• Keundt

    Graviton Hammer

    July 15, 2018 by Keundt

    | tier = Legendary | effects = +X attribute +Y attribute | Passive = UA | menu = Menu categories | ad = 75 | cdr = 10 | pass2 = Super Smash: Your bonus Attack Damage is increased by 25%. Disables Super Strike. | recipe = B. F. Sword, Caulfield's Warhammer, Long Sword | buy = 3700 | sell = 2590 | comb = 950 }}

    ' is a custom finished item in League of Legends, which appeared in the Season 9 Fan Overhaul posted on the Gameplay boards on the Riot Boards.

    |t2 = |t3 = }}

    • 75 attack damage =
    • 10% cooldown reduction =
      • Total Gold Value =

    • is 78.15% gold efficient without its passive.



    This item assumes the following custom version of .

    • Recipe: + + =
    • Stats: +70 Attack Damage
    • UNIQUE Passive - Super Strike: Doubles your % Critical Strike Damage.
    • Gold Efficiency: 7…

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  • Loldarkvaloria

    Scepter of the Moon Lord is an item in League of Legends.

    A long time ago, even before Avarosa, Serylda and Lissandra, there was a lord that waked over the moon. The people called him: the Moon Lord. In desperate times, the Moon Lord would descend to Runeterra, and help the people. A bunch of ages passed, and the Moon Lord wasn’t feeling well. He was informed of a young lady who goes by the name: Diana. He saw her potential to follow him up, and he descended from the moon once more. He gave Diana his scepter, and as soon at he gave it, his spirit was sent to the heavens to rest forever.

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  • IlLusion01

    Preston, the Sharpshooter is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    When unseen by the enemy, Preston's basic attacks deals 250% damage and do not reveal him. This damage modifier cannot apply on a target more than once

    every 30 seconds. |description2 = Attacking anything within 400 units of him will miss. |description3 = Additionally, Preston gains bonus equal to his cooldown reduction. |static = }}

    Preston's basic attacks consume all Energy Charges (if available) to deal bonus . This bonus damage can and be affected by Stealth Sniper.

    |description2 = Preston loads a Hextech Energy Cell into his laser rifle, gaining one Energy Charge, maximum 2 charges (can be increased by Death From Afar). |description3 = Overcharge resets Preston's…

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  • Emptylord

    The following is a collaborative rework by LoL Custom Content Discord. The goals of this rework:

    • To better fulfil the Sniper fantasy - one shot, one kill.
    • To keep her Sniper fantasy distinct from Jhin - she is not elaborate or extravagant.
    • To make her more resonant with the Piltover aesthetic and her position as Chief of Police, rather than cheap steampunk fanservice.

    Unused Abilities
    • Headshot (Innate)
      • Caitlyn can hold her attack commands to line-up the shot, which takes (1Attack Speed) seconds to complete. If Caitlyn completes the channel without losing sight of her target, the attack is guaranteed to critically strike for damage. Caitlyn can release the shot at any time, but will deal no bonus damage unless the channel complete.
    • Trip-Wire Traps
      • Caitl…

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  • Rreflux

    Diana's kit now supports her passive more, and landing Moonsilver Blade is now even more rewarding. In turn, her half-second burst has been decreased in many scenarios. There are ways to burst down opponents, but they require more set-up than before. Diana's ideal playstyle will revolve more around auto-attacking and staying alive using some new tools. I still wanted to keep as much as possible from Diana as she is now (akin to a Xin Zhao-level update), and she should still be able to burst down targets when ahead.

    Ability power will still be her most important stat, but complementing it with a combination of attack speed, cooldown reduction, and survivability will be more important.

    • Base attack speed increased to 0.638 from 0.625
    • Attack spe…

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  • *JojoReference*

    So, I've just wanted to make a post talking about a rework for good Ol' fiddle who hasn't had much love for a very long time. I'm going to be honest I haven't played him too much because I don't find him nice to play, and some of the fiddle mains out there may criticise me on this, but this is just my opinion.

    So the thing I wanted to address is "what is Fiddlesticks".

    In my opinion he is a very confusing champion. Most of his damage comes from his w, but makes him a sitting duck but gives sustain in return, his q is a low cool down point and click fear which in this day and age, is only useful when all-inning, and his e is a BS bouncey crow silence thingy that is a pain is the butt when laneing against him and feels awkward when playing him…

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  • Lyndongwapo

    "Hawthorn" is a custom champion in the League of Legends.

    A map based adaptation giving him bonus effects on his abilities when in , ,and .

    |description2= Shifting adaptation takes seconds delay. Adaptation buff is nullified while shifting.

    }} }}
    Next basic attack gain which causes him to dash and deal bonus .

    |description2= }} Slashes his sickle around him instead of dash. Subsequent target will take 35% of total damage. He will also been by 15% of damage to every unit hit.

    |leveling= current movement speed)}}|Bonus Physical Damage| as target's maximum health|Minimum Capped Damage| }}


    |cost= 50

    |costtype= mana }}


    Throws a net toward the target area. Unit caught are , and for the duration.

    |description2= }} Grant him an incr…

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  • MendoMan56

    A few years back, I made a custom champion named Raiu. At the time I created him, I was fairly new to the game, so I just went crazy with it. I ended up getting critisism fot the champion being too overpowered. And looking back at him, I learned from my mistakes. I decided to rework him because I feel he has potential to a  custom champion that looks and sounds appealing.

    I have 0 ideas to write and extentsive lore, so i'll keep it short and simple.

    Raiu was once a ruthless Noxian soldier who was honored on the battlefield. However, on one battle day, an ambush caused Raiu to become unconscious. When he woke up, he was alone, and weak. He had thought his partners had lost him. He took on the journey of trying to find sanctuary, until he soun…

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  • Baristar

    Dr. Mundo, the Zaun's Beyond Madness is a suggested champion rework in League of Legends.

    Upon taking damage, Dr. Mundo undergoes fit of uncontrollable rage, becoming , grants , , deals an additional 4.5% of the but is for 3 seconds (extends by 1 seconds when attacking champion units). Borderline Psychopath is disabled, or deactivates once his health is lower than 30%.

    |description2= Borderline Psychopath's is unique; Dr. Mundo can still cast abilities, consume potions, and activate items and summoner actives (within range) but his movements and auto-attacks commands are disabled. After deactivation of Borderline Psychopath, Dr. Mundo cannot accumulate damage for 4 seconds. vanquishes all accumulated damage. |icon3 = Sadism old.png |description3=…

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  • Zetsū


    May 23, 2018 by Zetsū

    Kyoshithe Goddess of Flash is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Kyoshi is a meelee champion that excels at diving into team-fights by the use of Flash Bolt, using Force Palm after causes her target to be knocked back towards her teammates due to her blinking behind her target. Lightning Dragon greatly affects team-fights due to its interruption of channeled abilities.

    To be added...

    Kyoshi permanently has % bonus .|description2 = Kyoshi deals bonus on hit every few seconds. Basic attacks reduces Lightning Fist's cooldown by 1 second.}}

    |costtype = mana|cooldown = |description = Kyoshi sends a projectile towards the target direction.|description2 = If it hits an enemy, Kyoshi then blinks behind it, dealing and it for second.|leveling2 = }}}} |de…

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