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  • Kenetron

    Deviah, the War Tempest

    February 22, 2017 by Kenetron

    Deviah, The War Tempest is a champion in League of Legends.

    of the damage and converts it into magic damage which burns her mana with same amount and heals her for half of it. Applies after defenses.


    She strikes the ground on the target location creating a glow that deals elevating magic damage over 1.5 seconds. At the end of the duration, she nullifies all spell and attacks of enemies within for 1.5 seconds.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 75 |costtype = mana |range = 300 |radius = 500 }}

    She strikes the target enemy champion dealing magic damage and applies on-hit effects. As she lands, the target will be rooted for 1 second and parries it's attack or spell.

    |leveling = |cooldown = 8 |cost = 30 |costtype = mana |range = …

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  • Lyndongwapo

    Yordle Skins

    February 19, 2017 by Lyndongwapo

    HELLO EVERYONE I have this a little concept and not so amazing skin concept to every champion in League of Legends. I wonder what would it be like, or does anyone wants a champion whose skin transform them into a chibi version in game, or what we called Yordles.

    There is a hermit yordle in the Bandle City, he is Dafius with a resemblance of frog. He uses Forbidden Alchemy and curse other with his spell.This spell transform appearance to make them look as yordle.

    • He transform into petite child and his glove remains big. His Q, W and Ultimate will transform into cute projectiles. After using E, he trips off on the portal.

    I only want it to share this to everyone if it is good or not or it is possible..

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  • Sifter66


    Today, I would like to discuss the current state of vision and Sightstone

    The Assassin update has made Vision Wards (now Control Wards) less useful against Invisible champions, since it no longer grants true sight. This makes counterplay very difficult, unless you have a champion who grants true sight. This limits the number of champions that can be played against Invisible champions, since players cannot just buy a Vision Ward to counteract the stealth. This may sound like it's fair for Invisible champions, but this makes counterplay near impossible and every champion requires SOME degree of counterplay, while this update severely reduces it. And no, you can't just buy a Duskblade since the stats provided mean the item is intended fo…

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  • Nhan-Fiction

    The State of Illaoi

    February 10, 2017 by Nhan-Fiction

    Hello there, .

    First off, I want to make it clear I hated the first few times I played her since creating a smurf to play League again. I thought she had a weak kit regarding design that I did not enjoy. I simply did not "get" her as a champion. However, as time went on, I grew to like her to the point where I pick her now and then to test myself. I use the word test because this is what it feels like, in both a good and bad way. It does feel like you get tested mechanically. I scoffed out loud the other day when someone told me was easy (said the player no less).

    And by all means, I don't consider this champ to be super hard, but I don't think easy is the right word to describe her either. Challenging would be the appropriate word, or so…

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  • Tylobic

    This blog contains all the information you need to be able to edit a patch history correctly. If you notice anything missing or that you would like to add, tell it in the comments.

    The following words should always be used:

    • increased
    • reduced
    • changed

    The following words should be avoided:

    • lowered
    • decreased
    • modified

    • Every change has to end with a period.
    • Every decimal number needs to be using the template.
    • Every change gives first the new value and then the old value:
      • Movement speed bonus increased to from .
    • Every change concerning a duration modification only writes "seconds" once, after the new value:
      • Duration reduced to 2 seconds from 3.
    • Every change that is about a scaling per rank changed to a static value at all ranks, or opposite, needs to be precised as "a…

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  • GreenMoriyama

    Hello people. Been a long while since I released a new blog, while most of my recent activity is updating old ones (they are still alive!!) or just reviewing concepts. Nonetheless, this concept has been floating around my page and desktop. Thus, having given the first part of the "" and seeing that "Part Two" of it will not be soon, here is an item that I believe would be a nice addition to the game. It provides a new mechanic that LivesByProxy (or LBP) and I , called "Ghost-prints" (or Ghost-steps), a vision-based mechanic that reveals enemy champions in a unique way. Below is the explanation of how it works, instead of writing it under the trivia or notes section for the item itself:

    • Detecting an enemy with this item will not trigger an a…

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  • Sifter66

    Ok, I was planning on putting this suggestion in the comments on the Meditation page, but I doubted anyone would have seen it. Just in case you're not sure of what I'm talking about, I am referring to the mastery: Meditation, which regenerates a % of your missing mana every 5 seconds.

    Restores % of missing mana (same as current) OR restores a flat amount of mana every 5 seconds, based on which amount of mana restored would be HIGHER.

    This proposed change is intended for champions with very low mana pools, who are not likely to benefit greatly from the % missing mana restoration, compared to other champions. Tell me what you think.

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  • Tanphat0110

    Champions' old title?

    January 26, 2017 by Tanphat0110

    Sorry guys, im new to lol and one thing i love from this game is the storyline. Ive just found out that many champions get new lores and new titles after their reworks. I wanna read about it too. I could find their old lores easily on lol wiki but i couldnt find anywhere that has their old titles. Ive found an updated champions list, could you guys give me their old titles, like Warwick, the Blood Hunter -> the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun? http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Champion/Champion_Updates

    Sorry for this stupid thread. :( I just really really wanna know these names. Hope you guys help me. Thanks.

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  • Tyranitar12

    We now have new champion bios and color stories on the Universe page for Janna and Zac, plus new lore for Ekko!!!

    EDIT: Zaun page was updated with new bios and color stories for Blitzcrank, Dr. Mundo, Jinx and Viktor!!!

    That should be it for now!!!

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  • NeonSpotlight

    So today marks 6 years that I have been an editor here on the League Wiki and while I may not have been very active this year I figured why not do an AMA anyway, just as something to do, since the last one I did was pretty fun.

    I was going to put a paragraph here about myself and give a little context on why I want to do this ama but meh, it basically boiled down to what I wrote last time. The wiki community has always been my favorite thing about this place, for better or worse, and I'm hoping this little blog can help spark some interaction between us.

    So, without further adieu, ask me anything

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