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Mana N/A Armor N/A
Mana regen. N/A Magic res. N/A
Range N/A Mov. speed N/A
Averdrian was rumored to be a new champion of the League of Legends. It was thought that he was reworked into Heimerdinger Heimerdinger, however, Coronach (Associate Game Designer) stated: "To fuel more speculation, Heimerdinger Heimerdinger is not Averdrian and Nidalee Nidalee is not the Spider Queen." [1]

His head artwork was used as the head artwork for Malzahar Malzahar on the test realm before his release.

On the 2010 Harrowing map, a coffin containing him (along with the Plant King and The Voodoo Shaman) can be seen. This could be interpreted as the "nail-in-the-coffin" confirming his cancellation.

"Nocturne", the Lead Effects Artist, had Averdrian as his avatar in the forums and was trying to make Averdrian a champion. (In his words (second post) "I'm trying SO hard to make Averdrian a reality. If they close the door on him I will change my avatar."). In July 2011, he finally changed his avatar to the skin NocturneSquare.png Ravager Nocturne, meaning that Averdrian was finally cancelled.


Images extracted from the game files.



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