderBridge
    "Welcome to the Murder Bridge!"
On First Blood
  • Female1 OnFirstBlood 1
    "First Blood!"
On Kill
  • Female1 OnChampionKillYouHero1
    "You have slain an enemy!!"
  • Female1 OnChampionKillYouHero2
    "You have slain an enemy!"
  • Female1 OnChampionKillYouHero3
    "You have slain an enemy!"
On Ally Kill
  • Female1 OnChampionKillHeroHer3
    "An enemy has been slain!!"
  • Female1 OnChampionKillHeroHer4
    "An enemy has been slain!"
  • Female1 OnChampionKillHeroHer5
    "An enemy has been slain!"
On Ally Multi-Kill
  • Female1 OnChampionDoubleKillY1
    "Double Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionDoubleKillY2
    "Double Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionDoubleKillY3
    "Double Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionTripleKillY1
    "Triple Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionTripleKillY2
    "Triple Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionQuadraKillY1
    "Quadra Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionQuadraKillY2
    "Quadra Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionPentaKillYo1
    "Penta Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionPentaKillYo2
    "Penta Kill!"
On Enemy Kill
  • Female1 OnChampionKillHeroHer1
    "An ally has been slain!"
  • Female1 OnChampionKillHeroHer2
    "An ally has been slain!"
On Enemy Multi-Kill
  • Female1 OnChampionDoubleKillE1
    "Enemy Double Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionDoubleKillE2
    "Enemy Double Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionTripleKillE1
    "Enemy Triple Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionTripleKillE2
    "Enemy Triple Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionQuadraKillE
    "Enemy Quadra Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionPentaKillEn1
    "Enemy Penta Kill!"
  • Female1 OnChampionPentaKillEn2
    "Enemy Penta Kill!"
On Death
  • Female1 OnChampionKillHeroYou1
    "You have been slain!"
  • Female1 OnChampionKillHeroYou2
    "You have been slain!"
On Ace
  • Female1 OnAce 1
  • Female1 OnAce 2
On Execution
  • Female1 OnChampionKillTurretH
On Ally Spree
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet1You1
    "Killing Spree!"
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet1You2
    "Killing Spree!"
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet2You1
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet2You2
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet3You
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet4You
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet5You1
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet5You2
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet6You1
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet6You2
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet6You3
On Enemy Spree
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet1Ene1
    "Enemy Killing Spree!"
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet1Ene2
    "Enemy Killing Spree!"
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet2Ene
    "Enemy Rampage!"
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet3Ene1
    "An enemy is Unstoppable!"
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet3Ene2
    "An enemy is Unstoppable!"
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet4Ene
    "An enemy is Dominating!"
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet5Ene1
    "An enemy is Godlike!"
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet5Ene2
    "An enemy is Godlike!"
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet6Ene1
    "An enemy is Legendary!"
  • Female1 OnKillingSpreeSet6Ene2
    "An enemy is Legendary!"
On Shut Down
  • Female1 OnKilledUnitOnKilling1
    "Shut down!"
  • Female1 OnKilledUnitOnKilling2
    "Shut down!"
Ally Structure Announcements
  • Female1 OnTurretDieYourTeam 1
    "Your turret has been destroyed!"
  • Female1 OnTurretDieYourTeam 2
    "Your turret has been destroyed!"
  • Female1 OnDampenerDieYourTeam1
    "Your inhibitor has been destroyed!"
  • Female1 OnDampenerDieYourTeam2
    "Your inhibitor has been destroyed!"
  • Female1 OnDampenerRespawnSoon3
    "Your inhibitor is respawning soon!"
Enemy Structure Announcements
  • Female1 OnTurretDieEnemyTeam
    "Your team has destroyed a turret!"
  • Female1 OnDampenerDieEnemyTea1
    "Your team has destroyed an inhibitor!"
  • Female1 OnDampenerDieEnemyTea2
    "Your team has destroyed an inhibitor!"
  • Female1 OnDampenerRespawnSoon1
    "The enemy's inhibitor is respawning soon!"
  • Female1 OnDampenerRespawnSoon2
    "The enemy's inhibitor is respawning soon!"
General Announcements
  • Female1 OnThirtySecondsMinons
    "Thirty seconds until minions spawn!"
  • Female1 OnMinionsSpawn 1
    "Minions have spawned!"
