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League of Legends


Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks

  • Terrify.png Terrify
    • Now has a 50% slow.
  • Dark Wind.png Dark Wind
    • Damage increased to 120 from 100.
    • Ability power ratio increased to 0.4 from 0.25.

Jax Jax

  • Leap Strike.png Leap Strike
    • Mana cost increased to 65 from 50.
    • Cooldown increased to 22/18/14/10/6 seconds from 21/17/13/9/5.
  • Empower.png Empower
    • Empower damage can no longer crit.
    • Bug fix: it no longer lasts longer than it should.
  • Counter Strike.png Counter Strike
    • Dodge chance reduced to 8/11/14/17/20% from 8/12/16/20/24%.
    • Mana Cost increased to 60 from 50.
  • Relentless Assault.png Relentless Assault
    • No longer gives Jax additional haste upon striking buildings.
    • Changed to Passive from Active.
    • Damage reduced to 150/200/250 from 150/225/300.

Master Yi Master Yi

  • Alpha Strike.png Alpha Strike
    • Bounce range increased to 600 from 400.
    • Made a fix which had previously caused its slow to not be removed by Highlander.
  • Highlander.png Highlander
    • No longer removes Rune Prison.png Rune Prison.
    • Updated Highlander's movement speed modification type to fix an associated bug.

Morgana Morgana Le

  • Soul Siphon.png Empathize
    • Health regen per sec changed to 2/3/5/8/12 from 1/2/4/6/9/12.
  • Fixed a Dark Binding.png Dark Binding Lua error bug.
  • Tormented Soil.png Tormented Soil
    • Removed erroneous damage being shown on Tormented Soil.
    • Range increased to 280 from 265 to match the AoE indicator.
    • Removed +Armor effect.
  • Black Shield.png Black Shield
    • Fixed cooldown bug.
  • Soul Shackles.png Soul Shackles
    • Effect now occurs if Morgana Le stays in range of the target for the duration, rather than moving out of range of the target
    • Range increased to 550 from 485.
    • Damage increased to 150/250/350 from 100/175/250.
    • Ability power ratio increased to 1 from 0.5.
    • Initial stun increased to 1 from 0.5.

Ryze Ryze

  • Overload.png Overload
    • Corrected tooltip (the base damage portion showed off low numbers).

Sion Sion

  • Cryptic Gaze.png Cryptic Gaze
    • Stun duration reduced to 2 from 2.2.
    • Fixed tooltip to show its cooldown by level (12/11/10/9/8).

Sivir Sivir

  • Ricochet.png Ricochet
    • Particle speed reduced to 900 from 1000.
    • Damage reduction per bounce increased to 23% from 20%.
    • Fixed levelup tooltip.
  • On The Hunt.png On The Hunt
    • Cooldown modified to 90 at all ranks from 120/90/60.

Tristana Tristana

Warwick Warwick

Nunu Yeti

  • Consume.png Consume
    • Range increased to 230 from 200.

Summoner Spells

Exhaust.png Exhaust

  • Duration reduced by 1 second.
  • Cooldown increased to 270 seconds from 240.
  • Slow percent increased to 50% from 40%.

Ghost.png Ghost

  • Movement speed bonus increased to 22% from 15%.

Teleport.png Teleport

  • Cooldown reduced to 5 minutes from 7.


Atma's Impaler item.png Atma's Impaler

  • Combine cost increased to 750 from 700.
  • Bonus damage from health conversion decreased to 1.5% from 2%.

Avarice Blade item.png Avarice Blade

  • Combine cost increased to 375 from 350.

Brawler's Gloves item.png Brawler's Gloves

  • Cost increased to 400 from 360.

Cloak of Agility item.png Cloak of Agility

  • Cost increased to 880 from 800.

Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge

  • Combine cost increased to 375 from 350.

Phantom Dancer item.png Phantom Dancer

  • Combine cost increased to 900 from 850.

Zeal item.png Zeal

  • Combine cost increased to 375 from 350.

Neutral Minions

Ancient Golem Ancient Golem

  • Gold reward increased to 110 from 90.

Dragon Dragon

  • Gold reward to 180 from 235.

Giant Wolf Giant Wolf

  • gold reward decreased to 50 from 75.

Golem Golem

  • Gold reward decreased to 70 from 90.

Lesser Wraith Lesser Wraith

  • Gold reward decreased to 15 from 20.

Lizard Lizard

  • Gold reward decreased to 40 from 45.

Lizard Elder Lizard Elder

  • Gold reward decreased to 80 from 110.

Lesser Wolf Wolf

  • Gold reward decreased to 25 from 30.

Wraith Wraith

  • Gold reward decreased to 35 from 40.


  • Tooltip fixes and updates.
  • Removed buff icon for Recall.png Teleport Home.
  • Removed buff icon from Baron Nashor Baron Nashor.
  • Feature — Made silences (Exhaust.png Exhaust, Dark Wind.png Dark Wind, Seal Fate.jpg Seal Fate) not silence summoner spells.
  • Feature – Silence no longer interrupts channels.
  • Implement Camera Scrolling changes.


  • Locked camera state saved between games.
  • Chat settings save between games, and default to a less obtrusive state.
  • Bonus gold now shows above your character when given.
  • Buffs should now correctly show their Icons all of the time.
  • You must now click on your character portrait before spending your level up points.
  • New Load screen with some basic controls information (For early beta only).
  • Enemy inhibitor health bars are more accurate now.


  • More improvements to attack timings and chasing.
  • Fixed a popping issue when casting certain spells quickly.
  • You can no longer crit towers.

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