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An Anti-turret cannon was a type of minion created by Banner of Command item.png Banner of Command's active effect Promote. The champion that promoted it would be granted any gold it may earn from kills.


  • On Crystal Scar, Super minions are transformed into Anti-turret cannons, very efficient in capturing neutral or enemy capture points, as they have a faster rate of capture and more health than regular minions. However, they will still die along with all other minions after capturing a point.
  • Casting Promote on a super minion will grant the following buffs:
    • Buffs attack speed ~80% (1.25 attacks per second from 0.694)
    • Adds (Champion level × 75) + 200 max health (except at level 3, where it adds +500), and healing it completely
    • Immunity to magic damage

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