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Base Gate

Base Gates are a terrain feature found on Summoner's Rift that act as team-specific access to a base. Two such gates exist per team, located between the base entrances to the top and middle lanes and between the entrances to the middle and bottom lanes.

Champions of the respective base a gate is part of may pass through the gates unaided in either direction. Enemy gates are impassable and for the most part are treated as impassable terrain. Sight, however, does not carry through a gate regardless of team alignment.

Base Gate locations


  • These abilities will only activate their terrain effects if the target is unable to access the gate. If this is not fulfilled, then they will simply be pushed through the gate to no unique effect.
  • Nautilus Nautilus' Dredge Line.png Dredge Line will trigger its terrain effect only if Nautilus stands a moderate distance away from the gate. When cast in close proximity, the projectile will otherwise pass through the gate to no unique effect.
  • Skarner Skarner's Impale.png Impale cannot be used to force a champion inside a base gate they do not own, but can be pulled through it if Skarner walks through the gate to the other side, provided there is enough space for the champion to be located.

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