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Upon Selection

  • AurelionSol Select

Upon Starting a Game

  • AurelionSol.start01
    "They call me a comet. They call me a dragon. They have no words for my true form."
  • AurelionSol.start02
    "Cower, worship, beg, they're all valid reactions."
  • AurelionSol.start03
    "In a constantly shifting cosmos, a world this static is... refreshing."
  • AurelionSol.start04
    "There simply are no other dragons like me."
  • AurelionSol.start05
    "The stars look very different today."
  • AurelionSol.start06
    "Hope. Wonder. Insignificance. Imagine what they'll feel when I complete the stars."


  • AurelionSol.attack01
    "Now we're playing with star fire!"
  • AurelionSol.attack02
    "My, how they stare."
  • AurelionSol.attack03
    "Let's end this on a high note!"
  • AurelionSol.attack04
    "None shall tread upon the stars."
  • AurelionSol.attack05
    "Never stand in the path of a star."
  • AurelionSol.attack06
    "Time to give them a show."
  • AurelionSol.attack07
    "It's beyond too late to seek cover."
  • AurelionSol.attack08
    "You will know your place."
  • AurelionSol.attack09
    "Impending doom - exciting, isn't it?"
  • AurelionSol.attack10
    "Congratulations, you have earned my contempt."
  • AurelionSol.attack11
    "Lighten up, destruction needn't be a maudlin affair."
  • AurelionSol.attack12
    "Suns never burn for the benefit of dust."
  • AurelionSol.attack13
    "Useless and intolerable. Charming."
  • AurelionSol.attack14
    "Plenty more to come."
  • AurelionSol.attack15
    "Defending yourself? Adorably futile."
  • AurelionSol.attack16
    "Tedious being."
  • AurelionSol.attack17
    "Boring me is dangerous."
  • AurelionSol.attack18
    "I never bite. Too uncouth."
  • AurelionSol.attack19
    "I'm going to throw a star at you now. Good luck."
  • AurelionSol.attack20
    "You are more useful as dust."
  • AurelionSol.attack21
    "Too bad."
  • AurelionSol.attack22
    "I tried to like you."
  • AurelionSol.attack23
    "Nothing a little star fire cannot fix."
  • AurelionSol.attack24
    "Be useful. Be stardust. I'll help."
  • AurelionSol.attack25
    "Why would I spare such mediocrity?"
  • AurelionSol.attack26
    "You are woefully underprepared."
  • AurelionSol.attack27
    "Bravery is absurd - but admirable."
  • AurelionSol.attack28
    "Live through this, and we'll chat."
  • AurelionSol.attack29
    "I'll indulge your foolhardy nature."
  • AurelionSol.attack30
    "Admire... then die."
  • AurelionSol.attack31
    "Oh, you will shine."
  • AurelionSol.attack32
    "Defenses? Laughable."
  • AurelionSol.attack33
    "Be brighter. I'll help."
  • AurelionSol.attack34
    "Think cosmic - like this!"
  • AurelionSol.attack35
    "Not everyone shines brightly enough!"
  • AurelionSol.attack36
    "Irritating cluster of particles."
  • AurelionSol.attack37
    "To atoms!"
  • AurelionSol.attack38
    "Return to dust."
  • AurelionSol.attack39
    "Smoulder, then implode!"
  • AurelionSol.attack40
    "They are merely dust."
  • AurelionSol.attack41
  • AurelionSol.attack42
  • AurelionSol.attack43
    "What a pity."
  • AurelionSol.attack44
    "Dragon's breath it is."
  • AurelionSol.attack45
    "Good find."
Upon Attacking the Dragon Dragon
  • AurelionSol.attackDragon01
    "Terrestrial dragons - a study of flawed constitutions."
  • AurelionSol.attackDragon02
    "Low dragon, unfitting of the name."
  • AurelionSol.attackDragon03
    "You call yourself a dragon? You're low-flame at best."
  • AurelionSol.attackDragon04
    "A dragon that still needs wings to fly? Keep trying, you'll get there."
  • AurelionSol.attackDragon05
    "I did mean to call you back, but stars needed forging."


