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  • Sawyerrr
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  • Dardy50

    Gho'Kaw, the Riftmaker

    June 20, 2016 by Dardy50

    Gho'Kaw the Riftmaker is a custom champion that would be nice to have in League of Legends. I'll edit this later, but right now, I have no time. Sorry!

    . The next attack from a large minion, large monster, or champion is completely mitigated and consumes the portal used.

    |cooldown = }}

    Gho'Kaw, given Straight to the Void is up, places a portal behind target enemy Champion. The next attack within 5 seconds that goes through a portal comes out the second portal, dealing all of the damage and applying on-hit effects the attack usually has, along with bonus magic damage.

    |description2 = Allied champions may attack Gho'Kaw during this time. If the active goes away while an ally is attacking Gho'Kaw, the attack does no damage, doesn't consume an ext…

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  • Tylobic

    Hey guys ! I've recently seen this page, and I though about doing the same for the game Borderlands. I am warning you, this is nothing to be taken seriously, this is simply and purely for fun. Enjoy.

    Roland, the Soldier is a custom champion, created from the playable character in Borderlands 1 Roland.
    He uses a Combat Rifle as a main weapon but can also use a Shotgun and Grenades as abilities. He can summon a Scorpio Turret as an ultimate ability.

    Roland shots with his Shotgun in target direction, dealing physical damage to the first enemies hit in the cone as well as .

    |leveling = | }} |cooldown = |cost = 60 |costtype = mana |range = |}} }}

    For 5 seconds and upon unit kill, grants a piercing basic attack damaging all unit hit in a line.…

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  • Emptylord
    Long standing issues I've had with Sona
    • Her aura based mechanic currently doesn't lend itself to much gameplay - particularly those "high impact moments" (which are currently achieved by her ultimate).
      • Her most recent rework removed her persistent auras, which for me contradicted her musical theme. She should be constantly playing!
    • Her Hymn of Valor and Power Chord use too much of Sona's power budget without contributing toward her unique aura-based spot in the roster.
      • In fact, Hymn of Valar particularly encourages her to focus on a bland harass-based gameplay without much care for her auras.

    So I recently started playing Overwatch, Blizzard's new First Person Shooter that draws a lot of parallels with Team Fortress 2. Now I should probably sta…

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  • Ninfang

    Tracer is a champion in League of Legends.

    Tracer throws a pulse bomb in an area, slowing enemies around it. After a brief delay, it explodes dealing damage in an area around it.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = |cost = 60 |costtype = mana }}

    Tracers dashes in a short direction and increasing her attack speed

    |leveling = |leveling2= |cooldown = |cost = 30 |costtype = mana }}

    Tracers shoots 5 bullets in a target dealing damage

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 50 |costtype = mana }}

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  • Witchking99

    Luna, The Empyrean Moon is a champion in League of Legends.

    Luna puts a magical protection boundary around her reducing all magical damage done to her by a percentage. In exchange she turn her bonus magic resistance into armor.

    |description2 = Luna turns into her ethereal form reducing all physical damage by a percentage but taking a percentage more magic damage as a result. Luna converts all her armor into magic resistance. |leveling =

    |leveling2 =

    |cooldown = |cost = 0 |costtype = mana |range = }}

    Whenever Luna Transforms in between forms she gains a 10% boost of movement speed for 1.5 seconds.

    |description2 = Luna sends a percentage of her magic resistance and armor towards her ally for a duration. During the duration while her all…

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  • Sifter66


    So, I have an interesting champion concept, which would be very interesting for counter gameplay. I recommend you look at his ultimate first (which is automatically learned at level 1), since it is the main component of his basic abilities.

    Trabea's cannot cast his basic abilities, unless he is under the effect of Spell Shift. Additionally, Trabea gains Ability power equal to a % of his bonus Attack Damage and gains Attack Damage equal to a % of his Ability Power. These bonuses do not stack with each other

    Trabea casts the Q ability of his Spellshift's target. If the ability deals damage, restores health/mana or grants a shield, the base amount is reduced by a %.

