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Freljord Avarosan

Upon Selection

  • Ashe select
    "All the world on one arrow."


  • Ashe.attack01
    "Right between the eyes!"
  • Ashe.attack02
    "My aim is steady."
  • Ashe.attack03
    "Avarosa guide me."
  • Ashe.attack04
    "My arrows fly true."
  • Ashe.attack05
    "I won't miss!"
  • Ashe.attack06
    "Lead the target."
  • Ashe.attack07
    "Make it count."
  • Ashe.attack08
    "I only need one shot!"
  • Ashe.attack09
    "Let's see how close they can get."
  • Ashe.attack10
    "No one escapes my aim."
  • Ashe.attack11
    "Strike quickly!"
  • Ashe.attack12
    "For the Freljord!"
  • Ashe.attack13
    "Let fly!"


  • Ashe.move01
    "Swiftly now!"
  • Ashe.move02
    "We must press on!"
  • Ashe.move03
    "Do not confuse mercy for weakness."
  • Ashe.move04
    "Peace requires a steady hand."
  • Ashe.move05
    "Never lose focus."
  • Ashe.move06
    "Stand together!"
  • Ashe.move07
    "Faster than my arrow? I think not."
  • Ashe.move08
    "I won't lead us astray."
  • Ashe.move09
    "United, we are stronger!"
  • Ashe.move10
    "We are one people."
  • Ashe.move11
    "I will unite the Freljord."
  • Ashe.move12
    "I do my best work from afar."
  • Ashe.move14
    "We're on the right path."
  • Ashe.move15
    "I always take the high ground."


  • Ashe.taunt01
    "How do you like the curves? I was talking about the bow."
  • Ashe.taunt02
    "Take a good look; it's the last you'll get."
  • Ashe.taunt03
    "Keep staring... just don't look behind you."
Taunting Sejuani Sejuani
  • Ashe.tauntSejuani01
    "Misguided warmonger!"
  • Ashe.tauntSejuani02
    "Foolish Sejuani."
  • Ashe.tauntSejuani03
    "So, which one is the pig?"
Taunting Lissandra Lissandra
  • Ashe.tauntLissandra01
    "To pierce your black heart!"
  • Ashe.tauntLissandra02
    "Your twisted ways must be stopped!"
  • Ashe.tauntLissandra03
    "I will end your corruption!"


Ashe draws back her arrow but hits her eye with it instead.
  • Ashe.joke01
    "No, really, put that apple on your head... ugh! Ah... ohh... hmm... "
  • Ashe.joke02
    "I don't have to see you to shoot you... ow! Ugh... ooh, really?"
  • Ashe.joke03
    "Ha hah! Check this out... ow! Ugh, who makes a bow out of ice?!"


  • Ashe.laugh01
    Ashe laughs.
  • Ashe.laugh02
    Ashe laughs.
  • Ashe.laugh03
    Ashe laughs.
  • Ashe.laugh04
    Ashe laughs.

Upon Casting Hawkshot.png Hawkshot

  • Ashe.spellcasteffort41
    "Reveal what is hidden."
  • Ashe.spellcasteffort42
    "Lead the way."
  • Ashe.spellcasteffort43
    "Show me a path!"

Upon Starting a Game

  • AshePROJECT.start01
    "Form up on me. Attack pattern Epsilon."
  • AshePROJECT.start02
    "Let's move out, team."
  • AshePROJECT.start03
    "You have your objectives."
  • AshePROJECT.start04
    "Be careful out there."
  • AshePROJECT.start05
    "Stay frosty."


