• Keundt

    Graviton Hammer

    July 15, 2018 by Keundt

    | tier = Legendary | effects = +X attribute +Y attribute | Passive = UA | menu = Menu categories | ad = 75 | cdr = 10 | pass2 = Super Smash: Your bonus Attack Damage is increased by 25%. Disables Super Strike. | recipe = B. F. Sword, Caulfield's Warhammer, Long Sword | buy = 3700 | sell = 2590 | comb = 950 }}

    ' is a custom finished item in League of Legends, which appeared in the Season 9 Fan Overhaul posted on the Gameplay boards on the Riot Boards.

    |t2 = |t3 = }}

    • 75 attack damage =
    • 10% cooldown reduction =
      • Total Gold Value =

    • is 78.15% gold efficient without its passive.



    This item assumes the following custom version of .

    • Recipe: + + =
    • Stats: +70 Attack Damage
    • UNIQUE Passive - Super Strike: Doubles your % Critical Strike Damage.
    • Gold Efficiency: 7…

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  • Loldarkvaloria

    Scepter of the Moon Lord is an item in League of Legends.

    A long time ago, even before Avarosa, Serylda and Lissandra, there was a lord that waked over the moon. The people called him: the Moon Lord. In desperate times, the Moon Lord would descend to Runeterra, and help the people. A bunch of ages passed, and the Moon Lord wasn’t feeling well. He was informed of a young lady who goes by the name: Diana. He saw her potential to follow him up, and he descended from the moon once more. He gave Diana his scepter, and as soon at he gave it, his spirit was sent to the heavens to rest forever.

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  • Nicolb2305

    I made a couple of templates to replicate a couple of game elements, mostly intended for user pages. I want to know if anyone wants anything else added to them.

    Creates a mastery level display with an optional mastery score tooltip for one champion like the one in the collections tab in the client.

    Creates a loading screen portrait for a single player, with tooltips and optional an link to the player's op.gg.

    Similar to Template:Loading screen, but allows for completely custom images, and custom tooltips for runes and summoner spells. It requires quite a few parameters, but allows for a lot more customization. (4level)}}}} and attack speed by 35% for 12 seconds. |summoner1range = Self |summoner1level = 1

    |summoner2icon = Fortify.png |summoner2…

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  • Slashingstrike

    I would like to suggest idea to rework Wuju Style into a line skillshot that would play important role on how much damage Master Yi will do as well as turning it into great utility for ganks, escapes and lategame potential

    Being hit by Wuju Dagger will give clear indication that Master Yi would do lots of damage. This will double Wuju Style's damage that is applied to basic attacks as well as Alpha Strike, it will reduce enemies armor as well which will increase Master Yi's damage significantly and the combination of Wuju Dagger and Alpha Strike will become decent ranged way to harass his opponents. After Wuju Dagger and Alpha Strike Yi may continue to fight his lane opponent with the potential of killing it. On other hand if Master Yi miss…

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  • Emptylord
    • Current
      • Funnelling strategies, such as + and + . Riot has no explicit issue with funnelling and could even be said to encourage exploring additional metas/strategies - but they take issue with strategies that invite no gameplay/interaction.
      • Deathball compositions are currently drowning out all other team compositions, which is devaluing a large number of champions within the roster - e.g. champions that split push, champions that skirmish/pick-off, and champions that flank.
      • Split pushing is currently too binary, since failing to take a structure currently equates to wasted time/resources. Turret health checkpoints were an attempt to address this - but split pushing is still predominantly a strategy used by duelists, rather than expl…
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  • Tyranitar12

    Hello fellow gamers! Welcome to the hall of my favorite Video Game Music (or VGM for short). This blog is separate from my profile page so enjoy the tunes here!

    Riot Games music:

    Nintendo/GameFreak music:

    SEGA music:

    WayForward music:

    Marvelous Inc. music


    This is all for now, I will likely update this weekly but for now enjoy the collection!

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  • Emptylord
    Confirmed changes
    • Add two new tiers.
    • Reduced divisions per tier to 4.
    • Address Bronze's huge skill diversity.
    • Address Diamond V's huge skill diversity.
    • The Ranked Season is now split into three splits.
      • Your loading screen border now reflects your current rank.
      • Rewards are distributed per split.
    • MMR distribution between divisions is now adjusted to account for population, rather than being uniform. Bronze, Gold and Diamond (in particular) have smaller brackets to better distribute the sheer quantity of players.
    • Division Promotion series reduced to 1 game from 3.
    • Tier Promotion series reduced to 3 games from 5.
    • Demotion protection significantly reduced.
    • Tier Demotions now occur after losing an Underdog Game (i.e. you will be told that losing …
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  • Xyclone010

    Hello everyone. Welcome back to another blog post where I talk about the lore of League and Legends.. Riot just released the Ionia Lore update with many champs have their stories retold. We even get a new story for Riven and Yasuo; and an upcoming one for Karma.

    It was then I realise, Irelia and Akali was not the only duo in the rework schedule, Aatrox (at least in his current state) and Nunu are both living in Frejlord.

    Frejlord, as I told you guys in the last post, is still a mess. With Ornn update, we at least know about the land history and culture, about the three sisters. But the current state of Freljord is unknown. Why people picking the side they chose, how can we create more culture from the current state we know.

    We also want to kn…

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  • Xyclone010

    Riot currently start a new tricky trend with their reworks recently. In the 3 most recently reworks (, and ), the skins change quite a lot. And, these changes also one of the most controversal one. When good skin becomes bad (Safecracker,  Tyrant, Frost Blade, Order of the Lotus), bad skins become good (Shadow, Northern Front, Night Blade and Inflitator). Note: The Tyrant and Inflitator probably just my opinion.

    Shadow Evelynn gains too many changes for a low-tier skin, whereas Safecracker vfs was unnoticable and a bit unrelated to the theme.

    Shadow Evelynn is the only one with new VFX for W, a different color scheme for her skills and has a new recall. Safecracker, used the same color scheme and the new electric both is not related to the …

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  • Kassyndra

    Irelia Kit Speculation

    March 19, 2018 by Kassyndra

    Hello. Long time no see.

    As you know, Irelia's upcoming rework is coming and there're already a cry of disagreement everywhere. From what I can see, she probably loses her superior sustainability and got more zone control and mobility in exchange. Below is what I can gather from her trailer.

    PS. Her animation is super beautiful I almost cry.

    Irelia dashes through target up to a fixed distance. If this ability killed the target, or is used against Blade Dance 's marked enemy, its cooldown is refreshed.


    Irelia channels her blades to move rapidly around her, deflecting attacks. She takes no damage for the channeling duration, or until she reactivate this ability.

    |description2= Irelia changes the blade formation and commands them to strike all enemy …

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