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If you don't know what is primary and secondary attributes are, then read this. :)

Primary Attributes: Assassin, Fighter, Tank, Mage, Marksman, Support (our topic will revolve here)

Secondary Attributes: Jungler, Melee, Pusher, Ranged, Recommended, Stealth (just ignore this.)

Or... you can refer here in this link -

Hey guys! This is me, 2nd Gemini or 2G for short, and I'm here to talk about this "primary attribute issue" in our daily teamfights especially in Summoner's Rift. As always, LOL is not "just a game" because also "for me" it helps us learn this value of "teamwork" that's why Riot made 6 primary attributes (of course, there are only 5 players, unless your in Hexakil. anyway it's just an "attribute" if you know what I mean):

              No role is less important or more important. No matter how much kills you get, that's not because of you but because of "teamwork". So these 5 roles are equally important. For most of us, we already know the objectives of each role right? So let's get straight! This issue I'm refering to is the "assassin" role.

Katarina [[Katarina|]]LeBlanc [[LeBlanc|]]Fizz [[Fizz|]]Teemo [[Teemo|]]Master Yi [[Master Yi|]]

~"Yeah, that's us! 2G's hatest enemy assassins!"

                                      Jinx [[Jinx|]]                                                

~"You don't say!"

   To tell you the truth, there are more and more assassin picks especially in normal games or sometimes rank games because they want the "kills" and the fun flexible pentakilling instadeath skillset (yeah, don't ignore the truth). I want to deliver this message to normal games and Bronze Ranks because I already believe that the higher ranks know what they "should" pick and also they know how to "adjust" but "sometimes", just "sometimes" some higher ranks pick more assassins. Even I do want  to pick flexible assassins like  tumbling vayne, instakill leblanc, Backdoor master yi, sweeping yasuo, pentakill katarina, etc. 

                                                                   Amumu [[Amumu|]]

~"Hey, you forgot me, 2G... (cry). You know I can be an assassin.

You played me before and we were friends!

(sudden smile while crying)"

                                                        Annie [[Annie|]] 2G ('tis is me)

~" I only played you once. Were not friends! How could I even forget you

if you are the reason why I got demoted in Silver I! I should've banned you :("


    Anyway...., It's just unfair for me (I don't know if you have the same feeling) when you are a pure mage like Vel'Koz,Orianna or Brand and get killed by an enemy team that had "organized team" with secondary role: assassin or primary role: assassin. Imagine if this is your enemy team.

  • Mage - LeBlanc LeBlanc/LovelyBlank
  • Marksman - Twitch Twitch/Switch
  • Support - Blitzcrank Blitzcrank/Beachklank (of course, this is not assassin. just a decoration :) heheh)
  • Tank - Pantheon Pantheon/Pant-you-on(I don't even know what this means)
  • Fighter - Riven Riven/Raven

                Just look at it! I mean I know they can be countered because as we all know every champion has weaknesses but do you even think your tiny little teemo.... err no, 'tis wrong. uhmm, do you even think anivia or other "pure monoattribute mage" could survive this assassin revolution?

Teemo [[Teemo|]]

~"Did someone mention my name? I just can't... can't see my name. :("

Lee Sin [[Lee Sin|]]   

~"You're not alone teemo... not alone (cry) :("

                 I don't know if I'm wrong with this. If I am really wrong, just comment positively :) Assassins are really fun to play. Just look at their kit. Most of them are dashes, invisibles, jumps,etc. but, but, BUT, there's a big BUTT-----ER. I don't want all players to just pick assassins everyday because that will only ruin the value we refered before, "teamwork". If the whole team will become pure assassins, there will be no teamwork. There will be raging, ragequitting, verbal harrasment, feeding, and finally and sadly "defeat" :(

      Thanks for reading LOL players! Again, I hope you will respond to this issue positively because this is my second blog. This is 2G and have a nice day and nice game :)