• DanielAbimibola

    Arshash, The Living Lightning is a custom champion.

    % reduced magic resist and slow resist. }}



    Arshash targets an area dealing damage in a small AoE.

    |description2 = Every 5th Lightning Fall deals increased damage in a larger AoE. |leveling = |leveling2 = |cooldown = |cost = 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 |costtype = mana |range = 1000 |effect radius = 150 / 300 }}



    Casting a spell grants Arshash a stack of Thunder Cloak up to a maximum of 5. For every stack Arshash has, he gains a magic shield and bonus movement speed.

    |description2 = Arshash consumes all stacks of Thunder Cloak to deal magic damage plus bonus magic damage per stack consumed to nearby enemies. |leveling = |leveling2 = }}



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  • Witchking99

    Zeph, The Shade Demon

    February 5, 2018 by Witchking99

    Champion, the Title is a champion in League of Legends.

    Health Per second that he is out of combat while this ability is active and the duration of Demonic Frenzy loses 2 seconds for every second while out-of combat.

    |cooldown = 15 }}

    Zeph's next attack deal bonus damage. This Bonus Damage is doubled against turrets.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 75 |costtype = mana |range = | }}

    Zeph can sacrifice an allied minion or enemy minion to gain health. If the Sacrificed is an Ally, He gains additional AD added to his Base AD.

    |leveling = |cooldown = 10 |cost = 25 |costtype = mana |range = 625 | }}

    Movement Speed effects are amplified. (This includes Phage effects, Youmuu Ghostblade active, Etc..)

    |description2 = Upon Activation, T…

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  • Zulfurya

    DISCLAIMER Rin is a fictional character in the universe of Runeterra made by Rinidinger/Rin the Yordle. I do not own the images nor created the character Rin. They are all made by and belong to Rinidinger/Rin the Yordle herself.

    You can find her twitter, twitch and other medias below. Twitch channel Twitter Youtube channel Tumblr

    The idea was to take on her character and create a concept ability for her, pitch her as a candidate to represent and hopefully inspire ideas for the next female yordle.

    Link to Champion insight.

    Rin gains |}} ' when affected by for its duration and loses it all whenever she lands. While affected, Rin can deploy her to retain it last 12 seconds, which After 6 seconds will decay by 1 every 2 seconds to a minimum of 1 '.


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  • Qtcsantos


    January 24, 2018 by Qtcsantos
    |alttype = |rangetype = Ranged |adaptivetype = magic

    |damage = 1

    |toughness = 1 |control = 3 |mobility = 1 |utility = 3 |difficulty = 2 |style = 100 |hp_base = 540 |hp_lvl = 95 |mp_base = 370 |mp_lvl = 50 |mp5_base = 8.5 |mp5_lvl = 0.8 |resource = Mana |ad_base = 68 |ad_lvl =3.5 |range = 525 |arm_base = 25 |arm_lvl = 3.5 |mr_base = 32.1 |mr_lvl = 0.5 |as_base = 0.638 |as_lvl = 3.22 |hp5_base = 5.624 |hp5_lvl = 0.55 |ms = 335 }}

    Hello I’m from the Philippines hoping one of our folklore gets to the play in the scene of league of legends I’m a player/ fan since season 2. Hoping you like my suggestion.

    © Pictures from Insect Swarm by juhamattipulkkinen, Mambabarang by Cryptid Wiki Fandom, infestation by clave jones, Locust swarm by Brandon …

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  • Witchking99

    Lillia, The Princess of Oblivion is a World Killer.

    Lillia does not benefit from any health, armor or magic resistance from items with Ability Power on it. Instead, She doubles the Ability Power given by those items. Items without Health, Armor or Magic Resistance will not yield this benefit.

    |description2 = Lillia is incapable of attacking, Instead whenever she is attacked, She deals to the enemy. Whenever She is within range of minions, She will be targeted by them immediately. }}

    Lillia releases a Pure energy at a direction, exploding upon impact with an enemy unit. The first enemy hit will be dealt true damage, enemies affected by the area of effect will be dealt magic damage. If the Enemy dies, Lillia and the nearest ally are healed b…
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  • Chase999

    Levi, The Bladed Psycho

    January 12, 2018 by Chase999

    Ali-ev, The Bladed Psycho is a custom champion designed for my Phantom Circus series.

