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Blade of the Ruined King
Blade of the Ruined King
Tier Mythical

+25 attack damage
+15% life steal

+40% attack speed
Passive Unique: Your attacks deal 5% of the target's current health in physical damage (60 max vs minions and monsters).
Active Unique: Drains target champion, dealing 15% of the champion's maximum Health in physical damage (min. 100) and healing you for the damage dealt. Additionally you steal 30% of their movement speed for 3 seconds - 90 second cooldown. (450 range)

Attack > Attack Damage
Attack > Attack Speed

Attack > Life Steal
Item cost 3200g (1000g)
Sell value 1995g
Item Code 3153

Blade of the Ruined King is a mythical item in League of Legends.[1]


Blade of the Ruined King item
Blade of the Ruined King
3200 gold (1000 gold)
Bilgewater Cutlass item
1400 gold (240 gold)
Long Sword item
360 gold
Vampiric Scepter item
800 gold (440 gold)
Long Sword item
360 gold
Dagger item
400 gold
Dagger item
400 gold

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency

  • The base stats are 90.4% gold efficient.
  • For the item to be considered 100% gold efficient, the passive and active would need to have a combined gold value of 307g.

Similar Items


  • Champions who are highly dependent on basic attacks ( Kog'Maw,  Jax,  Teemo,  Tristana, etc.) build this item due to the attack speed, lifesteal, moderate amount of attack damage, and the passive that helps boost their autoattacks. Champions with an attack speed steroids like  Graves,  Lee Sin, or  Nocturne can synergize well with Blade of the Ruined King, making better use of the passive.
  • Blade of the Ruined King is a great item choice for practically any autoattacking champion that does percent health damage like  Kog'Maw and  Vayne. It may even be considered for champions that deal percent health damage with an ability like  Lee Sin or  Nasus.
  • AD bruisers and assassins often build this item ( Talon Pantheon Vi Zed Kha'Zix, etc.) because its active allows them to effectively chase important targets and deal a reasonable amount of damage.


  • The passive on-hit damage can not crit as the bonus damage from the passive is not added onto your auto attack, but considered as bonus on hit effect damage.
  • The heal from the active effect will not be equal to 15% of the target's health which is calculated after considering damage mitigation effects.
  • Randuin's Omen is a strong counter to Blade of the Ruined King, as it provides armor, health, an attack speed slow and a movement speed slow; and the two actives mostly mitigate each other.
  • Disregarding the active ability and attack speed, to exceed damage gained by a fully stacked  The Bloodthirster on a target, the target must have at least (100-25)/(0.05) = 1500 health. To deal more average damage to a target than a  The Bloodthirster from full to no health, the target must have over 3000 health.
  • Although Hextech Gunblade and Blade of the Ruined King both have a Bilgewater Cutlass in their recipe, their item actives are considered distinct from one another and will not put each other on cooldown, leading to a considerable degree of slowing if they are used in tandem.


Patch history

  • Range reduced to 450 (from 550)
  • Active cooldown increased to 90 (from 60)
  • Now allowed on Crystal Scar map (previously was not available)


  • Active haste/slow duration reduced to 3 seconds from 4.


  • Attack damage reduced to 25 from 30.
  • Combine cost increased to 1000g from 650g.
  • Total cost increased to 3200g from 2850g.
  • Maximum damage dealt to minions and monsters reduced to 60 from 90.
  • Active heal amount is now reduced by the target's armor.


  • Recipe changed: Dagger + Dagger + Bilgewater Cutlass + 650g = 2850g
  • Attack damage reduced to 30 from 45.
  • Now grants 40% attack speed.
  • Life steal increased to 15% from 10%.
  • Unique Passive adjusted to "Deals 5% of the target's current Health in bonus physical damage (max 90 damage vs. monsters and minions) on hit.".
  • Unique Active changed to "Deals 15% of target champion's maximum Health as physical damage (min. 100), heals for the same amount, and steals 30% of the target's Movement Speed for 4 seconds (60 second cooldown)."
  • Unique Active range increased to 500 from 400.


  • Attack damage increased to 45 from 40.
  • Current health damage increased to 5% from 4%.


  • Cost increased to 2900g from 2825g.
  • Combine cost reduced to 975g from 1000g.
  • Damage type changed to physical from magical.

V1.0.0.150: Added

  • Recipe: Bilgewater Cutlass + 1000g = 2825g
  • +40 attack damage
  • +10% life steal
  • Unique Passive: Your attacks deal 4% of the target's current health in magic damage and heals you for half the amount (120 max vs. minions).
  • Unique Active: Drains target champion, dealing 150 physical damage plus 50% of your attack damage and healing you by the same amount. Additionally, you steal 30% of their movement speed for 2 seconds (1 minute cooldown). (500 range)


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