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  • Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staff is commonly paired with Rod of Ages item.png Rod of Ages for many ability power scaling champions. These two items together can effectively eliminate any champion's mana problems and the early Tear of the Goddess item.png Tear of the Goddess and Catalyst the Protector item.png Catalyst the Protector are useful in lane for the healing sustain and increased mana pool. The only downside to this build is Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staff / Tear of the Goddess item.png Tear of the Goddess as well as Rod of Ages item.png Rod of Ages take considerable time to stack.
  • Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staff has great synergy with a Rabadon's Deathcap item.png Rabadon's Deathcap, as it increases ability power by 35%. This means that whenever your mana is increased, the Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staff will increase your ability power, and then the Rabadon's Deathcap item.png Rabadon's Deathcap will increase it again due to the 35% increased ability power passive.
    • This is equal to 4.05% of the holder maximum mana.


  • Note that most champions have around 800-1100 base mana at level 18.
    • Not counting manaless champions, Kalista Kalista and Vayne Vayne have 232 mana at level one, the lowest in the game, which combined with the staff's own 250 mana already equals 482. Taking into account the time (and therefore level) it takes to get the gold to buy it, it is almost impossible for this item to be gold inefficient.
  • Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staff grants 1 ability power per ~33 mana, giving a total of 87.5 ability power by itself at zero stacks.
  • The bonus mana does not stack with multiple Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staves, Tear of the Goddess item.png Tears of the Goddess or Manamune item.png Manamunes. However, once an Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staff upgrades into Seraph's Embrace item.png Seraph's Embrace, the mana counter resets back to 0 and you can start charging another Tear of the Goddess item.png Tears of the Goddess or Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staff. The 1000 bonus mana from the upgrade will remain.
  • Assuming a charge is gained every 4 seconds, the 750 mana Unique Passive takes 6 minutes and 16 seconds to max. (The Tear of the Goddess item.png Tears of the Goddess takes 12 minutes and 32 seconds).
    • There is a 2 charge banking system to help burst casters.
  • Rammus Rammus' Powerball.png Powerball adds one stack upon cast and another stack if ended early without a collision. Similarly, Janna Janna's Howling Gale.png Howling Gale adds one stack upon activation, and a second if activated early.
  • Singed Singed's Poison Trail.png Poison Trail adds one stack whenever the ability's toggle is active and the Tear/Archangel's Staff stack is not cooling down (i.e. continuously).
  • Manaless champions may charge the Tear of the Goddess item.png Tear of the Goddess, Manamune item.png Manamune and Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staff to get Muramana item.png Muramana and Seraph's Embrace item.png Seraph's Embrace. However, they won't get any bonuses of Muramana item.png Muramana's Awe and toggle, as well as Seraph's Embrace item.png Seraph's Embrace's Insight and Mana Shield.

Patch history

  • Howling Abyss
    • Grants +12 maximum mana from 8 on spellcast or mana expenditure.
  • Mana regeneration reduced to 0% from 50%.
  • New Unique Passive: Refunds 25% of mana spent.
  • (Quick Charge) Maximum mana granted per charge increased to 12 from 10.
  • Crystal Scar version renamed to Archangel Staff (Quick Charge).
  • Total cost increased to Gold 3100 from Gold 3000.
    • Combine cost ???
  • Combine cost reduced to Gold 1120 from Gold 1140.
    • Total cost unchanged.
  • Mana regeneration changes to +50% of base mana regen from +10 mana regen per 5 seconds.
  • New icon.
  • Unique Passive - Mana Charge
    • Mana gained increased to 8 from 6.
    • Cooldown per charge increased to 4 seconds from 3.
    • Updated the tooltip to clarify its actual functionality.
  • Ability power increased to 60 from 50.
  • Mana charge amount increased to 6 from 5.
  • Item cost reduced to Gold 2700 from Gold 2855.
    • Combine cost increased to Gold 1140 from Gold 1000.
  • Base mana reduced to 250 from 400.
  • Ability power increased to 50 from 45.
  • Mana regen per 5 seconds reduced to 10 from 25.
  • Mana charge passive changed:
    • Champions may now gain bonus mana when they spend mana in addition to on ability use.
    • Maximum bonus mana reduced to 750 from 1000.
  • Now displays its cooldown on the item itself rather than with a buff.
  • Tooltip now updates dynamically.
  • Again displays current bonus mana.
  • Tooltip no longer displays bonus mana.
  • Now displays unique bonus mana in tooltip.
  • Mana to ability power conversion ratio increased to 3% from 2.5%.
  • Mana cap increased to 1000 from 600.
  • Mana to ability power conversion ratio increased to 2.5% from 2%.
  • Total cost reduced to Gold 2840 from Gold 2890.
    • Combine cost reduced to Gold 1000 from Gold 1050.
  • Now has an internal cooldown of 3 seconds (but now works with all spells including Lay Waste.png Lay Waste and Hate Spike.png Hate Spike).
June 26, 2009 Patch
  • Total cost increased to Gold 2890 from Gold 2840.
    • Combine cost increased to Gold 1050 from Gold 1000.
June 12, 2009 Patch
  • Bonus ability power based on mana is no longer Unique.
May 23, 2009 Patch
  • Fixed a bug which caused Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staves to stack.
May 15, 2009 Patch
  • Combine cost increased to Gold 1000 from Gold 775.
  • Ability power reduced to 45 from 50.
May 1, 2009 Patch
  • Now gains bonus ability power based on max mana (instead of current mana).
  • Tool-tip updated to make more sense.
  • Mana gain is now Unique.
April 18, 2009 Patch
  • Bonus ability power from mana increased to 2.5% from 2%.
Alpha Week 7
Alpha Week 5
  • Now increases the bearer's ability power by 2% of current mana instead of reducing nearby ally cooldowns by 15%.


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