  • AurelionSol.move01
    "This world holds the key to Targon's undoing."
  • AurelionSol.move02
    "Targon has used me as its weapon for far too long."
  • AurelionSol.move03
    "The heavens diminish without my attention."
  • AurelionSol.move04
    "I would burn the cosmos to catch Targon in the flames."
  • AurelionSol.move05
    "The depths of space crawl with terrible entities. Pray they ignore this world."
  • AurelionSol.move06
    "There are countless colors, but I suppose a single rainbow was a good start."
  • AurelionSol.move07
    "This sun is off its axis - it's been driving me crazy for eons now."
  • AurelionSol.move08
    "Planetary life... the insufferable byproduct of dim stars."
  • AurelionSol.move09
    "Targon's magic is crude, but potent."
  • AurelionSol.move10
    "Nothing kindles wonder like the beauty of stars."
  • AurelionSol.move11
    "Celestial dragons live and die by our own beautiful rules."
  • AurelionSol.move12
    "Love is as real a force as gravity. Try it once in a while."
  • AurelionSol.move13
    "Stars are not born, they are made... by me."
  • AurelionSol.move14
    "A star's birth is as violent as it is breathtaking."
  • AurelionSol.move15
    "I've waited millennia to watch Targon fall."
  • AurelionSol.move16
    "All beings are made of the same stardust."
  • AurelionSol.move17
    "With a few more basic elements I could really make this place shimmer."
  • AurelionSol.move18
    "The stars are not to thank for any good luck one may experience."
  • AurelionSol.move19
    "This sun could do with a new core."
  • AurelionSol.move20
    "Any relevant species has been knocked back into the Stone Age once or twice."
  • AurelionSol.move21
    "I wouldn't navigate by the stars. They are a work in progress."
  • AurelionSol.move22
    "Each star is one of my hearts."
  • AurelionSol.move23
    "My works are revered by worlds I have never even visited."
  • AurelionSol.move24
    "Wherever I am is the fashionable part of the universe. Even here."
  • AurelionSol.move25
    "Stars are wonder and love ignited."
  • AurelionSol.move26
    "I spark passion into star fire."
  • AurelionSol.move27
    "A star is so much more than a luminous sphere of wonder."
  • AurelionSol.move28
    "If you ask me, we have set the bar too low for sentience."
  • AurelionSol.move29
    "My home is in the cosmos, amongst my stars."
  • AurelionSol.move30
    "The stories they tell about me? They're probably true."
  • AurelionSol.move31
    "All terrestrial dragons are but pale imitations of my kind."
  • AurelionSol.move32
    "Perhaps there is more to this world than I thought - not much, but enough."
  • AurelionSol.move33
    "As Targon's influence wanes, mine grows."
  • AurelionSol.move34
    "Why does anyone wish upon a star?"
  • AurelionSol.move35
    "Stars never align for anyone - except me, of course."
  • AurelionSol.move36
    "Sometimes, the stars gaze back."
  • AurelionSol.move37
    "I kindled the furnaces of wonder."
  • AurelionSol.move38
    "Only when darkness overwhelms the heavens will Targon realise its folly."
  • AurelionSol.move39
    "My stars shine for all."
  • AurelionSol.move40
    "Targon will be the pyre from which I forge a new heaven."
  • AurelionSol.move41
    "I see a universe drained of light and heat, where not even a story will survive."
  • AurelionSol.move42
    "I grieve for every star never born."
  • AurelionSol.move43
    "Darkness is my only true enemy."
  • AurelionSol.move44
    "Whenever I think my work is complete, I end up back here, under this sun."
Upon Entering the Enemy Base
  • AurelionSol.moveEnemyBase01
    "May I enter? Just joking - star dragons don't need permission."