  • Female1 OnQuit 1
    "A summoner has disconnected!"
  • Female1 OnReconnect 1
    "A summoner has reconnected!"
  • Female1 OnReconnect 2
    "A summoner has reconnected!"
  • Female1 OnVictory 1
  • Female1 OnDefeat 1
Twisted Treeline Announcements
  • OnStartGameMessage2Map10 alt.
    "The altars will unlock in 30 seconds!"
  • OnStartGameMessage4Map10.fema
    "The altars have unlocked!"
Crystal Scar announcements
  • 003.Odin1.female1.Opening 30S
    "The battle will begin in 30 seconds!"
  • 006.Odin1.female1.Opening Bat
    "The battle has begun!"
  • 043.Odin1.female1.Quest Quest
    "Quest Received!"
  • 013.Odin1.female1.Windmill Yo
    "Your team has captured the Windmill!"
  • 014.Odin1.female1.Drill YourT
    "Your team has captured the Drill!"
  • 015.Odin1.female1.Boneyard Yo
    "Your team has captured the Boneyard!"
  • 016.Odin1.female1.Quarry Your
    "Your team has captured the Quarry!"
  • 017.Odin1.female1.Refinery Yo
    "Your team has captured the Refinery!"
  • 023.Odin1.female1.Windmill En
    "The enemy has captured the Windmill!"
  • 024.Odin1.female1.Drill Enemy
    "The enemy has captured the Drill!"
  • 025.Odin1.female1.Boneyard En
    "The enemy has captured the Boneyard!"
  • 026.Odin1.female1.Quarry Enem
    "The enemy has captured the Quarry!"
  • 027.Odin1.female1.Refinery En
    "The enemy has captured the Refinery!"
  • 100.Odin1.female1.Nexus 75Hea
    "Your nexus is at 75% health!"
  • 100.Odin1.female1.Nexus 50Hea
    "Your nexus is at 50% health!"
  • 100.Odin1.female1.Nexus 25Hea
    "Your nexus is at 25% health!"
  • 103.Odin1.female1.NexusEnemy 75
    "The enemy nexus is at 75% health!"
  • 103.Odin1.female1.NexusEnemy 50
    "The enemy nexus is at 50% health!"
  • 103.Odin1.female1.NexusEnemy 25
    "The enemy's nexus is at 25% health!"

On Game Start
  • AnnouncerGangplank.welcomeSummonersRift01
    "Welcome to Summoner's Rift!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.welcomeSummonersRift02
    "You've landed on Summoner's Rift!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.welcomeSummonersRift03
    "You're raiding the Rift!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.welcomeSummonersRift04
    "Who'll meet their end on the Rift today?"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.welcomeTwistedTreeline01
    "Welcome to the Twisted Treeline!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.welcomeTwistedTreeline02
    "Welcome to a spooky ghost town, nehehehe!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.welcomeCrystalScar01
    "Welcome to the Crystal Scar!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.welcomeCrystalScar02
    "Welcome to the driest place I ever been!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.welcomeButchersBridge01
    "Welcome to Bilgewater!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.welcomeButchersBridge02
    "Bile and filth! Just the place for some killing!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.welcomeHowlingAbyss01
    "Welcome to the Howling Abyss!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.welcomeHowlingAbyss02
    "Welcome to this freezing wasteland!"
On Ally First Blood
  • AnnouncerGangplank.firstBloodAlly01
    "First Blood!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.firstBloodAlly02
    "First Blood!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.firstBloodAlly03
    "There's blood in the water!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.firstBloodAlly04
    "The war's begun!"
On Enemy First Blood
  • AnnouncerGangplank.firstBloodEnemy01
    "Enemy First Blood!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.firstBloodEnemy02
    "The enemy's drawn First Blood!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.firstBloodEnemy03
    "They've made the first move!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.firstBloodEnemy04
    "That's how you spill blood!"
On Kill
  • AnnouncerGangplank.kill01
    "You have slain an enemy!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.kill02
    "You have slain an enemy!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.kill03
    "You put 'em in their place!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.kill04
    "You solved that problem!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.kill05
    "You earned your grog there!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.kill06
    "That's making an example!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.kill07
    "Yes! Let 'em know who you are!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.kill08
    "Go take a sip from the fountain!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.kill09
    "Carve your name in 'em!"