  • AshePROJECT.attack01
    "In my sights."
  • AshePROJECT.attack03
    "Breathe... and release."
  • AshePROJECT.attack04
    "Wait for the shot."
  • AshePROJECT.attack05
    "No surrender!"
  • AshePROJECT.attack07
    "Neutralizing interference."
  • AshePROJECT.attack08
    "Target acquired."
  • AshePROJECT.attack09
    "For humanity!"
  • AshePROJECT.attack10
    "Open fire!"
  • AshePROJECT.attack11
    "Right between the optics."
  • AshePROJECT.attack12
    "Target lock."
  • AshePROJECT.attack13
    "Permission to engage."
  • AshePROJECT.attack14
    "Laser cooling is go."
  • AshePROJECT.attack15
    "Taking the shot."
  • AshePROJECT.attack06
    "I've got your heat death."
  • AshePROJECT.attack16
    "Entropy incoming."
  • AshePROJECT.attack02
    "Endothermic safety disengaged."
  • AshePROJECT.attack17
    "Make it count."
  • AshePROJECT.attack18
    "In my sights."
  • AshePROJECT.attack19
    "In the crosshairs."
  • AshePROJECT.attack20
  • AshePROJECT.attack21
  • AshePROJECT.attack22
    "My aim is true."
  • AshePROJECT.attack23
    "Sure shot."
  • AshePROJECT.attack24
    "Engaging hostiles."
Attacking While Ranger&#039;s Focus.png Ranger's Focus is Active
  • AshePROJECT.moveQ1
    "Make every shot count!"
  • AshePROJECT.moveQ2
    "I won't miss!"
  • AshePROJECT.moveQ3
    "Shots fired!"
  • AshePROJECT.moveQ4
    "I've got a bead!"
  • AshePROJECT.moveQ5
    "Pin them down!"
  • AshePROJECT.moveQ6
    "Rapid fire!"
  • AshePROJECT.moveQ7
    "Five rounds rapid!"
  • AshePROJECT.moveQ8
    "Full auto!"


  • AshePROJECT.move01
    "Memories are more than ones and zeroes."
  • AshePROJECT.move02
    "We aren't weapons, we're human beings."
  • AshePROJECT.move03
    "Five by five."
  • AshePROJECT.move04
    "Stand beside me."
  • AshePROJECT.move05
    "Erasing our memories only ensures we repeat our mistakes."
  • AshePROJECT.move06
    "Today only matters if we can remember it tomorrow."
  • AshePROJECT.move07
    "We will end their tyranny."
  • AshePROJECT.move08
    "All I need to achieve the impossible is the right team."
  • AshePROJECT.move09
    "The role between woman and weapon blurs."
  • AshePROJECT.move10
    "The source code lies."
  • AshePROJECT.move11
    "They cannot take our pasts from us."
  • AshePROJECT.move12
    "Will always trumps programming."
  • AshePROJECT.move13
    "My humanity cannot be overwritten."
  • AshePROJECT.move14
    "So long as you refuse to obey, you are human."
  • AshePROJECT.move15
    "Freedom is ours."
  • AshePROJECT.move16
    "Our will is stronger than their steel."
  • AshePROJECT.move17
    "This oppression will not last."
  • AshePROJECT.move18
    "Memories are what make us human."
  • AshePROJECT.move19
    "The true mission is to oneself."
  • AshePROJECT.move20
    "Humanity isn't a defect."
  • AshePROJECT.move21
    "Salvation, bit by bit."
  • AshePROJECT.move22
    "Each reboot, a fresh guiltless mind."
  • AshePROJECT.move23
    "Fresh scars remind me - I'm still human."
  • AshePROJECT.move24
    "Join the resistance."
  • AshePROJECT.move25
    "Information will set them free."
  • AshePROJECT.move26
    "I will reveal the truth."
  • AshePROJECT.move27
    "Bring it all crashing down."
  • AshePROJECT.move28
    "They promised us infinite possibility. They lied."
  • AshePROJECT.move29
    "Our struggle continues."
  • AshePROJECT.move30
    "My dream is freedom for us all."
  • AshePROJECT.move31
    "Operating at full potential."
  • AshePROJECT.move32
    "We will free the others."
  • AshePROJECT.move33
    "Resistance is not futile - it's human."
  • AshePROJECT.move34
    "Never trade freedom for security."
Upon Leaving the Vicinity of a Friendly Structure
  • AshePROJECT.moveHood01
    "Entering enemy territory."
  • AshePROJECT.moveHood02
    "Recon mode initiated."
  • AshePROJECT.moveHood03
    "Hit them hard."
  • AshePROJECT.moveHood04
    "Armour up."
  • AshePROJECT.moveHood05
    "Let's do this."


