• Sam 3010

    With the redesigning of masteries possibly coming this next patch, we need to plan ahead as to how will the wiki deal with this changes. I have already created some sample pages (actually, some Main articles I have edited ahead of time) that will be the basis for the division, and creation, of masteries articles.

    • Be aware that the tense of the articles is done as if the article is being viewed after the patch is released. Some info is also "guessing" that Season Two will be released with this patch, and that it will be released on November 15th. The text will have to be changed accordingly if that is not the case.
    • Also notice the use of the "for" template at the top of the page. This will be used on all mastery pages, instead of disambiguat…
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    Champion Sounds

    October 25, 2011 by WATERDUDE

    Hey everyone~, I've been doing my best to help the wiki. And I have taken upon myself to finish up all the sounds from the champions. I really would like to complete this before my birthday comes. If I can't, then so be it, I'll still continue. I just want to set a goal for myself. I have a long way to go, but I think that everyone would be please to hear their favorite champion and it would be neat to use the sound for other things, too! And remember:

    Also, I'm using the checklist because it's easier to see how far I am from completing it! :) Till then, WaterDude~

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  • Sam 3010

    It's time for the first wikia teams competitions to start! The teams have already been formed on the following blog: Wiki_Team_Recruiting. If you haven't joined one team yet, you still have time to apply to one of the teams there or even submit your own Team idea (Zaun, Piltover, etc.) on the blog mentioned above.

    Each type of page has a point reward that will be divided among the teams that helped improved the page if the participants followed the rules:

    1. To compete on this contest, you (as an individual team member) can go to a page and claim it as yours, by leaving a message on the comments that says "Property of Team (Ionia/Demacia/Noxus), signed (Your username)". This will give you a two hour window of opportunity in which only YOU will b…

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  • NeonSpotlight

    As you all may know League of Legends has become a gaming giant with over 15 million registered accounts, and that popularity has had an effect on the wiki. Just this last week (July 31 to Aug 6) we have had over 2,438,200 views and over 9300 edits. As a reward for everyone's hard work on the wiki Tae and the wonderful people at Wikia are supporting a small giveaway.

    This giveaway will include a small contest in which entries consisting of a paragraph or two detailing why you play League of Legends and another paragraph or two detailing your favorite champion and why that champion is your favorite will be judged by a group of our moderator+ users and 5 winners will be chosen based off of the content in their submission.

    Submissions are to be…

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  • KazMx

    Hello LoL Wikians, here is a quick update from me

    1. The Riot answer for the "merger" hasn't been answer so that discussion is on hold until we receive any notice from Riot Games.
    2. The Bureaucrats have a new tool against the vandalism, it will be rarely use, only on the extreme cases.
    3. Many users have gone MIA, but the most important part is that many of them have administrative rights or edition rights. So we may start to enforce a policy of Wiki for this type of actions. It is up to discussion right now, but the deal goes like this: after (at least) 45 days of inactivity the user will be warned about losing his or her rights.
    4. And finally since the Age of Empires Online Beta has ended I'll be contributing a lot more often, like every 15 minutes!!! …
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  • NeonSpotlight

    From the Manual of Style

    "You are allowed to upload personal images, ie. images that are going to be used only on non-article pages, but you have to prefix those with your username and put them in the "Personal files" category. Failing to do so will result in the image being deleted without any prior notice."

    I have noticed that not many editors have been following this rule, whether or not this has to do with a lack of editors reading the MoS or the giant warning before uploading a file, I do not know. Regardless, I am here to warn you all that I will be actively enforcing this section of the MoS from now on and repeated offenses will result disciplinary actions. 10:38, June 11, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Sam 3010

    Hello, LoL Wiki Editors, today I bring you a manual of use for our newest template, Template:Skin gallery item, created by Zelgadis87, our Resident Code Monkey.

    This template will be used on all skins pages on the normal (not chinese) galleries. This template will let you add the date it was added, the cost in RP, and a link to the LoL Zone Skin Viewer: Example

    This is an example of the wiki code and the final result:

    ". This area will be ignored on the original skin.

    28-Jun-2010 = The date the skin/champion was added. Use the format "dd-mmm-yyyy" (with the month abbreviated with 3 letters).

    You can get all of this information on the following page: Skins

    You can go through all the skins&trivia pages to edit the gallery and add the template.

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  • Sam 3010

    The saga of the Ability Details Project continues. I apologize for not being able to complete the descriptions for the set 2, these past two weeks I had been very busy with real life and other things to handle on the wikia made it harder for me fill out the set. But we completely finished the whole First Set, which is something I am very excited about.

    Don't worry though, I have my vacations now and I will dedicate myself fully to the wikia (as you may or may not know, traveling is not an option for anyone in my area right now) and I will complete both the second and third champion set.

    The third champion set will last from today, Friday, April 15th until April 29th. Remember to join the chat from tomorrow, 16th, to participate on the videos…

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  • Zelgadis87

    Hello guys, it's me again!

    Last time I asked you how you would modify the Abilities template to better display skills with secondary effects. It was pretty clear by the results that the community liked a black gap between the two effects instead of white lines (of various types). With that in mind, I propose you the new updated version of the abilities table (using Lee Sin as an example once again), with a slightly (but not much) bigger black gap!

    |firstrows = 2

    |firstname2 = Resonating Strike |firstinfo2 = (Active): Lee Sin dashes to the enemy hit by Sonic Wave, dealing physical damage plus 10% of their missing health.

    • Cost: 40 energy.


    |secondname = Safeguard |secondinfo = (Active): Lee Sin rushes towards a target ally, shielding the…

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  • Sam 3010

    The Ability Details Project was, I believe, a success; it shows all relevant information about the specifics of each champion, it is just lacking community imput. Remember, if you want to help speed up the process of the project, ASK questions on the respective Ability Details Page, and also answer them.

    Last batch we had 7 champions of which we obtained the GIF animations, and we fully finished the descriptions of three champions. You can still help getting the descriptions and specifications of the rest.

    • .

    There are some standard questions that need to be answered and put on the pages, there are also some more specific questions according to the ability that you could post on the comments below the champion AD page.

    • Does it proc Lifesteal or…

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