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Blitzcrank Champion Spotlight06:42

Blitzcrank Champion Spotlight

Recommended Items

Summoner's Rift
Starting Relic Shield item Health Potion item3 Warding Totem item
Early Sightstone item Boots of Speed item Targon's Brace item
Essential Ruby Sightstone item Boots of Mobility item Face of the Mountain item
Offensive Iceborn Gauntlet item Righteous Glory item Abyssal Mask item
Defensive Frozen Heart item Knight's Vow item Gargoyle Stoneplate item
Consumables Health Potion item Control Ward item Elixir of Iron item
Twisted Treeline
Starting Tear of the Goddess item Health Potion item2
Essential Manamune item Frozen Heart item Mercury's Treads item
Offensive Abyssal Mask item Trinity Force item
Defensive Banshee's Veil item Dead Man's Plate item
Consumables Health Potion item Elixir of Iron item
Howling Abyss
Starting Guardian's Horn item Boots of Speed item Health Potion item3
Essential Iceborn Gauntlet item Locket of the Iron Solari item Ionian Boots of Lucidity item
Offensive Rabadon's Deathcap item Void Staff item Abyssal Mask item
Defensive Banshee's Veil item Dead Man's Plate item
Consumables Oracle's Extract item Health Potion item Elixir of Sorcery item


Playing As BlitzcrankSquare Blitzcrank
  • The 1-2-3 combo of Rocket Grab Rocket Grab, Power Fist Power Fist, and Static Field Static Field can devastate an individual opponent.
  • Using Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab grab to pull an enemy into your tower range followed by a Power Fist Power Fist will allow the tower to get several hits on them.
Playing Against BlitzcrankSquare Blitzcrank
  • Blitzcrank's passive Mana Barrier Mana Barrier grants him a shield when he is low on health.
  • Staying behind creeps can prevent you from being Rocket Grab Rocket Grabbed. Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab Rocket Grab only pulls the first enemy target it encounters.


Ability Usage
  • BlitzcrankSquare Blitzcrank is a utility based champion who picks off enemies with his Rocket Grab Rocket Grab and locks them down for an easy kill. He is usually played as a bot lane support due to his utility although he is sometimes played top lane.
    • Since Blitzcrank was designed to be a top laner, his damage is noticeably higher than most supports. This leads to a very offensive playstyle which focuses on killing the enemy bot lane and snowballing the lane from there.
  • Mana Barrier Mana Barrier grants Blitzcrank a shield based on his remaining mana when he drops below 20% of his health
    • Mana Barrier gives Blitzcrank some tankiness and a decent safety net against damage. When it is up, don't be afraid to do something risky especially early on when enemies will have difficulty breaking the shield.
    • The shield scales off your current mana so don't spam your spells too much or your shield will be tiny and unlikely to save you from trouble.
  • Rocket Grab Rocket Grab is an offensive ability where Blitzcrank fires his RIGHT hand in a target direction dealing magic damage and pulling the first enemy hit to him.
    • Don't spam Rocket Grab Rocket Grab at early levels as it has a steep mana cost of 100 mana, while your maximum mana at level 1 is around 300.
    • Sometimes, it may be better to hold on to Rocket Grab rather than using it as simply having it available creates a lot of pressure. When it is on cooldown, Blitzcrank loses a lot of his threatening presence.
      • Use bushes to further increase the amount of pressure you generate.
    • Rocket Grab makes Blitzcrank a great champion for an early invade. It can be used to easily catch people in the narrow pathways of the jungle or to steal camps from the enemy jungler.
  • Overdrive Overdrive grants Blitzcrank bonus attack speed and decaying movement speed for 5 seconds. it also slows Blitz after the effect wears off.
    • Use Overdrive to run up to enemies to make landing Rocket Grab easier.
    • As with any speed boost, Overdrive can also be used for running away. Just be wary of the self-slow at the end of the ability as that may hamper your escape somewhat.
    • Overdrive helps greatly for taking objectives due to its significant attack speed boost.
  • Power Fist Power Fist causes Blitzcrank's next attack to deal bonus physical damage and knock up his target.
    • Power Fist resets Blitzcrank's auto attack timer so use it right after a normal attack to get 2 attacks in quick succession.
    • Rocket Grab into Power Fist is Blitzcrank's standard combo. Power Fist should be activated just before Rocket Grab is fired to ensure that enemies don't dash away after the hook ends.
    • The bonus damage from Power Fist also affects structures so use it to take them down faster.
    • Using Overdrive to run up to enemies and Power Fisting them to initiate a fight is a good tactic if you are not confident at landing grabs. You can then follow up with a guaranteed Rocket Grab while they are knocked up or as they attempt to escape.
      • This tactic is much easier to react to than a sudden Rocket Grab. Take note of enemy crowd control and utilise bushes to make it safer for you to perform this combo.
  • Static Field Static Field is Blitzcrank's ultimate. Passively, lightning bolts will strike nearby enemies, dealing magic damage. When activated, Blitzcrank deals magic damage in a large radius around him and briefly silences enemies hit. This deactivates the passive until the ability comes off cooldown.
    • Use Static Field after your standard combo to silence them and prevent their escape. Alternatively, use Static Field first to silence enemies so they can't use abilities to dodge your grab. This can also clear any minions in the way of your target to make sure they don't block your hook.
    • Static Field's passive is inactive when out of combat which means you can safely walk through the jungle without randomly damaging monsters and causing them to attack you.
      • Static Field's passive can be an annoyance at times while supporting as it can unintentionally mess up or even steal your partner's farm. It also strikes enemies even if you are in a bush which may lead it to compromise your position and ruin the element of surprise.
        • These issues only occur if you were in combat recently so it won't be too much of a problem if you manage your combat status.
    • Since Static Field's passive hits the nearest enemy who hasn't already been hit before, a clever trick is to rank up the ability as you grab an opponent so your target is immediately hit by the passive after they are pulled. This trick only works for the first time you level up the ability.
    • In a 1v1 scenario with no minions or monsters around, it may be beneficial to let Static Field's passive hit your opponent rather than activating the ability as the passive damage will surpass the active's damage after around 3 strikes.
      • In short, only use the active if you need the burst damage or the silence.
Runes Usage
Item Usage
  • Try to stand among the minion wave as Blitzcrank can't pull through minions. Watch out for low health minions, Blitzcrank may try to pull right after the minion dies for a sneaky hook.
  • Rocket Grab has a fairly high cooldown early. Without it, Blitzcrank is very vulnerable to harassment as he lacks a way to get targets close to him to unload his combo.
  • Blitzcrank is very dependent on mana; if he is low on it, Mana Barrier Mana Barrier will be insignificant and he won't be able to cast his extremely costly spells.
  • In Draft Mode, pick tanky supports like AlistarSquare Alistar and LeonaSquare Leona into Blitzcrank as they benefit greatly from the free engage provided by Rocket Grab Rocket Grab. These supports are also less likely to die if pulled which helps prevent the snowball. For other roles, champions like AmumuSquare Amumu and GalioSquare Galio can be used for the same reason.