On Multi-Kill
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDouble01
    "Double kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDouble02
    "Double kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDouble03
    "Double kill, heh heh heh!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDouble04
    "Got yourself a pair!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDouble05
    "Double kill! Gave 'em both barrels!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDouble06
    "A grave for two!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDouble07
    "One after another!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTriple01
    "Triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTriple02
    "Triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTriple03
    "Triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTriple04
    "Triple kill! They didn't see that coming!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTriple05
    "Triple kill! What a glorious mess!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTriple06
    "That'll give 'em something to think about!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadra01
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadra02
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadra03
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadra04
    "Quadrakill! Someone's pushing for captain!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadra05
    "Four's the lucky number!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadra06
    "Oops! You let all their insides out!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPenta01
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPenta02
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPenta03
    "Pentakill, ha ha ha ha!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPenta04
    "Pentakill! Now that's how you send a message!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPenta05
    "Pentakill! Hang 'em from the yardarm!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPenta06
    "Pentakill! Swab their guts off the deck!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPenta07
    "Pentakill! There'll be songs about that one!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killLegendary01
    "Legendary kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killLegendary02
    "Legendary kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killLegendary03
    "Legendary kill! They'll think twice next time!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killLegendary04
    "Legendary kill! They'll remember your name!"
On Ally Kill
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killAlly01
    "An enemy has been slain!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killAlly02
    "A fine meal for the sharks!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killAlly03
    "To the depths with 'em!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killAlly04
    "A present for the slaughterdocks!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killAlly05
    "Too good an end for 'em!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killAlly06
    "Pah! Ain't worth a coffin!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killAlly07
    "Won't be the last body to fall!"
On Ally Multi-Kill
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDoubleAlly01
    "Ally double kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDoubleAlly02
    "Your ally got a double kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDoubleAlly03
    "Your ally found friends!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDoubleAlly04
    "Twice the bounty!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTripleAlly01
    "Ally triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTripleAlly02
    "Ally triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTripleAlly03
    "Ally triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTripleAlly04
    "Your ally got a triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTripleAlly05
    "Three rounds for your ally!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTripleAlly06
    "Your ally scored a triple!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadraAlly01
    "Ally quadrakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadraAlly02
    "Ally quadrakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadraAlly03
    "Your ally got a quadrakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadraAlly04
    "Your ally's worth four of 'em!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadraAlly05
    "Four victims for your mate!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPentaAlly01
    "Ally pentakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPentaAlly02
    "Ally pentakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPentaAlly03
    "Your ally got a pentakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPentaAlly04
    "Your ally cleaned 'em out!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPentaAlly05
    "That ally's got Bilgewater blood!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killLegendaryAlly01
    "Ally legendary kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killLegendaryAlly02
    "Your ally got a legendary kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killLegendaryAlly03
    "Nah ha, that kill gave me chills!"
On Enemy Kill
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killEnemy01
    "Your ally has been slain!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killEnemy02
    "Your ally has been slain!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killEnemy03
    "Your ally has been slain!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killEnemy04
    "Your ally's decorating the seabed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killEnemy05
    "Your mate's feeding the fishes!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killEnemy06
    "Your ally's lost his innards!"
On Enemy Multi-Kill
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDoubleEnemy01
    "Enemy double kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDoubleEnemy02
    "Enemy double kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDoubleEnemy03
    "Enemy double kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDoubleEnemy04
    "That's two of yours down!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killDoubleEnemy05
    "Two men overboard!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTripleEnemy01
    "Enemy triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTripleEnemy02
    "Enemy triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTripleEnemy03
    "Enemy triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTripleEnemy04
    "You lost three!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killTripleEnemy05
    "Three souls cut loose!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadraEnemy01
    "Enemy quadrakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadraEnemy02
    "Enemy quadrakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadraEnemy03
    "You're light four crewmen!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killQuadraEnemy04
    "A lone sailor left standing!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPentaEnemy01
    "Enemy pentakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPentaEnemy02
    "Enemy pentakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPentaEnemy03
    "Enemy pentakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPentaEnemy04
    "They got themselves a ringer!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killPentaEnemy05
    "That's a brutal adversary!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killLegendaryEnemy01
    "Enemy legendary kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killLegendaryEnemy02
    "Ooh, that smarts!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.killLegendaryEnemy03
    "Now that was a fine kill!"