  • AshePROJECT.joke01
    Ashe: "AVAROSA, guide me."
    • AVAROSA: "AT four-hundred feet, turn left."
      • Ashe: "Thanks, AVAROSA."
  • AshePROJECT.joke02
    Ashe: "AVAROSA, how much longer will this match go on?"
    • AVAROSA: "For you, not long."
      • Ashe: "Okay, that's ominous."
  • AshePROJECT.joke03
    Ashe: "War. What is it good for, AVAROSA?"
    • AVAROSA: "Absolutely nothing."
      • Ashe: "Say again?"
  • AshePROJECT.joke04
    Ashe: "AVAROSA, read me a haiku."
    • AVAROSA: "For untapped power, humanity must be lost, dare we step forward."
      • Ashe: "Well played."
  • AshePROJECT.joke05
    Ashe: "AVAROSA, read me a haiku."
    • AVAROSA: "An inane request, you've got to be kidding me, hope you're satisfied."
      • Ashe: "Well played."


  • AshePROJECT.taunt01
    "I don't recall us being friends."
  • AshePROJECT.taunt02
    "Stand down or be put down."
  • AshePROJECT.taunt03
    "You don't want to get on my bad side."
  • AshePROJECT.taunt04
    "The fact that you're following orders doesn't make you any less responsible."
  • AshePROJECT.taunt05
    "If you stand in my way, you won't be standing long."
Taunting an Enemy Ashe Ashe
  • AshePROJECT.tauntAsheClassic01
    "Ugh, did I ever dress like that?"
Taunting an Enemy Viktor Viktor
  • AshePROJECT.tauntViktor01
    "You're part of the problem."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntViktor02
    "You represent everything I despise."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntViktor03
    "Who would willingly do that to himself?"
Taunting an Enemy Mecha
  • AshePROJECT.tauntMecha01
    "I thought you'd be taller."
Taunting a PROJECT
  • AshePROJECT.tauntPROJECTAlly01
    (Ally) "Remember and rise up."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntPROJECTEnemy01
    (Enemy) "Your upgrades won't save you."
Taunting an Enemy AsheSquare.png PROJECT: Ashe [S|L]
  • AshePROJECT.tauntAshePROJECT01
    "What are you?"
  • AshePROJECT.tauntAshePROJECT02
    "You must be Bad Ashe."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntAshePROJECT03
    "Good? Bad? I'm the one with the bow."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntAshePROJECT04
    "May the best me win."
Taunting EkkoSquare.png PROJECT: Ekko [S|L]
  • AshePROJECT.tauntEkkoPROJECTAlly01
    (Ally) "How many lives have you given for the cause?"
  • AshePROJECT.tauntEkkoPROJECTAlly02
    (Ally) "I'm counting on you to get us in, kid."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntEkkoPROJECTAlly03
    (Ally) "May the odds be ever in our favour."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntEkkoPROJECTEnemy01
    (Enemy) "You're on the wrong side, kid."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntEkkoPROJECTEnemy02
    (Enemy) "You're smarter than this."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntEkkoPROJECTEnemy03
    (Enemy) "You might want to stay down, this time."
Taunting FioraSquare.png PROJECT: Fiora [S|L]
  • AshePROJECT.tauntFioraPROJECTAlly01
    (Ally) "Don't let your pride get you into trouble."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntFioraPROJECTAlly02
    (Ally) "Your code will get you killed one day if you aren't careful."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntFioraPROJECTAlly03
    (Ally) "Your skill is an asset to the cause."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntFioraPROJECTEnemy01
    (Enemy) "You once fought for honor."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntFioraPROJECTEnemy02
    (Enemy) "You sacrificed your honor for power."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntFioraPROJECTEnemy03
    (Enemy) "I demand satisfaction."
Taunting KatarinaSquare.png PROJECT: Katarina [S|L]
  • AshePROJECT.tauntKatarinaPROJECTAlly01
    (Ally) "I knew there was hope for you."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntKatarinaPROJECTAlly02
    (Ally) "Look sharp."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntKatarinaPROJECTAlly03
