• Emptylord

    The following lists all champions by their model's age:

    Champion Release Data Last Update Model Age Personal Rating

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  • Emptylord

    I do not expect anyone to read and comment on all of this. Heck, I doubt anyone will read even half of this. However, if you would like to just browse to your favourite champions - I'd love to hear how much you feel I've destroyed their integrity!

    This collection is a few years in the making, and contains collaborations/derivatives of works by my co-conspirators Will and Dragon. The main target of my penmanship are problematic champions or abilities. While I've not included numbers in all my suggestions, I've tried to maintain a consistent level of balance across all updated champions. Well, that, or a level of imbalance - I tend to like designs where champion's do something meta-shifting

    A select few of my updates share abilities (e.g. and…

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  • Rezardmaw

    So before Rune Reforged happens...

    Can we at least get a "one-time" only game mode where we :

    - Can't select Rune Pages

    - Can't arrange Mastery ( select all by default )

    - Can only select one Keystone

    Let's call it ARAM, well, ARAMOK ( All Runes All Masteries One Keystone ) to be precise...

    Of course there are some handicap...

    - With all of CDR and scaling CDR runes which may let player reach more than 25% CDR from level 1, the cap is still 45%, otherwise it will be URF again...

    - Halved health regen & mana regen like in URF mode, because you start with all of Health & Mana Regen Runes, but scale up to normal values as the game goes on.

    Imagine starting the game with 90+ AD, 1.00+ Aspd, 60+ AP, 900+ HP. Chaotic.

    I don't know if this idea is proposes…

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  • CLK3

    Personally, I'm unhappy with many of the Support items and their build-paths (I main Thresh), Locket being one of my biggest targets. It's rather late to start comparing how "good" some old items were and why the current ones don't meet that, so what I'm looking at here is to figure out if the Locket is "good" and "worthy". I hope that something like this has been done back in the past and if so, please redirect me to the other discussions. Regardless, what I want to do and ask is:

    • Find out what Locket is (role/strenghts)
    • Are the current stats + build-path good for it?
    • What it could/should be? (Opinions)
    • (Also, I will not discuss much about Banner of Command, which is the "sister item" of Locket since I have very little experience with it and …

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  • Deshiba

    Heal on supports

    March 22, 2017 by Deshiba

    With the nerf to the full damage/aggressive supports are making a comeback, taking spells like . This reduces the effectiveness of heal by 40% if used correctly so it makes sense for this shift to happen after the nerf. The drawback of this is that supports often get the kills when you would really want them on carries in order for them to scale better.

    So what if we would switch the summoners around? Ignite on the carries and heal on the support! #OldSchool

    Aside from the obvious benefit of having more kill potential on the carry and having that 40% lifesteal and heal reduction in a 1 on 1 duel there are additional benefits. These come in the form of cooldown reduction and amount of healing done trough masteries and items that are support …

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  • Omnicious

    Like many villages of the Demacian empire, Saylos was peaceful. The Eldranaiche (a bird much like a heron with flecks of black and glossy vibrant feathers lining the edge of the wings) took to the air with wings of graceful zeal. The farmers sowed and harvested their crop with weary content, the children played at the stream of water so crystal clear that it was almost like wading through liquid diamonds. The hills rolled and swelled like a green sea of merry and the forest... oh the forest, it was like walking though the fae grove it was. Bio-luminescent plants and animals would glow with joy and rhythm as the forest to serinaded you with with orchetral sounds of toads and insects playing their songs in tune. Finally the town, the people …

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  • Nhan-Fiction

    Straight to the point - I believe League is long overdue for an item that deals bonus damage to shields. The fact is, shields in League are absurdly good, especially when stacked. Not to mention, shields are even better on champs who are tanky.

    Sure, you can argue that mass shielding is just an edge case. You could also claim that shields have the counterplay of forcing players to "time" it correctly, rewarding skill for players who anticipate incoming damage. Of course, you can throw all of that out of the window when you can just dump all of your shields onto a prime target in a fight, and then watch in awe as the shielded person takes little to no damage with their excessive shields soaking up everything.

    I think shields have built up som…

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  • Slashingstrike

    This idea is AD-armor item that benefits skirmishers, fighters, tanks, and is focused on late game defensive scaling as well as long term endurance on the battlefield.

    The item benefits both auto attack based champion as well as those who rely on their abilities. Instead being focused on its offensive part, its focused on endurance and it rewards for stacking armor.

    Originally, the intent of the items was based on melee auto attack champions that requires them to stick to their targets for longer period of time. Since they are in very close range they will get focused easily so some defense option would be a good idea. Such champions are , , , , and many others. These warriors require them to stick to their targets for extended period puttin…

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  • Doeniel

    The Champion Aatrox is a meme amongst players for being one of the officially worst champions to have on your team in general. In modern league that was always the case, there is simply no reason why one would pick Aatrox over a comparable Champion. This is why everyone in the community was looking towards an Aatrox Rework, where all of the poor Skirmishers problems were supposed to be fixed.

    What we got a few days ago will be known as one of the saddest moments in moba balance history.

    Before we get to what can be considered as yet another shameful attempt of game balance fixing in League of Legends I wanna quickly go over the cases of Game Health for Aatrox prior and after the most recent Patch of 7.5. Because Aatrox can be proud to call …

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  • Alien Paranoid

    Mid Season Juggernauts Update

    Hello guys, 

    today I'll share some of my thoughts about Juggernauts update. Riot has confirmed (not 100 % sure tho) that with Tanks Update there will also be tweaks to Tank items and Juggernauts' base stats. Possibly, Tank items will be nerfed and since Juggernauts usually build 5 or 4 Tank items and 1 or 2 offensive items like BC, SG, MoM, TH, TF etc, they somehow need better base stats to be tanky enough to dish out some damage before they die. Some Juggernauts already have good base stats, but others don't. I also want to buff those underplayed / underperforming Juggernauts (based on my experience and statistics from champion.gg) and nerf those who I think are on the stronger side (Darius, Nasus, Yorick).

    • HP in…

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