    Damage %: 40/50/60/70/80%

    Mana cost: Equal to Spell Shift target's Q cost


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  • Berryeater

    I would like to talk about one of my favourite heroes, . He is my secondary main when I came back into the game. I have seen people complain about a lot. So let's talk about .

    is classified as an assassin main, but in my eyes, he is more of a fighter main as assassin is his secondary role. His best role, is most definitely the jungle as he can make use of the bushes, excellent/quick clears and his ganks are pretty solid. He rather the scariest duelist in the game, but however his power in team fights are rather bad as he have to find a way to get to the backline before worrying about the frontline.

    Usually how many people play is to prey on the enemy ranged ADC, like most of the time, which a lot of them hate. Some do not care about their …

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  • Healingmantra

    Selina, the Priestess Sentinel is a custom-made champion in League of Legends. She uses power of moon to support her allies and weaken her enemies with ranged attacks. She also possesses great initiation tool.

    they have is shared with another one (Selina gets bonus equal to the statistics of her soulbound champion and vice versa).


    After , power of moon spreads around Selina. Allies inside regenerate health equal to 1.5% of their missing health per second when inside of it and enemies take damage.

    Warded enemies are also silenced for as long as they are within the area and are slowed when within. |leveling =


    |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = mana |range = }}

    Imbues target ally, healing them and all warded enemies within target'…

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  • GreenMoriyama

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All numbers can be changed. The concept is key, though.

    Advice, comment and constructive criticism is always accepted.

    |alttype = |date = 2016-06-07 |author = Green Moriyama |rangetype = range |health = 40 |attack = 20 |spells = 90 |difficulty = 50 |hp_base = 516 |hp_lvl = 79 |mp_base = 345 |mp_lvl = 45 |mp5_base = 8.5 |mp5_lvl = 0.75 |resource = Mana |ad_base = 52 |ad_lvl = 3.1 |range = 500 |arm_base = 23.04 |arm_lvl = 3.4 |mr_base = 30 |mr_lvl = 0 |as_base = 0.668 |as_lvl = 1.75 |hp5_base = 5.5 |hp5_lvl = 0.6 |ms = 335 }} Judaeth, Messenger of the Limbo is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Hello, summoners. This is Green Moriyama yet again with a new champion to present. Just like last time with , I present yet another ori…

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  • Lesdin

    Please note:
    Lothric and Lorian are original characters from ', and I do not claim them to be of my own design. Copyrighted images that aren't of my ownership are used under the ' doctrine, and thus have not been modified with the intention of obscuring its origins. All artworks are linked to their respective source.


    image = } title = } herotype = } alttype = N/A resource = } author = Lesdin date = 09 / 06 / 16 changes = 12 / 06 / 16 attack = } health = } spells = } difficulty = } hp_base = } hp_lvl = } hp5_base = } hp5_lvl = } mp_base = } mp_lvl = } mp5_base = } mp5_lvl = } rangetype = } range = } dam_base = } dam_lvl …

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  • Baristar

    Gefra next basic attack dashes him to a targeted enemy unit.

    |description2 = |leveling = |static = |range = |targeting = Rogue's Etiquette is an on-hit effect with an accompanied fixed-length dash. |additional = Gefra can pass through terrain both before and after he's hit his target - permitting sufficient space for him to make the jump. |video = }}

    Gefra channels for 0.2 seconds and strikes the pike, dealing physical damage to enemies in a line and them for second.

    |cooldown = |cost = |leveling =

     % AD)}}

    |costtype = mana |range = 750 |targeting = Swift Stab is a linear, pass-through skillshot. |damagetype = physical |spellshield = will block the ability |spelleffects = |addit…