On Death
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDeath01
    "You have been slain!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDeath02
    "You have been slain!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDeath03
    "You have been marooned!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDeath04
    "Never let 'em see you bleed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDeath05
    "You've been gutted!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDeath06
    "They call that a kill?"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDeath07
    "That's a stripe on you!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDeath08
    "They got a taste of your blood!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDeath09
    "You've been called out!"
On Ally Ace
  • AnnouncerGangplank.aceAlly01
  • AnnouncerGangplank.aceAlly02
  • AnnouncerGangplank.aceAlly03
    "Aced, heh heh heh heh!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.aceAlly04
    "Aced! I like to see that again."
  • AnnouncerGangplank.aceAlly05
    "Aced! See if they learn their lesson!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.aceAlly06
    "Aced! That's the last of their crew!"
On Enemy Ace
  • AnnouncerGangplank.aceEnemy01
  • AnnouncerGangplank.aceEnemy02
  • AnnouncerGangplank.aceEnemy03
  • AnnouncerGangplank.aceEnemy04
    "Aced! They'll pay in flesh!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.aceEnemy05
    "Aced! Make 'em regret it!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.aceEnemy06
    "Aced! We're dead in the water!"
On Execution
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareExecution01
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareExecution02
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareExecution03
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareExecution04
    "That was a mistake!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareExecution05
    "No-one gets that bounty!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareExecution06
    "Took the coward's way out!"
On Spree
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeKillingSpree01
    "They got a knack for dying!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeKillingSpree02
    "Teach 'em respect!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeKillingSpree03
    "Got your hands bloody!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeRampage01
    "More death to go around!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeRampage02
    "Cut out their eyes!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeRampage03
    "Use their fear!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeUnstoppable01
    "Leave no doubt!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeDominating01
    "The fools just keep coming!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeDominating02
    "Toss 'em overboard!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeDominating03
    "The cowards are leaking!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeGodlike01
    "Bring back his hide!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeGodlike02
    "They never tire of dying, ha ha!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeGodlike03
    "Fill 'em with iron!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeGodlike04
    "Split 'em open!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeLegendary01
    "Pile the corpses!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeLegendary02
    "Chum the seas!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeLegendary03
    "Drown them all!"
On Ally Spree
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeKillingSpreeAlly01
    "Killing spree!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeKillingSpreeAlly02
    "Killing spree!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeRampageAlly01
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeRampageAlly02
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeRampageAlly03
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeUnstoppableAlly01
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeUnstoppableAlly02
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeDominatingAlly01
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeDominatingAlly02
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeGodlikeAlly01
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeGodlikeAlly02
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeLegendaryAlly01
On Enemy Spree
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeKillingSpreeEnemy01
    "Enemy killing spree!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeKillingSpreeEnemy02
    "Enemy killing spree!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeKillingSpreeEnemy03
    "An enemy's on a killing spree!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeKillingSpreeEnemy04
    "The enemy's gaining steam!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeRampageEnemy01
    "Enemy rampage!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeRampageEnemy02
    "Enemy rampage!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeRampageEnemy03
    "The enemy's on a rampage!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeRampageEnemy04
    "Take out that enemy!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeUnstoppableEnemy01
    "An enemy's unstoppable!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeUnstoppableEnemy02
    "Nnng... who do they think they are?!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeDominatingEnemy01
    "An enemy is dominating!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeDominatingEnemy02
    "Don't mistake 'em for swabs!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeGodlikeEnemy01
    "The enemy is godlike!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeLegendaryEnemy01
    "The enemy's legendary!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spreeLegendaryEnemy02
    "You're up against a legend!"
On Shut Down
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareShutDown01
    "Shut down!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareShutDown02
    "Shut down!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareShutDown03
    "Shut down! Tides always turn!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareShutDown04
    "Everything's got an end!"
