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Big Golem
Gold 55 (+0.76.. / level)
Experience 140

1200 (+? / level) Summoner's Rift

850 (+?/ level) Twisted Treeline
Attack damage

54 ({+? / level) Summoner's Rift

60 (+? / level) Twisted Treeline
Attack speed 0.613/sec
Critical strike chance 0%
Range 150
Armor 12
Magic resistance


0 Twisted Treeline
Movement speed

350 Summoner's Rift

300 Twisted Treeline
Spawn time 2:05
Respawn time 1:00 / 1:15

A Big Golem is a neutral monster in League of Legends described as "A slow attacking monster that deals large amounts of damage and has a large amount of health". It gives much more gold than the lesser.

It can be found with one GolemSquare.png Golem  on both Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline.


Golem camp location in Summoner's Rift.

BigGolemLocation - TwistedTreeline

Golem camp location in Twisted Treeline

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