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  • Witchking99

    Sol, the Celestial Sun is a custom champion inspired by Celestia, the Empyrean Sovereign who in turn was inspired by Lancetta's Work. Sol, The Celestial Sun. Sol is known by many names such as The Solar King, The Helion Emperor, and The Vigilant Sovereign. Alone and by himself he can inspire Rage, Rebellion and Fear. Alone he would rule his Land with Iron-Fist always watching for any spark of treachery. Luckily he is not alone, because those are not what he stand for for he has Luna, The Empyreal Moon. With her He Inspires Power, Courage and Vigilance. He rules his kingdom with his wife and with the utmost care and grace. Able extinguish all doubt in them and all doubt in their decisions because they truly are the Eternal Lovers.

    as magic da…

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  • Healingmantra

    Nadya, the Nether Sorceress is a custom-made champion in League of Legends. She uses the magic of arcane and void to manipulate the battlefield at her will and mercilessly banish her foes.

    after the effect. When the enemy killed this way was a champion, they will also revive 50% longer.


    Dashes in the chosen direction, throwing flurry of arcane missiles in another chosen direction, dealing magic damage.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = mana |range = / / }}

    Nadya throws four chains over 1 second in the chosen direction, each dealing magic damage to first enemy hit, slowing them by 40%. If an enemy was damaged by more than one chain, they will get additional crowd-control effects , depending on the number of chains tha…

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  • Witchking99

    Please Note That this Champion i made is officially ice boxed due to lack of an actual identity. I do have a clear cut vision of who Sol and Luna are. I also was going to replace them with her servants Obyrione and Tytianna since they themselves also have clear cut vision. but i did not think of who Celestia was. I didn't have a vision for her. I do know her personality, abilities, and skills but i don't know how to translate it into a game concept yet, since her entire kit would revolve around commands. which is not a good game design. so till i do find out what I am going to do with her I am ice-boxing her. Feel free to look at her current kit and comment so i can make this kit into something even if it failed tiny wee bit but I am going…

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  • Nico.nunala

    Champion, the Title is a champion in League of Legends.

    Abime will channel a Spin attack. A complete channel will deal true damage while a incomplete will only deal 50% (but half of mana cost will be restored)

    (When the Enchance is active) After the spin abime next basic attack will stun his enemy for 1 sec. |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 100 |costtype = mana |range = 435 }}

    Abime will release a dark magic to his body nearby enemies will recieve continous magic damage.While the Curse is active Abime movement speed will slowly decrease to 40%. Activating the spell again will stop the curse and Abime will receive additional 20 movement speed for 2 seconds.

    (When Enchance is Active )Abime movement speed will only decrease to 15% activa…

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  • ClayHuang158

    % AP)}} to .

      • AP ratio for Static Field area damage down from to .
      • Static field radius down from 275 to 225.
    • Shockwave
      • AP ratio for slow strength down from to .

    7 June 2016

    • Electricity
      • AP ratio for bonus magic damage on Electrified opponents down from to % AP)}}.
      • Area damage for Static Field charge down from 4level}} to 3.5(level1)}} .
    • Tesla Coil
      • Branching damage AP ratio down from to .
      • Tesla Coil health down from 500 to 450.
    • Shockwave
      • Shield duration is now shortened by seconds per 1% cooldown reduction.
      • Shield decay tick reduced from seconds between ticks to seconds.
      • Cooldown increased from seconds to seconds.
    • Shock Hazard
      • Enemies will now only take 75% damage from subsequent mini pulses, capping at 6 reductions.

    6 June 2016

    • Created.


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  • Thresh4prez

    This Veigar build review will kick off with the rune page setup. The rune setup in the website link above was designed amazingly. Its as if it was created by a secret challenger. The rune setup is composed of ability power, Magic penetration, Health, and magic resist.
    Now im going to talk about the mastery setup included in this Veigar build. the masteries in this build seem to be geared towards combo bursting.
    The reason why I say that is because the main focus is in cunning, and the main is in Thunderlords.
    The actual items in this build are very usual to what I see most people build when playing veigar. The build includes a lot of ability power items. The late game items being Deathcap and Luden's Echo. Overall I would says its really pow…

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  • LancettaBreeze

    Shieki, the Astral Priestess is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All of Shieki's abilities have shared cooldowns with their alternative form, including her ultimate