  • AurelionSol.taunt01
    "Your demise will be sung about for ages to come - only thanks to its proximity to me, of course."
  • AurelionSol.taunt02
    "Your survival is not impossible, only very... very... very unlikely."
  • AurelionSol.taunt03
    "I shall be the last thing you see. Lucky you."
  • AurelionSol.taunt04
    "Make a wish. See if the stars answer. I'll wait."
  • AurelionSol.taunt05
    "What is the definition of underwhelming? Oh, right! You."
  • AurelionSol.taunt06
    "I used to wander the stars. Now I'm stuck down here, with you."
  • AurelionSol.taunt07
    "On other worlds, there is emerging life more complex than you."
Taunting an Enemy Ahri Ahri
  • AurelionSol.tauntAhri01
    "You aspire to be human? Oh, darling, there are so many other variants on mediocrity!"
Taunting an Enemy Amumu Amumu
  • AurelionSol.tauntAmumu01
    "I am... overwhelmed by an emotion when you are not around. It is called... happiness."
Taunting an Enemy Annie Annie
  • AurelionSol.tauntAnnie01
    "Mages are infants grasping at the machinery behind reality. At least you have a plausible excuse."
Taunting an Enemy Azir Azir
  • AurelionSol.tauntAzir01
    "You Ascended certainly know how to pick an animal totem."
  • AurelionSol.tauntAzir02
    "Your immortality is but a grain of sand in time's vast desert."
Taunting an Enemy Bard Bard
  • AurelionSol.tauntBard01
    "Pick a dimension, Bard, you're confusing them!"
  • AurelionSol.tauntBard02
    "Were you born this flat, or did you work at it?"
Taunting an Enemy Caitlyn Caitlyn
  • AurelionSol.tauntCaitlyn01
    "The funnier the hat, the greater the prestige, right?"
Taunting an Enemy with a Celestial Skin
  • AurelionSol.tauntCelestial01
    "Runeterra. Am I right?"
Taunting an Enemy Diana Diana
  • AurelionSol.tauntDiana01
    "You and Leona embody the same light. Typical Targon redundancy."
  • AurelionSol.tauntDiana02
    "It is always a moon's role to envy the stars."
Taunting an Enemy with a Dragon Slayer Skin
  • AurelionSol.tauntDragonSlayer01
    "You're out of your league."
Taunting an Enemy TristanaSquare.png Dragon Trainer Tristana [S|L]
  • AurelionSol.tauntDragonTrainerTristana01
    "Oh, come on, have a little self-respect!"
Taunting an Enemy Draven Draven
  • AurelionSol.tauntDraven01
    "You would make an interesting dragon."
Taunting an Enemy DariusSquare.png Dunkmaster Darius [S|L]
  • AurelionSol.tauntDunkmasterDarius01
    "If dunking is the apex of this primitive sport, then I am the queen of space."
Taunting an Enemy Ekko Ekko
  • AurelionSol.tauntEkko01
    "Made a mistake? Better rewind and repeat until you achieve mediocrity."
Taunting an Enemy Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks
  • AurelionSol.tauntFiddlesticks01
    "Fear? Generic."
Taunting an Enemy Garen Garen
  • AurelionSol.tauntGaren01
    "Idealism? Hilariously outdated."
Taunting an Enemy Gnar Gnar
  • AurelionSol.tauntGnar01
    "Rage? Cute."
Taunting an Enemy Graves Graves
  • AurelionSol.tauntGraves01
    "Gunpowder and metal sticks. Enchanting."
Taunting an Enemy Human
  • AurelionSol.tauntHuman01
    "Ah, mankind. Ever fumbling from one brink of cataclysm to the next."
  • AurelionSol.tauntHuman02
    "Humanity, surprisingly adept in the art of wrestling survival from the clutches of extinction."
  • AurelionSol.tauntHuman03
    "As far as fauna goes, humans strike a firm... middle."
Taunting an Enemy Illaoi Illaoi
  • AurelionSol.tauntIllaoi02
    "I've seen the main act. You're only a third-rate cover band."
