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  • Blitzcrank is voiced by Duncan Watt.
    • RammusSquare Rammus is also voiced by the same voice actor.
  • Blitzcrank's hand will disappear if he moves after using Rocket Grab Rocket Grab, given he is yet to retract it.
  • During development he was called SteamGolem.
  • Blitzcrank combines elements from two different, yet related Germanic languages:
    • German Blitz "lightning" < PG adjective *blaikaz < PIE root *bʰel- "to shine" [2]
    • English crank < PG adjective *krankaz "bent, crooked" < PG verb *kringanan < PIE root *ger- "to turn, to wind, to curl".[3]
      • This adjective became a noun for "[a] handle for turning a revolving axis" since Middle English, from Old English crancstæf "crankstaff".[4]


  • In the old lore, Blitzcrank used to run a dating service called 'Blitzcrank's Fleshling Compatibility Services'. He determined the likelihood of a successful couple by way of an algorithm he devised.
  • Blitzcrank's lore is seemingly based on The Bicentennial Man by Isaac Asimov.
  • Blitzcrank has a loving fascination for PoroSquare Poros, going so far as to protect them from Baron NashorSquare dangerous predators stalking them.[5]


    e "Exterminate. Exterminate." references the Dalek from Doctor Who as well as the tendency for movie evil robots to say the same.
    e "A rolling golem gathers no rust." references the adage "A rolling stone gathers no moss".
    e "The magic calls to me." is nearly identical to  
    e VeigarSquare "The magic, it calls to me!"


Blitzcrank OriginalCircle Classic Blitzcrank [S|L]
Chromaskins Chromas: Cobalt, Gunmetal, Molten
Blitzcrank RustyCircle Rusty Blitzcrank [S|L]
Blitzcrank PiltoverCustomsCircle Piltover Customs Blitzcrank [S|L]
Blitzcrank BoomBoomCircle Boom Boom Blitzcrank [S|L]
  • This skin might be referencing Real Steel.
  • His boxing gloves read LOL ('League of Legends') and PWN (a popularized typo for 'OWN', commonly 'pwned').
Blitzcrank GoalkeeperCircle Goalkeeper Blitzcrank [S|L]
Blitzcrank DefinitelyNotCircle Definitely Not Blitzcrank [S|L]
Blitzcrank iBlitzcrankCircle iBlitzcrank [S|L]
Blitzcrank RiotCircle Riot Blitzcrank [S|L]
Blitzcrank BattleBossCircle Battle Boss Blitzcrank [S|L]
Chromaskins Chromas: Catseye, Citrine, Pearl, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise

Blitzcrank LancerParagonCircle Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank [S|L]
Blitzcrank LancerRogueCircle Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank [S|L]


  • Blitzcrank was originally created by ViktorSquare Viktor but Professor Stanwick Pididly took all the credit (both are in good terms considering it wasn't Blitzcrank's fault).[8]