    Shieki heals herself and target ally, additionally granting them a reduction in damage received from basic attacks (Minions get 25% healing and receive no damage reduction)

    |leveling =

    % seconds

    |cooldown = 13 |cost = |costtype = mana |range = 675 }}

    Shieki harms herself to harm an opponent and apply a stack of Moonlit Weakness

    |leveling = |cooldown = 13 |cost = |costtype = mana |range = 600 }} }}

    Shieki gains Health Regen equal to 33% of her Mana Regen

    |description2 = Shieki gains 200% Health and Mana regen in exchange for a reduction of Ab…

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  • Sifter66

    Champion Prices

    June 4, 2016 by Sifter66

    Hello Everyone,

    So, today I want to talk to you about the way champions are priced. I understand that newer champions are priced higher because, well, they're new. However, this made me wonder: Is that specific champion's price reasonable, in relation to their playstyle?

    All players have their own main champions, however not everyone has the money to purchase them straight away and may be required to earn a lot of IP just to buy one champion. So, I propose that champions should be priced, not based on their release date, but rather on their difficulty level and kit.

    Basically, easier to learn champions with simpler kits are priced lower, while the more harder champions with more complicated kits are priced higher. This allows the champions, w…

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  • Emptylord

    In the near future we are to see a complete rework to the game's class system, which Riot covered the basics of in this blog. At the start of June, they published a thread in the Dev Corner that details the planned roles for each champions. For your convenience, I have combined below (left) a list of the planned classes as well as the champions Riot has assigned to them.

    Note that Riot's is classifying champions by their target fantasy, rather than how they are currently played or built from patch-to-patch (e.g. Ekko's fantasy is an assassin, but he is currently played as a tank due to itemization exploitation). That said, in the comment section it has become apparent that Riot is defending a lot of their choices based on how the champion i…

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  • JmLyan

    Ori and Sein, the Light of Nibel are custom champions in League of Legends based on the main characters from Ori and the Blind Forest. While both Ori and Sein are of unknown gender, I will refer to them as he and she respectively for convenience.

    Art is by SP-hera at deviantart.

    Ori cannot use basic attacks. Instead, issuing an attack command causes Sein to attack the target for as long as Ori remains within range of it, dealing magic damage. Ori can still move and use abilities while Sein is attacking.

    |description2 = While Sein isn't attacking, she gathers energy for up to |Affected by cooldown reduction}} seconds, causing her next basic attack to deal up to % AD}} bonus damage. At maximum charge, the attack hits all enemies in a 200-radius area around the…

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  • Healingmantra

    | alttype =

    | attack = 40 | spells = 70 | health = 50 | difficulty = 50

    | range = 175 | rangetype = melee | ms = 330

    | hp = | healthregen = | mana = | manaregen = | damage = | attackspeed = | armor = | magicresist =

    | hp_base = 580 | hp_lvl = 91 | hp5_base = 11 | hp5_lvl = 0.91 | mp_base = 315 | mp_lvl = 54 | mp5_base = 6.90 | mp5_lvl = 0.76 | dam_base = 55 | dam_lvl = 3.25 | as_base = 0.625 | as_lvl = 1.83% | arm_base = 27.1 | arm_lvl = 4.1 | mr_base = 32.1 | mr_lvl = 1.25 }}Rodach, the Battlepriest is a custom-made champion in League of Legends.

    . }}

    Rodach surrounds himself with an anti-magic aura, that d…

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  • Thresh4prez

    Love everyone who reads my blog. If you are still reading my reviews you are a special person in my heart. This Thresh Support Build Review is going to be a good one. I promise you will like this Thresh support build.
    The Runes in this Thresh support build are interesting to say the least. The writer of this build really seemed to want to balance the runes out. By giving him attack speed, Armor, Health, and Magic resist. Thus making him balanced.
    The mastery setup in this Thresh support build was also interesting. The reason being is because he chooses thunderlords on a thresh. Which is very unusual. However I tried it out and it seems to work only because of getting those early first bloods. So it definitely works out.
    When it comes to the …