  • AurelionSol.tauntIllaoi01
    "You do not understand your god, Illaoi."
Taunting an Enemy Jhin Jhin
  • AurelionSol.tauntJhin
    "Imagine what you could do with a larger canvas."
Taunting an Enemy Jinx Jinx
  • AurelionSol.tauntJinx01
    "Life is short, go crazy once in a while, I get it."
Taunting an Enemy Leona Leona
  • AurelionSol.tauntLeona01
    "The sun? This sun? Oh, darling."
  • AurelionSol.tauntLeona02
    "You and Diana embody the same light. Typical Targon redundancy."
Taunting an Enemy Lux Lux
  • AurelionSol.tauntLux01
    "All dazzle, no brilliance."
Taunting an Enemy Malphite Malphite
  • AurelionSol.tauntMalphite01
    "There is a saying on this planet - "Dumb as a rock". It's not a compliment."
Taunting an Enemy Miss Fortune Miss Fortune
  • AurelionSol.tauntMissFortune01
    "You are going to kill me? Dressed like that?"
Taunting an Enemy Nasus Nasus
  • AurelionSol.tauntNasus01
    "Bravo, Nasus, you've ascended yourself into a dog! Now fetch me something more interesting."
  • AurelionSol.tauntNasus02
    "I could teach an old dog millions of new tricks, but I simply don't like you, Nasus."
Taunting an Enemy Pantheon Pantheon
  • AurelionSol.tauntPantheon01
    "Your fate was sealed the moment you picked up Targon's spear."
Taunting an Enemy Rammus Rammus
  • AurelionSol.tauntRammus01
    "Are you burdened by your own monotony? Because I am."
Taunting an Enemy Renekton Renekton
  • AurelionSol.tauntRenekton01
    "That whole practice of Ascension is adorably amusing, like a kitten trying to walk upright."
Taunting an Enemy Ryze Ryze
  • AurelionSol.tauntRyze01
    "Ah, Ryze, I see you've brought paper to take notes."
  • AurelionSol.tauntRyze02
    "True magic is beyond language. Writing merely butchers the intent."
  • AurelionSol.tauntRyze03
    "Magic tattoos? Where did you get those, magic prison?... oh."
Taunting an Enemy Shyvana Shyvana
  • AurelionSol.tauntShyvana01
    "Almost interesting. Almost."
  • AurelionSol.tauntShyvana02
    "A dragon's loyalty is a priceless gift. Do not waste it in the service of fools."
  • AurelionSol.tauntShyvana03
    "Medium flame, and that is me being generous."
  • AurelionSol.tauntShyvana04
    "Unfitting of the draconic lineage."
Taunting an Enemy Soraka Soraka
  • AurelionSol.tauntSoraka01
    "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, do you wonder what you are?"
Taunting an Enemy Tahm Kench Tahm Kench
  • AurelionSol.tauntTahmKench01
    "The heavens drag on endlessly... much like a conversation with you."
Taunting an Enemy Targonian
  • AurelionSol.tauntTargon01
    "The Aspect of Targon? Sparks masquerading as lightning."
  • AurelionSol.tauntTargon02
    "I will cauterize Targon with star fire."
Taunting an Enemy Taric Taric
  • AurelionSol.tauntTaric01
    "You're an Aspect? Let me guess - tackiness."
Taunting an Enemy Tryndamere Tryndamere
  • AurelionSol.tauntTryndamere01
    "Galaxies exist by my will - but, yes, that is certainly an impressive sword."
Taunting an Enemy Vi Vi
  • AurelionSol.tauntVi01
    "Hm. Punching?"
  • AurelionSol.tauntVi02
    "You are going to punch a star dragon. Good luck with that."
Taunting an Enemy Vladimir Vladimir
  • AurelionSol.tauntVladimir01
    "Blood magic? How tragically primitive."
Taunting an Enemy Zac Zac
  • AurelionSol.tauntZac01
    "I empathize with your life as a weapon, but have a little backbone."
Taunting an Enemy Zilean Zilean
  • AurelionSol.tauntZilean01
    "You bend time the way a child folds origami - cute, but nothing special."


