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A Big Golem is a neutral monster in League of Legends.

It can be found with one Golem Golem  on Twisted Treeline.

Smite Bonus

UsingSmite.png Smite uponBig Golem Big Golem will grant you Gift of Heavy Hands.png Gift of Heavy Hands for 90 seconds, causing every 6th basic attack to stun minions and monsters. Additionally, you can attack a tower to expend the buff early - dealing a large amount of bonus true damage (65 + 15 x level). This bonus can only be claimed once per spawn, and only by smiting the Big Golem - Smite cannot be used on the small Golem.

  • The stun is primed on your first attack after obtaining the buff.
  • Attacks against champions will not increase the stacks.
  • Attacks against champions while the stun is primed will not reset the counter.

The Big Golem gives off blue bubbles if the smite bonus is available. Once the bonus is harvested, the effect disappears until the Big Golem respawns. This is only visible to champions withSmite.png Smite.

The duration of this bonus is unaffected by Runic Affinity.


It could be found with one Golem Golem on Summoner's Rift. On Summoner's Rift they had -10 magic resist.

The Big Golem was replaced by the Ancient Krug Ancient Krug on Summoner's Rift on patch V4.20.

Patch History


  • Health on spawn: 1240 from 1440
  • Damage on spawn: 70 from 73


  • Health increased to 1250 from 850


  • Attack Damage increased to 60 from 59
  • Experience reduced to 140 from 160


  • Spawn time increased to 2:05 from 1:55
  • Base experience granted increased to 160 from 137


  • Initial spawn time increased to 1:55 from 1:40
  • Respawn time reduced to 50 seconds from 60

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