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Banner of Command is a mythical item in League of Legends.[1] 


Banner of Command item
Banner of Command
2900 Gold (500 Gold)
Aegis of the Legion item
1500 Gold (400 Gold)
Crystalline Bracer item
650 Gold (100 Gold)
Fiendish Codex item
900 Gold (465 Gold)

Cost Analysis*

Base Statistical Value

Statistical Value per Passive Charge

Total Gold Value to Wielder = 3035 Gold

Gold Efficiency*

  • Banner of Command item.png Banner of Command's base stats are 95.34% gold efficient without the active effect and aura. While the aura is affecting the wielder and no one else, the item is 104.66% gold efficient.
  • The aura has a value of 270 Gold for every allied champion it affects (including the wielder), giving it a maximum value of 1350 Gold when the entire team is affected and raising the item's gold efficiency to 141.9%.

Similar Items

Promote Effects

Promoted castor minion

A promoted caster minion, along with 2 normal caster minions for comparison.

Upon casting on any of the possible Minions, the selected one gains a permanent Black Shield which grants total immunity to magic damage (similar to Morgana Morgana's ability) and Tower Shield (reduced turret damage). All gold gained by the minion goes to the champion who promoted it. Turrets prioritize minions that have been promoted over other minions.

Super minions cannot be promoted.


  • Melee minion has the most dps of the three and is best used as support for last hitting. Due to the heavy DPS it offers, Melee Minion can easily chunk down the minions health to safely last hit.
  • Caster minion] having the most range of the three and is best used to offer more aggro damage if the enemy attacks its ally. Despite being the squishiest and having the lowest DPS, the 600 range the Caster minion offers easily allows it to damage the enemy champions easier and safer.
  • Siege minion] being the tankiest of them all is best used as a self-pushing minion. Due to the difficulty of destroying the Siege minion and the heavy attack damage it brings, it can potentially net last hits without even thinking about it as well and last a long time causing it to inevitably reach the enemy turret if left unhindered.


Patch history


  • Now tracks the gold earned in the tooltip.


  • Total cost increased to 2900 Gold from 2750 Gold.


  • Cost reduced to 2750 Gold from 3000 Gold.
  • Now grants 100% health regeneration.
  • Aura magic resist reduced to 15 from 20.
  • Aura health regeneration removed.


  • Indicator showed 700 range when actually was 1000.
  • Range increased to 1200 from 1000.


  • New recipe: Aegis of the Legion item.png Aegis of the Legion + Fiendish Codex item.png Fiendish Codex + 280 Gold = 3000 Gold
  • Stats: +60 ability power, +10% cooldown reduction, +200 health, +20 magic resistance
    • Old stats: +80 ability power, +20% cooldown reduction
  • No longer grants Valor.
  • Unique Passive – Legion: Grants nearby allies 20 magic resistance and +75% base health regeneration.
  • Legion aura applies to all types of ally units (applies to only champions previously)
  • Promote:
    • Cooldown reduced to 120 seconds from 180.
    • Caster minions and melee minions are now valid targets.
    • Promoted minion gains Black Shield: This unit is immune to magic damage.
    • Promoted minion gains significantly improved stats:
      • Caster: +75 attack damage, +30% attack speed, +40 armor, +40 magic resistance, +400 maximum health and increased size.
      • Melee: +50 attack damage, +90% attack speed, +40 armor, +40 magic resistance, +600 maximum health and increased size.
      • Cannon: +100 attack damage, +100 armor, +100 magic resistance, +600 maximum health and increased size.


  • Fixed a bug where Annie Annie's Tibbers.png Tibbers wasn't gaining increased damage from Banner of Command.


  • Recipe changed: Fiendish Codex item.png Fiendish Codex + Blasting Wand item.png Blasting Wand + 720 Gold = 2400 Gold
    • Total cost increased to 2400 Gold from 2360 Gold.
  • Ability power increased to 80 from 40.
  • Cooldown reduction increased to 20% from 10%.
  • Armor removed.
  • Unique Aura – Valor no longer grants health regeneration to nearby allies.



  • Ability power reduced to 40 from 50.
  • Now grants 10% cooldown reduction.

V1.0.0.152: Added

  • Recipe: Blasting Wand item.png Blasting Wand + Emblem of Valor item.png Emblem of Valor + 890 Gold = 2400 Gold
  • Stats: +50 ability power, +30 armor
  • Unique Aura – Valor: Nearby allies gain 10 Health Regen per 5 seconds and nearby allied minions deal 15% increased damage.
  • Unique Active – Promote: Transforms a nearby siege minion to a more powerful unit. You gain all the gold this unit earns - 180 second cooldown.


  1. Itemlist on leagueoflegends.com

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