  • AurelionSol.joke01
    "Few can impress me. That is a compliment."
  • AurelionSol.joke02
    "Which star is your favorite? I made that one."
  • AurelionSol.joke03
    "I made the stars... but you inspire me to make more."
  • AurelionSol.joke04
    "First you start with some matter, then add star fire and voila! It basically does the rest itself."
  • AurelionSol.joke05
    "Runeterra? I mean the name of this world literally means 'magic earth'."
  • AurelionSol.joke06
    "I made the stars to illuminate the perpetual nothing, and mortals use them for... relationship advice."
  • AurelionSol.joke07
    "A sun is unimaginable celestial power - and thrilled mortals use theirs to coordinate this 'lunch time'."
  • AurelionSol.joke08
    "I make entropy look good."
  • AurelionSol.joke09
    "Of course I love Runeterra! You have buildings and... more buildings."


  • AurelionSol.dance01
    "Hello, Runeterra! Are you ready to rock?"
  • AurelionSol.dance02
    "Let's dance!"
  • AurelionSol.dance03
    "Join me in the dance cosmic!"


  • AurelionSol.laugh01
    Aurelion Sol laughs.
  • AurelionSol.laugh02
    Aurelion Sol laughs.
  • AurelionSol.laugh03
    Aurelion Sol laughs.
  • AurelionSol.laugh04
    Aurelion Sol laughs.

When Hitting an Enemy Champion with a Center of the Universe.png Star

  • AurelionSol.spellI1
  • AurelionSol.spellI2
  • AurelionSol.spellI3
Upon Killing an Enemy Champion with a Center of the Universe.png Star
  • AurelionSol.spellIkill01
  • AurelionSol.spellIkill02
    "Wrong orbit. Wrong time."
  • AurelionSol.spellIkill03
    "The stars weep for you. Just kidding - I already forgot your name."
  • AurelionSol.spellIkill04
    "My wish upon a star came true."
Upon Killing Multiple Enemy Champions with a Center of the Universe.png Star
  • AurelionSol.spellImultikill01
    "Nice job, just standing there."
  • AurelionSol.spellImultikill02
    "Stars are best viewed from a distance."
  • AurelionSol.spellImultikill03
    "The stars were not in their favor."
  • AurelionSol.spellImultikill04
    "I guess their fate was written in the stars."

Upon Casting Starsurge.png Starsurge

  • AurelionSol.spellQ1
  • AurelionSol.spellQ2
    "Pure star fire!"
  • AurelionSol.spellQ3
    "Time to gather the necessary matter!"
  • AurelionSol.spellQ4
    "Feels good to make things again!"
  • AurelionSol.spellQ5
    "Aim... and ignite!"
  • AurelionSol.spellQ6
    "Anyone want some stardust?"
  • AurelionSol.spellQ7
    "A little dim - but it still works."
  • AurelionSol.spellQ8
    "Beautiful - such a shame."
  • AurelionSol.spellQ9
    "This will be quite the deadly spectacle."
  • AurelionSol.spellQ10
    "And I'm barely trying!"

Upon Casting Celestial Expansion.png Celestial Expansion

  • AurelionSol.spellW1
    "Expanding my horizons."
  • AurelionSol.spellW2
  • AurelionSol.spellW3
    "Time for a great expansion."
  • AurelionSol.spellW4
    "My sphere of influence grows."

