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Quinn Quinn and the auto-targeting of Harrier.png Harrier.

Auto-targeting is a targeting paradigm for abilities that does not require any targeting input from the user upon activation; instead, they, as their name suggests, automatically select one or more valid targets in range or a valid area of effect when they are activated.

Point blank autotargeted abilities that do not affect the user such as Death Lotus.png Death Lotus are distinct from the typical point blank area of effect spell in that they cannot be cast while no valid targets are in range.

There are three subcategories for autotargeting: full autotargeting uses the targeting type exclusively and requires no direct input from the user whatsoever, semi-autotargeting requires an initial input upon cast but a portion of the ability will autotarget itself afterwards using the selected area or enemy as an anchor, and self-targeting is its own category due to its prevalence as a special case of auto-targeting.

Champion Abilities

Fully Autotargeted





Full Autotargeted

Semi Autotargeted

Summoner Spells

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