Champion Spotlight

By David 'Phreak' Turley [1]

Ashe Champion Spotlight06:39

Ashe Champion Spotlight

With the Freljord event coming to a close, this edition of the Champion Spotlight focuses on one of the leaders of the three tribes. Take aim with Enchanted Crystal Arrow.png a giant frozen arrow and Focus.png Focus your enemies into frigid oblivion as Ashe Ashe, the Frost Archer.

With her full suite of crowd-control and utility, Ashe has the ability to harass in lane and deliver high-impact damage complemented by one of the strongest Enchanted Crystal Arrow.png initiates in the game. Ashe demonstrates natural kiting power with Frost Shot.png Frost Shot, while Volley.png Volley provides efficient wave clear and Hawkshot.png Hawkshot's active effect allows her to spot a sneaky gank attempt. Use Enchanted Crystal Arrow.png Enchanted Crystal Arrow to start a fight, or pick off an opponent with a cross-map snipe to end one.

Check out the video for tips, tricks, and sample runes and masteries for Ashe, an ADC with a chilly disposition.

Recommended Items

Summoner's Rift
Starting Doran's Blade item Health Potion item Warding Totem item
Early B. F. Sword item Zeal item Boots of Speed item
Essential Essence Reaver item Berserker's Greaves item Runaan's Hurricane item
Offensive Infinity Edge item Phantom Dancer item Lord Dominik's Regards item
Situational Mercurial Scimitar item The Bloodthirster item Guardian Angel item
Consumables Health Potion item Control Ward item Elixir of Wrath item
Twisted Treeline
Starting Doran's Blade item Boots of Speed item Health Potion item2
Early B. F. Sword item Zeal item Vampiric Scepter item
Essential Berserker's Greaves item Infinity Edge item Rapid Firecannon item
Offensive Phantom Dancer item The Bloodthirster item Runaan's Hurricane item
Situational Lord Dominik's Regards item Mortal Reminder item Banshee's Veil item
Consumables Health Potion item Elixir of Wrath item
Howling Abyss
Starting Guardian's Hammer item Boots of Speed item Health Potion item3
Essential Infinity Edge item Berserker's Greaves item Runaan's Hurricane item
Offensive Rapid Firecannon item Lord Dominik's Regards item Essence Reaver item
Defensive The Bloodthirster item Death's Dance item Mercurial Scimitar item
Consumables Oracle's Extract item Health Potion item Elixir of Wrath item Corrupting Potion item


Playing As Ashe Ashe
  • Try to fire Enchanted Crystal Arrow.png Enchanted Crystal Arrow in the same direction enemies are moving, so it is more likely to hit.
  • Volley.png Volley arrows are blocked by the first enemy they hit, so keep your distance to avoid having them all absorbed by enemy frontliners.
  • Hawkshot.png Hawkshot reveals units in brush. If a team fight is occurring in the jungle it can give you a significant advantage.
Playing Against Ashe Ashe
  • Ashe has very few defensive options, and she's a good target to gank.
  • Be wary of moving around the map alone if Ashe has not recently cast her Enchanted Crystal Arrow.png Enchanted Crystal Arrow.