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  • MarsAres2011


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  • Thresh4prez

    Anyways So I came across this Darius Top build surfing the internet and I must say its pretty good. I really like all the pictures and explanation behind what the build is teaching.
    When it comes to the runes in this build I had never seen anyone use the runes that were included in the setup of this build. Although surprising I tried them out in ranked playing as Darius and I must say that it really helped my game play.
    As far as the Mastery setup goes it was spot on to what I think an Darius Mastery Page should look like. Not much else to say about that.
    The actual items in this build are interesting as well. The starting items are typical but the writer of this build definitely puts their on spin on the typical Darius build. I really recom…

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  • Witchking99

    Assassins are hard to classify since they all usually have mobility and nuking potential so i want to propose this system

    Stealth Assassins - Stealth Assassins rely on stealth to gain a tactical advantage. they may have great damage and mobility but their stealth is what they rely on the most without it they fall apart easily.

    Pure Assassins - Pure assassins rely on their Mobility and Nuking Capabilities to gain a tactical advantage. these assassins usually require a good set-up to continue their onslaught. they are the assassins able to kill off a key player in the enemy's strategy and run away to either safety or their next target. they are usually the last to enter a fight and can escape when the situation calls for it.

    Combat Assassins - …

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  • PurpleWii

    Don't talk to me, or my posts ever again. As of drafting this, I've had to ice-box 2 different before this one. Mainly due to relevance issues, a bit of writers block, and having to smash my face against a wall of code, I decided to postpone those posts for a later date. Man, writing content is hard. BUT, that's(currently) in the past now. I'm a new man with a new post(and a new wiki icon; shiny!); it's time to get down to business before I break my hands. No, not that way, the other way.

    Loosen up? Maybe. Get better a better sense of humor? Later. Stop? Never! I live for the applause, I live for the terrible, cheesy, "tryhard" way of speech! What do you get when you take that away from me?! A miserable pile of memes. My ship is my soul, my …

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  • Thresh4prez

    First of all I Thank you for reading and viewing my blog! I'm so thankful for the support. Now lets get into this Ekko Top Build Review.
    The Runes in this Ekko Top build were ability powered baste. The rune setup included in this build looks like its going for maximum AP Damage. The runes give you a bonus of 20 magic pen and six magic resist.

    The mastery page setup included in this Ekko top build where standard for Ekko using Thunder Lords as the main focus.
    When it comes to the actual items in the build they are also Ability Power focused. The items to me seemed some what interesting seeing as most people try to play tanky tops. However in this build they seem to want you to play an assassin. I tried the item build and I won the game. Thats…

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  • Thresh4prez

    To all my new readers out there I love you all! This Jinx ADC Build is from the same website as the first review. However I just really loved how they are written the author really skips through all the BS and cuts to the chase.
    That being said I test all of the guides I review on this blog. The results of this Jinx ADC Build where very good. I am currently Diamond 1 ranked in League of Legends and the first game I played using this build I won.
    The runes in this build are kind of confusing to me. However it seems to work out pretty good. I do like how balanced it is. Really gives you a whole lot of extra bonuses. Where as most build just focus on one area. Such as damage or survive ability.
    When it comes to the masteries of this build its p…

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  • Chase999

    Anew, the Vital Sleeper also known as the Energetic Sleeper or the Vitalis Somnum is a custom champion made by Chase999 part of the Phantom Circus Champions.

    Anew uses a unique resource called "Navitas". He has a maximum amount of 1000 Navitas and does not regenerate any Navitas while awake.

    that reduces all damage to it by 10%. He gains new skills while sleeping. Anew doesn't wake up till he reaches maximum Navitas and when he wakes up, after a short delay, he gain +100 % decaying Movement speed for 2 second.


