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  • LivesByProxy

    There is a lot of dissatisfaction about Plants on the Boards, and I wonder how much of this has to do with enabling champions in-combat style bonuses and tactical effects. The Blast Cone can let you disengage or initiate and the Honey Fruit can heal you (at the cost of a large but brief slow). And then there is my favorite, the Scryer's Bloom which grants in a large conic AoE. Yet most of the concern seems to be with the Cone and Fruit, not the Bloom. Vision while supposedly super powerful and OP doesn't get any of the attention.

    At the same time, search the Boards and you'll find those the lack of . And it's true. Without the Smite buffs of Wolf Spirit and Raptor's Razor Sharp, and with s now being s that / the in the game (with as li…

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  • Slashingstrike

    AP Item for Tanks

    October 24, 2016 by Slashingstrike

    This is Ability Power item idea for AP tanks that scales well with Health giving them Edge of Survivability

    10% cooldown reduction

    | passive = Unique: 4% into | passive2 = Unique [Cooldown 5 sec]:
    Damaging enemy champions with an ability will cause them to take as
    equals to 20% your over 3 sec while your champion will restore instantly
    15% .

    | buy = 2900 | recipe = Kindlegem, Blasting Wand, Giant's Belt }}

    I think there are more Health options for AD champion and much less for AP Tanks.

    may lose its health stats which along with are oriented for AP tanks. Rylai is one of the core items for who would lose quite amount of power and defense

    If Scepter is about to become health-less then this item would be good addition as its focused …

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  • KeithCornell

    I am surprised that nobody has talked about Riot's changes for the 2017 Pre-Season, so here I am.

    The more time goes on, the smaller these changes get, it seems. In the assassins' case, though, it might be justified, since most of these changes are actually very satisfying and look very promising on paper.

    The biggest change to LeBlanc is her new passive . It's basically the same as her pre-update Q's mark, now applied with every spell, but it can only be procced after second. I must admit it's a very blunt way of extending her burst window, since it carries a lot of her damage. Everything else remains pretty much as is, except her new Q : it's still a target-shot much like the current one, except now if it procs her passive, it spreads to …

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  • Lyndongwapo

    |alttype = |date = |rangetype = range |health = 50 |attack = 40 |spells = 80 |difficulty = 70 |mana= 230 (+45) |manaregen= 6.9 (+0.6) |hp =433 (+78) |damage= 52.3(+3.9) |range = 150 / 525 |armor = 14 (+3.2) |magicresist = 30 (+0.00) |attackspeed = 0.640 (+3.7%) |healthregen = 6.95 (+0.6) |ms = 340 }}

    "Asushin" is a custom champion in the League of Legends and one of the 17 masters of Blades. Asushin is also one of the masters of blade which does not weild a blade or swords. Asushin is based in the game Samurai Showdown IV character:Amakusa the final stage boss. Asushin has multi-personality disorder, he has 2 characteristics the Evil one and the Good one. In Good one, he controls an energized Orb floating in him and use this as a basic at…

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  • Lyndongwapo

    These champions are all based in the game Samurai Shodown IV. Some concepts, idea and character design are extracted from each character in Samurai Showdown. Actually I made 16 heroes and there is one character not yet finished.

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  • Ysana

    Basic attacks do not apply attack damage. Basic attacks apply a stack of Invisible Wound.

    |description2 = All stacks of Invisible Wound are consumed after Waffle has not applied any stack to any target for 2.5 seconds. The stacks are instantly consumed if the affected unit moves. Consumption of Invisible Wound deals ( + ) physical damage per stack. Consumption caused by enemy movement deals 20% extra damage. This damage is affected by lifesteal and critical chance.

    • On-hit effects are applied in equal quantity as Invisible Wound when it is consumed.
    • On-attack effects are applied upon performing a basic attack.
    • This passive DOES apply to structures as well.
    • Last hitting will be a bitch.


    When activated while no enemies are affected by Invisible Wound, Waffle…

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  • Poisonshark

    Chiharu, the Green Channeler is a custom champion.
    Chiharu is a green-haired girl, with flowers and a vine crown growing in her hair. She has a few plant-like aspects to herself, though she's more a "flower-lady" than a "tree-lady", to use her terms. She is constantly accompanied by Daisy, who appears as a one-eyed demon covered in darkness, with eye-ended tentacles sprouting from her back. She's also wearing a long, stained white dress with a thick golden neck-lining.
    In gameplay, Chiharu is an assassin who relies on Daisy to poke the enemy and get enough damage amplifications to burst them in one rotation.

    When Chiharu is near a brush, a Primrose blooms in it. It is visible to enemies even from out of the brush. Primroses stay alive for 300 sec…

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  • Thenoobsummoner

    Ok, forget my last blog post. I went with Teemo instead of Rammus. Now, from what I've seen of Teemo he is quite over powered for him being so small. He can also stealth by just standing there. Any ideas on how to use this guy?  

    Also, I need some help on the IP boost thing. How do you use it???? 

    If you would like to help, plz post a comment. Any hurtful or innapropriate comments will be reported.

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  • Wlord99

    Fiddlesticks Rework

    October 17, 2016 by Wlord99

    This is my rework for Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom . Why does Fiddlesticks need a Rework? Currently Fiddlesticks does only really well as a jungler due to his massive sustain from his W-"Drain". You can play him as a support or midlaner too, but he lacks in reliable damage without his ultimate and his close range CC does not come in handy with his squishyness. Futhermore his kit and his lore and appeareance are all totally out of touch. He should be a scary sneaky scarecrow which rips off its opponents with its scythe and not a totem of damage incapable of winning trades against anybody with CC. Both his playstyle and visuals are outdated, just look at his poor Q,W and R animation, which are btw all the same, farming with his auto att…

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  • Thenoobsummoner

    The return to LOL

    October 17, 2016 by Thenoobsummoner

    Ok, its been quite some time now since I last played LOL. I have been saving my IP, but I've got a problem: I don't know which Champion to get!!! I've decided on either Twitch, Twisted Fate, or Rammus. To those viewing this post plz help!

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