    (Ally) "Joining us was the right decision. You'll see."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntKatarinaPROJECTEnemy01
    (Enemy) "You weren't the only one scarred by this conflict."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntKatarinaPROJECTEnemy02
    (Enemy) "Your blades won't save you."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntKatarinaPROJECTEnemy03
    (Enemy) "It's never too late."
Taunting LeonaSquare.png PROJECT: Leona [S|L]
  • AshePROJECT.tauntLeonaPROJECTAlly01
    (Ally) "If anything ever happens to me, it's up to you to finish this."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntLeonaPROJECTAlly02
    (Ally) "The light in our darkness."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntLeonaPROJECTAlly03
    (Ally) "You inspire us all."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntLeonaPROJECTEnemy01
    (Enemy) "Come back from the shadows."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntLeonaPROJECTEnemy02
    (Enemy) "Don't let them snuff out your light."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntLeonaPROJECTEnemy03
    (Enemy) "You were the best of us - once."
Taunting LucianSquare.png PROJECT: Lucian [S|L]
  • AshePROJECT.tauntLucianPROJECTAlly01
    (Ally) "We're your family now."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntLucianPROJECTAlly02
    (Ally) "We'll make them pay - together."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntLucianPROJECTAlly03
    (Ally) "We've all lost people we care about; it's up to us to make sure no more are taken."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntLucianPROJECTEnemy01
    (Enemy) "Senna would be ashamed of what you've become."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntLucianPROJECTEnemy02
    (Enemy) "Purify thyself."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntLucianPROJECTEnemy03
    (Enemy) "You're better than this."
Taunting YasuoSquare.png PROJECT: Yasuo [S|L]
  • AshePROJECT.tauntYasuoPROJECTAlly01
    (Ally) "They have your brother, but he is not beyond saving."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntYasuoPROJECTEnemy01
    (Enemy) "You disgrace yourself once again."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntYasuoPROJECTEnemy02
    (Enemy) "They warned me not to trust you."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntYasuoPROJECTEnemy03
    (Enemy) "Once a traitor, always a traitor."
Taunting Master YiSquare.png PROJECT: Yi [S|L]
  • AshePROJECT.tauntYiPROJECTAlly01
    (Ally) "I'm glad you're on our side."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntYiPROJECTAlly02
    (Ally) "Don't think you are, Yi, know you are."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntYiPROJECTAlly03
    (Ally) "There is more to life than order."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntYiPROJECTEnemy01
    (Enemy) "There's still good in you. I know it."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntYiPROJECTEnemy02
    (Enemy) "Remember who you were."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntYiPROJECTEnemy03
    (Enemy) "Your spirit is stronger than their programming."
Taunting ZedSquare.png PROJECT: Zed [S|L]
  • AshePROJECT.tauntZedPROJECTAlly01
    (Ally) "A weapon just needs the right hand to wield it."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntZedPROJECTAlly02
    (Ally) "With you on our side, their days are numbered."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntZedPROJECTAlly03
    (Ally) "Our greatest enemy is now our greatest asset."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntZedPROJECTEnemy01
    (Enemy) "You gave up everything you were, and it still wasn't enough."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntZedPROJECTEnemy02
    (Enemy) "You are but a shadow of a man."
  • AshePROJECT.tauntZedPROJECTEnemy03
    (Enemy) "It's too late."


