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Offense Mastery Tree
(Season One)
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Archaic Knowledge mastery s1
Archaic Knowledge was a tier 3 offense mastery with 1 rank.

Effect per rank

  • Grants 15% magic penetration.


  • Requires 8 points in Offense.
  • Requires 4 points in Sorcery mastery s1.png Sorcery.


  • The percentage penetration from this mastery occurs after flat penetration from items/runes/etc.
  • The penetration benefits all sources of magic damage including:
    • All champion abilities that deal magic damage.
    • Items with actives that deal magic damage such as Deathfire Grasp item.png Deathfire Grasp.
    • Items with on-hit magic damage such as Madred's Bloodrazor item.png Madred's Bloodrazor.
  • Combining Void Staff item.png Void Staff with Archaic Knowledge only yields 49% magic pen, rather than 55%, implying % Magic Penetration scales multiplicatively.

Patch History

V1.0.0.129 Removed
  • Removed due to Season Two.
June 26, 2009 Patch Added
  • Tier 3 Offense mastery with 1 rank.
    • Grants 15% magic penetration.

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