Ability Usage
  • Frost Shot.png Frost Shot is good for sticking to enemies who try to get away. Autoattacking and using abilities refreshes the debuff.
  • Frost Shot.png Frost Shot makes last hitting easier. Since Ashe Ashe's autoattacks against enemies who are affected by her passive's slow deal bonus damage, it's much easier to land killing blows on minions.
    • Try autoattacking once when the minion is about less than half health, and once immediately after.
  • Ranger's Focus.png Ranger's Focus is a great ability to keep enemies from getting away. The bonus attack speed and flurry of autoattacks quickly and continuously refreshes Frost Shot.png Frost, making sticking to targets much easier.
  • Ranger's Focus.png Ranger's Focus can be used to push turrets quickly. This is even more deadly if there are minions around to help Ashe Ashe build up stacks of Ranger's Focus.png Focus.
    • Attacking turrets does not generate stacks, so Ashe Ashe will need to rely on nearby enemy minions for her to be able to cast Ranger's Focus.png Ranger's Focus nonstop.
  • Volley.png Volley is the safest and most reliable way to spread Frost Shot.png Frost to multiple targets.
  • Volley.png Volley can be used as a sort of autoattack reset. Firing it immediately after a basic attack will allow Ashe Ashe to fire off another attack faster than if she were to wait between attacks.
  • Hawkshot.png Hawkshot is a scouting tool that is much safer to use than wards, given that it has a global range and holds charges. It can be used to scout brush and the fog of war without having to overextend.
    • Cooldown reduction does not lower the time between Hawkshot.png Hawkshot casts, but it does affect the recharge time.
    • Be conservative of charges during the early levels.
  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow.png Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a global stun that can be used to save allies or yourself from a long distance, initiate teamfights, or execute enemy champions (although the damage is not very good). It is quite difficult to aim, however. The arrow also does not gain speed as it travels, unlike Super Mega Death Rocket!.png Super Mega Death Rocket!
    • When you are about to use Enchanted Crystal Arrow.png Enchanted Crystal Arrow, try to guess where your target will go and aim there, instead of aiming directly over where they are standing. Doing so increases the chances of landing a hit.
    • The closer you are to the enemy, the less effective Enchanted Crystal Arrow.png Enchanted Crystal Arrow is.
Mastery Usage
Item Usage
  • Since Ashe Ashe is a marksman, she benefits greatly from stacking attack damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance.
    • Building critical strike chance will not give Ashe Ashe's autoattacks a chance to crit. Instead, they buff her damage against targets affected by Frost Shot.png Frost.
  • Your starting item should either be a Doran's Blade item.png Doran's Blade or a Cull item.png Cull.
    • Doran's Blade item.png Doran's Blade is for early game durability, while Cull item.png Cull is for early gold advantage.
  • Boots of choice for Ashe Ashe is almost always Berserker's Greaves item.png Berserker's Greaves, as it grants a good amount of attack speed.
  • Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge is a core build because it not only increases Ashe Ashe's attack damage, but it also buffs the bonus damage against targets affected by Frost Shot.png Frost.
  • Rapid Firecannon item.png Rapid Firecannon is good for pushing down turrets faster, while Runaan's Hurricane item.png Runaan's Hurricane is good for applying Frost Shot.png Frost Shot to mulptiple enemies at once.
  • Depending on the enemy team's composition, Ashe Ashe can either build Lord Dominik's Regards item.png Lord Dominik's Regards or Mortal Reminder item.png Mortal Reminder. Lord Dominik's Regards item.png Lord Dominik's Regards is more useful against teams with tanks that stack a lot of health; if not, then Mortal Reminder item.png Mortal Reminder works just as well.
  • The Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster works well because of the high amount of lifesteal and the shield passive.
    • Death's Dance item.png Death's Dance is the alternative to this for the damage reduction, cooldown reduction, and bleed effect.
  • Defensive items include Mercurial Scimitar item.png Mercurial Scimitar for the cleanse active, Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil for the protection against enemy abilities, and Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel for the revive.
  • Ashe Ashe is a very squishy champion with very little mobility. Focus her down as quickly as possible.
  • Frost Shot.png Frost Shot is very dangerous, especially since the slow scales into the late game. Try as much as possible to avoid being hit by any of Ashe Ashe's autoattacks or abilities.
  • Ranger's Focus.png Ranger's Focus is a very strong pushing tool, and if Ashe Ashe is left unattended, she can take down turrets with almost no problems. However, using this ability requires her to stand still, similar to Kog'Maw Kog'Maw when he uses Bio-Arcane Barrage.png Bio-Arcane Barrage. Catch her as soon as possible and kill her before she can push.
  • There are spaces between the Volley.png Volley arrows. If it is not possible for you to escape the arrows, try to hide behind minions or duck into those spaces.
  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow.png Enchanted Crystal Arrow is deadly if you get caught in it, but it is quite easy to avoid. Do not walk in a straight path, as it gives Ashe Ashe a much easier time to land it. Instead, make erratic movement patterns to make it harder for her to predict where you'll go.
  • Since Ashe Ashe relies on autoattacks for most of her damage output, tanks who can build a Thornmail item.png Thornmail should itemize for it if possible.