  • AshePROJECT.dance01
    Ashe dances to a beat from AVAROSA.


  • AshePROJECT.laugh01
    Ashe laughs.
  • AshePROJECT.laugh02
    Ashe laughs.
  • AshePROJECT.laugh03
    Ashe laughs.

Upon Casting Volley.png Volley

  • AshePROJECT.spellW1
    "Scatter shot!"
  • AshePROJECT.spellW2
    "Multiple targets engaged!"
  • AshePROJECT.spellW3
    "Keep their heads down!"
  • AshePROJECT.spellW4
    "Suppressing fire!"
  • AshePROJECT.spellW5
    "Bound to connect!"

Upon Casting Hawkshot.png Hawkshot

  • AshePROJECT.spellE1
    "Drone deployed."
  • AshePROJECT.spellE2
    "Scouting ahead."
  • AshePROJECT.spellE3
    "Let's have a look."
  • AshePROJECT.spellE4
    "Rendering flight path."
  • AshePROJECT.spellE5
    "Tracking enemy movements."
  • AshePROJECT.spellE6
    "Identify targets."
  • AshePROJECT.spellE7
    "Aerial recon is go."

Upon Casting Enchanted Crystal Arrow.png Enchanted Crystal Arrow

  • AshePROJECT.spellR1
  • AshePROJECT.spellR2
  • AshePROJECT.spellR3
  • AshePROJECT.spellR4

Upon Buying an Item

  • AshePROJECT.item01
    "Gearing up."
  • AshePROJECT.item02
    "This will do nicely."
  • AshePROJECT.item03
    "External upgrades are the way to go."
  • AshePROJECT.item04
    "While I'm here... "
Upon Buying Berserker&#039;s Greaves item.png Berserker's Greaves
  • AshePROJECT.itemBerserkersGreaves01
    "Rate of fire increased."
  • AshePROJECT.itemBerserkersGreaves02
    "Strike fast, strike hard."
  • AshePROJECT.itemBerserkersGreaves03
    "Maximum efficiency."
Upon Buying Boots of Swiftness item.png Boots of Swiftness
  • AshePROJECT.itemBootsOfSwiftness01
    "Double time."
  • AshePROJECT.itemBootsofSwiftness02
    "Mobility is the key to victory."
  • AshePROJECT.itemBootsofSwiftness03
    "Get in, get out."
Upon Buying Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge
  • AshePROJECT.itemInfinityEdge01
    "This upgrade is mission critical."
  • AshePROJECT.itemInfinityEdge02
    "Exploit any flaws in their armour."
  • AshePROJECT.itemInfinityEdge03
    "The odds of victory just increased exponentially."
Upon Buying Giant Slayer item.png Giant Slayer
  • AshePROJECT.itemGiantSlayer01
    "It is a giant we seek to fell."
  • AshePROJECT.itemGiantSlayer02
    "Evening the odds."
  • AshePROJECT.itemGiantSlayer03
    "The bigger they are... "
Upon Buying Lord Dominik&#039;s Regards item.png Lord Dominik's Regards
  • AshePROJECT.itemLordDominiksRegards01
    "Been saving up for this."
  • AshePROJECT.itemLordDominiksRegards02
    "Compliments of a... concerned citizen."
  • AshePROJECT.itemLordDominiksRegards03
    "Stopping power and armour penetration."
Upon Buying Phantom Dancer item.png Phantom Dancer
  • AshePROJECT.itemPhantomDancer01
    "For this dance, I'll lead."
  • AshePROJECT.itemPhantomDancer02
    "I'm untouchable."
  • AshePROJECT.itemPhantomDancer03
    "Ghost in the machine."
Upon Buying The Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster
  • AshePROJECT.itemBloodthirster01
    "Bloodthirst's one emotion I could actually do without."
  • AshePROJECT.itemBloodthirster02
    "Hemophagic upgrade installed."
  • AshePROJECT.itemBloodthirster03
    "Bleeding edge tech."
Upon Buying Runaan&#039;s Hurricane item.png Runaan's Hurricane
  • AshePROJECT.itemRunaansHurricane01
    "Burst fire, eh?"
  • AshePROJECT.itemRunaansHurricane02
    "Controlled bursts are key."
  • AshePROJECT.itemRunaansHurricane03
    "Triple tap - better safe than sorry."
Upon Buying Statikk Shiv item.png Statikk Shiv
  • AshePROJECT.itemStatikkShiv01
    "Amping up my arsenal."
  • AshePROJECT.itemStatikkShiv02
    "Should overcome standard EMP shielding."
  • AshePROJECT.itemStatikkShiv03
    "Power surge could force a reboot."
Upon Buying Rapid Firecannon item.png Rapid Firecannon
  • AshePROJECT.itemRapidFirecannon01
    "Seems easy enough to retrofit."
  • AshePROJECT.itemRapidFirecannon02
    "Point blank just got a lot longer."
  • AshePROJECT.itemRapidFirecannon03
    "Rapid Firecannon - when you've absolutely, positively got to kill every cyborg supersoldier in the room, accept no substitutes."
Upon Buying Banshee&#039;s Veil item.png Banshee's Veil
  • AshePROJECT.itemBansheesVeil01
    "Forcefield projector, eh? Handy."
  • AshePROJECT.itemBansheesVeil02
    "This thing can really take a hit."
  • AshePROJECT.itemBansheesVeil03
    "Keeps threats at arm's length."
Upon Buying Quicksilver Sash item.png Quicksilver Sash
  • AshePROJECT.itemQuicksilverSash01
    "I'm no-one's puppet."
  • AshePROJECT.itemQuicksilverSash02
    "Close calls are what I do."
  • AshePROJECT.itemQuicksilverSash03
    "You may catch me, but you can't hold me."
Upon Buying Mercurial Scimitar item.png Mercurial Scimitar
  • AshePROJECT.itemMercurialScimitar01
    "I won't be stopped."
  • AshePROJECT.itemMercurialScimitar02
    "A memetic polyalloy - nice."
  • AshePROJECT.itemMercurialScimitar03
    "She who fights and runs away... "
Upon Buying Randuin&#039;s Omen item.png Randuin's Omen
  • AshePROJECT.itemRanduinsOmen01
    "Counter-kinetic ablative shielding."
  • AshePROJECT.itemRanduinsOmen02
    "Neural freezing technology."
  • AshePROJECT.itemRanduinsOmen03
    "Like they're moving in slow motion."
Upon Buying Essence Reaver item.png Essence Reaver
  • AshePROJECT.itemEssenceReaver01
    "Faster reloads."
  • AshePROJECT.itemEssenceReaver02
    "Worth every credit."
  • AshePROJECT.itemEssenceReaver03
    "Stretching out my power reserves."