Ally Structure Announcements
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyTurretAlly01
    "Your turret's been destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyTurretAlly02
    "Your turret's in splinters!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyTurretAlly03
    "You're out a turret!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureWarnInhibitorAlly01
    "Your inhibitor's under attack!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureWarnInhibitorAlly02
    "They're blasting your inhibitor!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureWarnInhibitorAlly03
    "Your inhibitor's being pummelled!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyInhibitorAlly01
    "Your inhibitor's been destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyInhibitorAlly02
    "Your inhibitor's been destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyInhibitorAlly03
    "Your inhibitor collapsed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyInhibitorAlly04
    "Inhibitor lost!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureCountdownInhibitorAlly01
    "Your inhibitor's respawning soon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureCountdownInhibitorAlly02
    "Your inhibitor'll be back soon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDeclareInhibitorAlly01
    "Your inhibitor's respawned!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDeclareInhibitorAlly02
    "Got your inhibitor back!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureWarnNexus01
    "Your nexus is under attack!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureWarnNexus02
    "They're bombarding the nexus!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureWarnNexus03
    "Your nexus is burning!"
Enemy Structure Announcements
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyTurretEnemy01
    "Turret destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyTurretEnemy02
    "Turret destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyTurretEnemy03
    "Turret destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyInhibitorEnemy01
    "Inhibitor destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyInhibitorEnemy02
    "Inhibitor destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDestroyInhibitorEnemy03
    "Inhibitor destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureCountdownInhibitorEnemy01
    "The enemy's inhibitor is respawning soon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureCountdownInhibitorEnemy02
    "Their inhibitor's returning soon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDeclareInhibitorEnemy01
    "The enemy's inhibitor's respawned!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.structureDeclareInhibitorEnemy02
    "Their inhibitor's back!"
On Ally Dragon Dragon Kill
  • AnnouncerGangplank.dragonAlly01
    "Your team's slain the dragon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.dragonAlly02
    "You've slain the dragon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.dragonAlly03
    "You put down that dragon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.dragonAlly04
    "You landed a dragon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.dragonAlly05
    "You put an end to that dragon!"
On Enemy Dragon Dragon Kill
  • AnnouncerGangplank.dragonEnemy01
    "The enemy team has slain the dragon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.dragonEnemy02
    "They took a dragon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.dragonEnemy03
    "Your enemy's hunting dragons!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.dragonEnemy04
    "They chopped up that dragon!"
On Ally Baron Nashor Baron Nashor Kill
  • AnnouncerGangplank.baronAlly01
    "Your team's defeated Baron Nashor!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.baronAlly02
    "You've defeated Baron Nashor!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.baronAlly03
    "You slaughtered the Baron!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.baronAlly04
    "You butchered that infernal beast!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.baronAlly05
    "The Baron lies at your feet!"
On Enemy Baron Nashor Baron Nashor Kill
  • AnnouncerGangplank.baronEnemy01
    "The enemy's defeated Baron Nashor!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.baronEnemy02
    "They've slaughtered the Baron!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.baronEnemy03
    "The Baron's fallen to their crew!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.baronEnemy04
    "They gutted the Baron!"
General Announcements
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareCountdownMinionSpawn01
    "Thirty seconds until minions spawn!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareCountdownMinionSpawn02
    "Thirty seconds till minions spawn!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareCountdownMinionSpawn03
    "You got thirty seconds!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareCountdownMinionSpawn04
    "To arms in thirty seconds!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareCountdownMinionSpawn05
    "You got thirty seconds now!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareMinionSpawn01
    "Minions have spawned!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareMinionSpawn02
    "Minions are on the march!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareMinionSpawn03
    "The minions have embarked!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareMinionSpawn04
    "Here come the minions!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDisconnect01
    "A summoner has disconnected!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareReconnect01
    "A summoner has reconnected!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDefeat01
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDefeat02
    "Nnng... defeat!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDefeat03
    "Next time they won't be so lucky!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDefeat04
    "Defeat! There's the plank!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareDefeat05
    "Defeat! Now there's only revenge!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareVictory01
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareVictory02
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareVictory03
    "Victory! Claim the spoils!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareVictory04
    "Victory! Another enemy sunk!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.declareVictory05
    "Victory! This is your town!"
Twisted Treeline Announcements
  • AnnouncerGangplank.ttAltarsCountdown01
    "The altars will unlock in thirty seconds!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.ttAltarsDeclare01
    "The altars have unlocked!"