Upon Buying an Item

  • AurelionSol.item01
    "Put it on my tab. The name's Pantheon, with a P."
  • AurelionSol.item02
    "Put it on Mount Targon's tab."
  • AurelionSol.item03
    "Pay? Do you know who I am?"
  • AurelionSol.item04
    "Just... my... style."
  • AurelionSol.item05
    "Fine, take your gold."
  • AurelionSol.item06
    "Money? How barbaric."
Upon Buying Sorcerer&#039;s Shoes item.png Sorcerer's Shoes
  • AurelionSol.itemBootsAdvanced01
    "I tend to burn through footwear."
  • AurelionSol.itemBootsAdvanced02
    "My feet rarely touch the ground."
Upon Buying Rod of Ages item.png Rod of Ages
  • AurelionSol.itemRodofAges01
    "Some things are simply better with age."
  • AurelionSol.itemRodofAges02
    "Ages? This thing has been around for centuries, tops."
  • AurelionSol.itemRodofAges03
    "It's been around for ages? So... almost new."
  • AurelionSol.itemRodofAges04
    "All things appreciate in value over time."
Upon Buying Rabadon&#039;s Deathcap item.png Rabadon's Deathcap
  • AurelionSol.itemRabadonsDeathcap01
    "Hats are always fashionable."
  • AurelionSol.itemRabadonsDeathcap02
    "As long as it's set at a jaunty angle I'm in."
Upon Buying Orb of Winter item.png Guardian's Orb
  • AurelionSol.itemOrbofWinter01
    "A snow globe? Perfect for my collect - to destroy you. Destroy you!"
Upon Buying Rylai&#039;s Crystal Scepter item.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter
  • AurelionSol.itemRylaisCrystalScepter03
    "Shiny - but it's no star."
  • AurelionSol.itemRylaisCrystalScepter01
    "Time to slow things down a bit."
  • AurelionSol.itemRylaisCrystalScepter02
    "A bit gaudy for my tastes but exceedingly useful."
Upon Buying Liandry&#039;s Torment item.png Liandry's Torment
  • AurelionSol.itemLiandrysTorment01
    "Liandry's Torment - my benefit."
  • AurelionSol.itemLiandrysTorment02
    "Perfect for the bimillenial celestial masquerade ball."
  • AurelionSol.itemLiandrysTorment03
    "If Bard and Kindred can pull off wearing a mask, so can I."
Upon Buying Luden&#039;s Echo item.png Luden's Echo
  • AurelionSol.itemLudensEcho01
    "There are no echoes where I'm from."
  • AurelionSol.itemLudensEcho02
    "But a shadow of sound."
  • AurelionSol.itemLudensEcho03
    "So many magics staves."

Upon an Enemy Turret Dropping Below 30% Health

  • AurelionSol.tower01
    "All towers fall - it's just what they do when I'm around."
  • AurelionSol.tower02
    "Nothing they build can endure like the celestial firmament."
  • AurelionSol.tower03
    "Towers tend to crumble when I am in the vicinity."
  • AurelionSol.tower04
    "Topple, like all things crafted by mortals."
  • AurelionSol.tower05
    "The architects of these towers misunderstand object permanence."
Upon Destroying Multiple Turrets
  • AurelionSol.towerKill01
    "How many must I knock down before they learn?"

Upon Scoring First Blood

  • AurelionSol.firstblood01
    "You may look forward to more of this."
Upon Scoring an Ace
  • AurelionSol.ace01
    "Never stop when you're on a roll."
  • AurelionSol.ace02
    "I shall inscribe this moment in the stars."
Upon Scoring a Pentakill
  • AurelionSol.pentakill01
    "That ought to keep them talking for the next century or so."
  • AurelionSol.pentakill02
    "Cosmic dragon; five. Everyone else; zero. Please, take notes."
  • AurelionSol.pentakill03
    "Well, that was easy."
Upon Scoring a Second Pentakill
  • AurelionSol.pentakill04
    "Another mass extinction. So soon?"

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • AurelionSol.recall01
    "Always leave them begging for more."
  • AurelionSol.recall02
    "Don't miss me too much."
  • AurelionSol.recall03
    "I've seen enough."
  • AurelionSol.recall04
    "Always know when to make an entrance - and an exit."

Upon Death

  • AurelionSol.death01
    "Alas, I am simply too beautiful for this world."
  • AurelionSol.death02
    "Never said I was infallible."
  • AurelionSol.death03
    "Left an exquisite corpse."
  • AurelionSol.death04
    "The brightest stars shine on long after they're gone."
Upon Being Killed by an Enemy Shyvana Shyvana
  • AurelionSol.deathShyvana01
    "Darling, you have but set my hearts free."
Upon Being Shut Down
  • AurelionSol.shutdown01
    "With a lifespan as comically brief as yours, I suppose I can allow you to taste triumph at least once."
  • AurelionSol.shutdown02
    "Ah, the joys of lesser organisms rising up to slay their betters! If only they were aware of the impermanence of being... or the permanence of me."

Upon Respawning

  • AurelionSol.respawn01
    "Stars never fall."
  • AurelionSol.respawn02
    "Because I am a star dragon. That's why."
  • AurelionSol.respawn03
    "It's not a comeback if one was never truly gone."
  • AurelionSol.respawn04
    "Hello again. Let's have some fun."
  • AurelionSol.respawn05
    "Energy never dies."


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