    Ali-ev deals as bonus magic damage on his attacks.

    |description2 = Ali-ev's third consecutive attack on a target, gives Levi % bonus attack speed and doubles the bonus damage dealt by Wraith Knives. }}

    Ali-ev can collect knives when out of combat. The rate he gets each knife is equal to the rate of his auto-attacks.

    |description2 = Ali-ev throws all stored knives at a target champion, dealing magical damage to the target. this applies all on-hit effects and can critically strike. |leveling = |leveling2= |cooldown = |cost = 80 |costtype = mana |range = 550 }}

    Ali-ev throws a Spirit dirk at a direction and inflicts "The Alice Curse" and Griev…
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  • MirkThal

    NOTE: I am new to editing a Wikia post, so do kindly help me with tidying up my post where necessary!

    Samedi Shadowfang is a fighter-assassin reminiscent of the second iteration of Evelynn from Seasons 3 to 7. He surgically weaves in and out of battle with an array of attacks, spells and drawing upon the power of his two mystical Hands.

    There are a few main reasons I am proposing my idea of Samedi as a champion in the League of Legends.

    • First and foremost, I thought that Evelynn's ability kit was rather unique for an assassin. It has also been noted by many, and even Riot itself, that it caused Evelynn to be more of a diver. As an Evelynn main myself, I have experience with the old Evelynn and , who has successfully been established as a de…

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  • Lyndongwapo

    Seriph is a custom champion in League of Legends. He went from many alterations and reworks before he became Seriph. First he was a champion inspired by Rockman that charges his cannon by holding the skill, creates teleporter pads, vaulter pads and etc. I rework him into a mage and became melee inspired by Aladdin in Magi:Anime Series altered his spells and etc. Until I came up with a Greek Myth God Mercury the Messenger.

    Seriph is a melee mage and initiator in fights. His kit can burst and take down squishy champion after entering the battle. He is a mobile champion allowing him to moving in and out of the battle. He is peculiar type of champion, he is a mage focused in auto-attacks in dealing magical damages instead of casting spells. His…

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  • Weejoh- -

    Yaengo, the Fluxborne

    December 19, 2017 by Weejoh- -

    } |image = } |title = } |herotype = Skirmisher |alttype = |resource = } |author = Weejoh |changes = 19 / 12 / 17 |attack = } |health = } |spells = } |difficulty = } |hp_base = } |hp_lvl = } |hp5_base = } |hp5_lvl = } |mp_base = } |mp_lvl = } |mp5_base = } |mp5_lvl = } |rangetype = } |range = } |dam_base = } |dam_lvl = } |as_base = } |as_lvl = } |arm_base = } |arm_lvl = } |mr_base = } |mr_lvl = } |ms = }}}

    Yaengo the Fluxborne is a melee skirmisher and mage hybrid that excels at dueling opponents and escaping/turning around tough situations. His kit offers multiple forms of mobility, all…

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  • Fffffff7f


    Rage of the Raper - Passive

    Each time Mikhail kills a target, he gains 45 - 385 (based on level) (+ 80% AD) Blood.

    If this unit is out of combat for 5 seconds, Blood starts to decay with a rate of 1% max Blood per second, doubled after 10 seconds.

    Decimating Stab - Q

    Cost: 5

    Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11

    Range: 300

    Mikhail thrusts forward and stabs the target, dealing physical damage, and gains Blood. If the target is killed, half of its cooldown is restored.

    Physical damage: 55/85/115/145/175 (+100% AD)

    Blood gain: 50/75/100/125/150 (+10% bonus AD)

    Thirst for Prey - W

    Cost: 7/8/9/10/11

    Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6

    Range: 475

    Passive: Mikhail gains 5 Growth stacks. Additionally, any unit(s) that have their size increased gain 1 Growth stack for each time t…

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