Crystal Scar Announcements
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csDeclareCountdown01
    "The battle will begin in thirty seconds!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csDeclareStart01
    "The battle has begun!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csDeclareDominationAlly01
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csDeclareDominationEnemy01
    "Enemy domination!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csDeclareQuestComplete01
    "Quest complete!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csDeclareQuestReceived01
    "Quest received!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csDeclareQuestReceived02
    "You got a quest!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csDeclareQuestReceived03
    "There's a quest needs doing!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csCaptureBoneyardEnemy01
    "The enemy's captured the Boneyard!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNeutralizeBoneyardEnemy01
    "The enemy's neutralized the Boneyard!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csCaptureBoneyardAlly01
    "Your team's captured the Boneyard!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNeutralizeBoneyardAlly01
    "Your team has neutralized the Boneyard!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csCaptureDrillEnemy01
    "The enemy's captured the Drill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNeutralizeDrillEnemy01
    "The enemy's neutralized the Drill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csCaptureDrillAlly01
    "Your team's captured the Drill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNeutralizeDrillAlly01
    "Your team has neutralized the Drill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csCaptureQuarryEnemy01
    "The enemy's captured the Quarry!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNeutralizeQuarryEnemy01
    "The enemy has neutralized the Quarry!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csCaptureQuarryAlly01
    "Your team's captured the Quarry!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNeutralizeQuarryAlly01
    "Your team has neutralized the Quarry!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csCaptureRefineryEnemy01
    "The enemy's captured the Refinery!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNeutralizeRefineryEnemy01
    "The enemy has neutralized the Refinery!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csCaptureRefineryAlly01
    "Your team's captured the Refinery!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNeutralizeRefineryAlly01
    "Your team has neutralized the Refinery!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csCaptureWindmillEnemy01
    "The enemy's captured the Windmill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNeutralizeWindmillEnemy01
    "The enemy has neutralized the Windmill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csCaptureWindmillAlly01
    "Your team's captured the Windmill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNeutralizeWindmillAlly01
    "Your team has neutralized the Windmill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNexusThreeQuartersAlly01
    "Your team's nexus has been cracked!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNexusThreeQuartersAlly02
    "Your nexus is at seventy-five percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNexusHalfAlly01
    "Your nexus is at fifty percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNexusQuarterAlly01
    "Your nexus is at twenty-five percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNexusCriticalAlly01
    "Your team's nexus is about to explode!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNexusThreeQuartersEnemy01
    "The enemy's nexus has cracked!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNexusThreeQuartersEnemy02
    "The enemy nexus is at seventy-five percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNexusHalfEnemy01
    "The enemy nexus is at fifty percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNexusQuarterEnemy01
    "The enemy's nexus is at twenty-five percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.csNexusCriticalEnemy01
    "The enemy's nexus is about to explode!"
Spectator Announcements
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillDoubleBlue01
    "Blue team double kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillDoublePurple01
    "Purple team double kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillDoubleRed01
    "Red team double kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillTripleBlue01
    "Blue team triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillTriplePurple01
    "Purple team triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillTripleRed01
    "Red team triple kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillQuadraBlue01
    "Blue team quadra kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillQuadraPurple01
    "Purple team quadra kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillQuadraRed01
    "Red team quadra kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillPentaBlue01
    "Blue team pentakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillPentaPurple01
    "Purple team pentakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillPentaRed01
    "Red team pentakill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillLegendaryBlue01
    "Blue team legendary kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillLegendaryPurple01
    "Purple team legendary kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorKillLegendaryRed01
    "Red team legendary kill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorAceBlue01
    "Blue team has scored an ace!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorAcePurple01
    "Purple team has scored an ace!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorAceRed01
    "Red team has scored an ace!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureWarnTurretBlue01
    "The blue team's turret is under attack!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureWarnTurretPurple01
    "The purple team's turret is under attack!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureWarnTurretRed01
    "The red team's turret is under attack!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureDestroyTurretBlue01
    "Blue team's turret has been destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureDestroyTurretPurple01
    "Purple team's turret has been destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureDestroyTurretRed01
    "Red team's turret has been destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureWarnInhibitorBlue01
    "The blue team's inhibitor is under attack!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureWarnInhibitorPurple01
    "The purple team's inhibitor is under attack!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureWarnInhibitorRed01
    "The red team's inhibitor is under attack!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureDestroyInhibitorBlue01
    "The blue team's inhibitor has been destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureDestroyInhibitorPurple01
    "The purple team's inhibitor has been destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureDestroyInhibitorRed01
    "The red team's inhibitor has been destroyed!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureCountdownInhibitorBlue01
    "The blue team's inhibitor is respawning soon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureCountdownInhibitorPurple01
    "The purple team's inhibitor is respawning soon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureCountdownInhibitorRed01
    "The red team's inhibitor is respawning soon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureRespawnInhibitorBlue01
    "The blue team's inhibitor has respawned!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureRespawnInhibitorPurple01
    "The purple team's inhibitor has respawned!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureRespawnInhibitorRed01
    "The red team's inhibitor has respawned!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureWarnNexusBlue01
    "Blue team's nexus is under attack!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureWarnNexusPurple01
    "Purple team's nexus is under attack!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorStructureWarnNexusRed01
    "Red team's nexus is under attack!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorDragonBlue01
    "The blue team has slain the dragon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorDragonPurple01
    "The purple team has slain the dragon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorDragonRed01
    "The red team has slain the dragon!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorBaronBlue01
    "The blue team has slain Baron Nashor!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorBaronPurple01
    "The purple team has slain Baron Nashor!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorBaronRed01
    "The red team has slain Baron Nashor!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorSurrenderBlue01
    "Blue team has surrendered!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorSurrenderPurple01
    "Purple team has surrendered!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorSurrenderRed01
    "Red team has surrendered!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorVictoryBlue01
    "The blue team is victorious!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorVictoryPurple01
    "The purple team is victorious!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorVictoryRed01
    "The red team is victorious!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNexusQuarterBlue01
    "Blue team's nexus is at twenty-five percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNexusHalfBlue01
    "Blue team's nexus is at fifty percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNexusThreeQuartersBlue01
    "Blue team's nexus is at seventy-five percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNexusThreeQuartersBlue02
    "Blue team's nexus is at seventy-five percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNexusQuarterPurple01
    "Purple team's nexus is at twenty-five percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNexusHalfPurple01
    "Purple team's nexus is at fifty percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNexusThreeQuartersPurple01
    "Purple team's nexus is at seventy-five percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNexusQuarterRed01
    "Red team's nexus is at twenty-five percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNexusHalfRed01
    "Red team's nexus is at fifty percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNexusThreeQuartersRed01
    "Red team's nexus is at seventy-five percent health!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSCaptureBoneyardBlue01
    "Blue team has captured the Boneyard!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSCaptureBoneyardRed01
    "Red team has captured the Boneyard!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSCaptureDrillBlue01
    "Blue team has captured the Drill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSCaptureDrillRed01
    "Red team has captured the Drill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSCaptureQuarryBlue01
    "Blue team has captured the Quarry"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSCaptureQuarryRed01
    "Red team has captured the Quarry!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSCaptureRefineryBlue01
    "Blue team has captured the Refinery!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSCaptureRefineryRed01
    "Red team has captured the Refinery!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSCaptureWindmillBlue01
    "Blue team has captured the Windmill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSCaptureWindmillRed01
    "Red team has captured the Windmill!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNeutralizeBoneyard01
    "The Boneyard has been neutralized!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNeutralizeDrill01
    "The Drill has been neutralized!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNeutralizeQuarry01
    "The Quarry has been neutralized!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNeutralizeRefinery01
    "The Refinery has been neutralized!"
  • AnnouncerGangplank.spectatorCSNeutralizeWindmill01
    "The Windmill has been neutralized!"

On Game Start
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.welcomeSummonersRift01
    "Welcome to Summoner's Rift."
On First Blood
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.firstBlood01
    "First Blood."
On Kill
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.kill01
    "You have slain an enemy."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.kill02
    "You have slain an enemy."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.kill03
    "You have slain an enemy."
On Ally Kill
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killAlly01
    "An enemy has been slain."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killAlly02
    "An enemy has been slain."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killAlly03
    "An enemy has been slain."
On Ally Multi-Kill
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killDoubleAlly01
    "Double kill."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killDoubleAlly02
    "Double kill."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killDoubleAlly03
    "Double kill."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killTripleAlly01
    "Triple kill."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killTripleAlly02
    "Triple kill."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killQuadraAlly01
    "Quadra kill!"
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killQuadraAlly02
    "Quadra kill!"
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killPentaAlly01
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killPentaAlly02
On Enemy Kill
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killEnemy01
    "An ally has been slain."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killEnemy02
    "An ally has been slain."