Upon Getting a Kill

  • AshePROJECT.kill01
    "What a waste."
  • AshePROJECT.kill02
    "Poor bastard."
  • AshePROJECT.kill03
    "You chose the wrong side."
  • AshePROJECT.kill04
    "You left me no choice."
  • AshePROJECT.kill05
    "Your fight is over."
Upon Going on a Killing spree
  • AshePROJECT.spreeKillingSpree01
    "Seize the advantage!"
  • AshePROJECT.spreeKillingSpree02
    "We've got them right where we want them!"
  • AshePROJECT.spreeKillingSpree03
    "That escalated quickly."
  • AshePROJECT.spreeKillingSpree04
    "You might want to rethink your strategy."
  • AshePROJECT.spreeKillingSpree05
    "I can do this all day."

Upon Destroying a Turret

  • AshePROJECT.tower01
    "Target neutralized."
  • AshePROJECT.tower02
    "Defenses down."
  • AshePROJECT.tower03
    "Push them back!"
  • AshePROJECT.tower04
    "Enemy fortification destroyed."
  • AshePROJECT.tower05
    "Objective achieved."

Upon Using a Health Potion item.png Health Potion

  • AshePROJECT.useHealthPotion01
    "One and done nanite treatment."
  • AshePROJECT.useHealthPotion02
    "Ah, that's better."
  • AshePROJECT.useHealthPotion03
    "This will get me back in the fight."

Upon Using a Sweeping Lens item.jpg Sweeping Lens

  • AshePROJECT.useSweepingLens01
    "Scanning for hostiles."
  • AshePROJECT.useSweepingLens02
    "Keep your head on a swivel."
  • AshePROJECT.useSweepingLens03
    "Downloading intel."
  • AshePROJECT.useSweepingLens04
    "Querying location."
  • AshePROJECT.useSweepingLens05
    "Check your corners."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • AshePROJECT.ward01
    "Remote sensor activated."
  • AshePROJECT.ward02
    "Covering our escape routes."
  • AshePROJECT.ward03
    "I've got eyes everywhere."
  • AshePROJECT.ward04
    "Surveillance often means the difference between victory and loss."
  • AshePROJECT.ward05
    "When they come, we'll be ready."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • AshePROJECT.recall01
    "Be back, ASAP."
  • AshePROJECT.recall02
    "Heading back to base."
  • AshePROJECT.recall03
    "Hold the line while I'm gone."
  • AshePROJECT.recall04
  • AshePROJECT.recall05
    "Recon complete."

Upon Dying

  • AshePROJECT.death01
    "Keep fighting... "
  • AshePROJECT.death02
    "Medic... "

Battle for Freljord

  • Ashe.eventStarts
    "The fate of our people hangs in the balance."
  • Ashe.eventEnds
    "The Freljord unites!"

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "Do your ancestors proud."
Versus Player Lissandra Lissandra or Sejuani Sejuani
  • "I will face you, sister!"
Player Team Victory
  • "A battle worthy of Freljord."
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"


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