On Enemy Multi-Kill
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killDoubleEnemy01
    "Enemy double kill."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killDoubleEnemy02
    "Enemy double kill."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killTripleEnemy01
    "Enemy triple kill."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killTripleEnemy02
    "Enemy triple kill."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killQuadraEnemy01
    "Enemy quadra kill."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killPentaEnemy01
    "Enemy pentakill."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killPentaEnemy02
    "Enemy pentakill."
On Death
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareDeath01
    "You have been slain."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareDeath02
    "You have been slain."
On Ace
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.ace01
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.ace02
On Execution
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareExecution01
On Ally Spree
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeKillingSpreeAlly01
    "Killing spree!"
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeKillingSpreeAlly02
    "Killing spree!"
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeRampageAlly01
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeRampageAlly02
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeUnstoppableAlly01
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeDominatingAlly01
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeGodlikeAlly01
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeGodlikeAlly02
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeLegendaryAlly01
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeLegendaryAlly02
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeLegendaryAlly03
On Enemy Spree
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeKillingSpreeEnemy01
    "Enemy killing spree!"
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeKillingSpreeEnemy02
    "Enemy killing spree."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeRampageEnemy01
    "Enemy rampage."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeUnstoppableEnemy01
    "An enemy is unstoppable."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeUnstoppableEnemy02
    "An enemy is unstoppable."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeDominatingEnemy01
    "An enemy is dominating."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeGodlikeEnemy01
    "An enemy is godlike."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeGodlikeEnemy02
    "An enemy is godlike."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeLegendaryEnemy01
    "An enemy... is legendary."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.spreeLegendaryEnemy02
    "An enemy is legendary!"
On Shut Down
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareShutDown01
    "Shut down."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareShutDown02
    "Shut down."
Ally Structure Announcements
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.structureDestroyAlly01
    "Your turret... has been destroyed."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.structureDestroyInhibitorAlly01
    "Your inhibitor has been... destroyed."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.structureCountdownInhibitorAlly01
    "Your inhibitor is respawning soon."
Enemy Structure Announcements
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.structureDestroyEnemy01
    "Your team has destroyed a turret."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.structureDestroyInhibitorEnemy01
    "Your team has destroyed an inhibitor!"
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.structureCountdownInhibitorEnemy01
    "The enemy's inhibitor is respawning soon."
General Announcements
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareMinionSpawn01
    "Minions have spawned."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareDisconnect01
    "A summoner has disconnected."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareDisconnect02
    "A summoner has disconnected."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareReconnect01
    "A summoner has reconnected."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareDefeat01
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareVictory01

Dark Star: Singularity Announcements

On Game Start
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.welcomeCosmicRuins01
    "Welcome to the Cosmic Ruins."
On Round Start
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.roundStartGeneric01
    "Only the singularity can bring oblivion - sweet rapture."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.roundStartGeneric02
    "The Dark Star hungers for souls."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.roundStartGeneric03
    "Only the singularity will free me - free everything."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.roundStartGeneric04
    "More. More, for the Dark Star."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.roundStartOne01
    "Round one."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.roundStartTwo01
    "Round two."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.roundStartThree01
    "Final round."
On Round End
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.roundDefeatOne01
    "Round one, defeat!"
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.roundVictoryOne01
    "Round one, victory!"
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.roundDefeatTwo01
    "Round two, defeat."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.roundVictoryTwo01
    "Round two, victory!"
On Kill
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killDarkStarSingularity01
    Thresh laughs.
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killDarkStarSingularity02
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.killDarkStarSingularity03
On Death
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareDeathDarkStarSingularity01
    Thresh growls.
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareDeathDarkStarSingularity02
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareDeathDarkStarSingularity03
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareDeathDarkStarSingularity04
    Thresh groans.
General Announcements
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareSoulCountHalfEnemy01
    "The enemy team has gathered half their souls. Hurry up."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareSoulCountHalfEnemy02
    "The enemy team has gathered half their souls."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareSoulCountHalfAlly01
    "Your team has gathered half your souls."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareSoulCountNearEnemy01
    "The enemy team has nearly enough souls. Faster!"
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareSoulCountNearEnemy02
    "The enemy team has nearly enough souls."
  • AnnouncerThreshDarkStar.declareSoulCountNearAlly01
    "Your team has nearly enough souls."