    Anew throws a bag of nightmare dust into a location. Upon Explosion, any enemy will be feared, the dust persists for a duration and its AOE will grow as the duration continues, enemies within the AOE will be for 1 more second after l…
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  • ZORIN CT7575

    Hello all, my friend AZACOR and I have started an editorial blog and wanted to share it with the wiki. These are our opinions on the game, specifically on a gold elo and below perspective, so please take them for what they are worth:

    "Tanks, more specifically tanks with CC, are prime acquisitions for any team comp. They always have been, and always will be. The necessary number of these tanks on a team is what is in question. Per the current meta, what AZACOR and our team have found is a 3-2 team composition is ideal (3 tanks, 2 carries). Top, Jungle, and Support are the roles that should fulfill the need for tanks on any given team. Although, recently, we found a means of implicating a 2-3 spread, but the 2 tanks roles must offer heavy CC.…

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  • Emptylord
    The following is a complete relaunch. For the original version, see Nighthawk (2013).

    ' ' is the best champion ever.

    Some inspiring artwork of DC's Man-Bat:

    • http://jazylh.deviantart.com/art/Man-Bat-61937177
    • http://francesco-biagini.deviantart.com/art/Man-Bat-shriek-204669629
    • http://1314.deviantart.com/art/MAN-BAT-73684614
    • http://pifalo.deviantart.com/art/Man-Bat-sketch-173367571
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  • Berryeater

    Item suggestions

    May 25, 2016 by Berryeater

    I have some suggestions about the items that should be implemented or changed. Here are my list of suggestions.


    Doran's blade: no longer gives life steal, instead it heals from dealing physical damage per hit. For melees they heal for 5 for basic attacks and single target abilities, 3 for area of effect abilities and multi-hit abilities (2 from AOE multi-hit). For ranged heals 3 from single target, 2 from area of effect / multi-hit (1 from AOE `multi-hit)

    Doran's ring: No longer gives mana back from killing units, instead it does the same as dorans' blade except it works for mana.

    Cull (along with ancient coin): Ancient coin merged with cull instead. I find cull, right now a very useless item so it should be reworked into a sup…

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  • Berryeater

    Here is another balance of rework suggestion, part 2. Just before I start, all these are suggestions, if you have any questions regarding to this topic, feel free to ask. Appreciate your time and consideration of this blog and the game.

    Now about the stats I suggest a change to it. Now we all know that it should be based on the roles and what stats they would usually focus on to help out their own champion and their teammates. Now what we can deal with the fact that base stats could use some change. It is split into roles so here is a suggestion, all ranged champions now gain magic resist upon leveling up while all champions gain base ability power. Now here is what we can do for the stats.

    Health: As we know that on all champions, this is t…

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  • Rogonoc

    Leona Rework

    May 24, 2016 by Rogonoc
    seconds each time she damages them with an ability. At three stacks, basic attacks consume Sunlight on enemies, dealing bonus magic damage and the target takes 1-35% more damage from all sources for 1-4 seconds.

    |targeting=Sunlight is an on-spell effect that applies a debuff. |damagetype=magic |spelleffects=single |onhiteffects= |spellshield=will block the application of the debuff, but will not block the detonation of a mark. |additional=

    • The damage dealt by Sunlight's mark is credited to the allied champion, not Leona. As such, the magic damage will benefit from their magic penetration and will apply any spell effects they have, including spell vamp.
    • Sunlight does not stack. Further applications of the debuff only refresh the timer.
    • Sunlight has …
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  • Numinous J

    Benji, the Menace on Wheels is a custom champion in League of Legends that is a squirrel Yordle riding a Piltover hog.

    |alttype =

    | attack = 2 | spells = 7 | health = 6 | difficulty = 5

    | range = 475 | rangetype = ranged | ms = 335

    | hp_base = 565.57 | hp_lvl = 86 | hp5_base = 7.682 | hp5_lvl = 0.65 | mp_base = 299 | mp_lvl = 44 | mp5_base = 7 | mp5_lvl = 0.675 | dam_base = 55.5 | dam_lvl = 2.35 | as_base = 0.642 | as_lvl = 2.7 | arm_base = 23.865 | arm_lvl = 3.75 | mr_base = 30 | mr_lvl = 0 |date = May 25 }}

    Benji can't purchase boots, but can buy Hextech Upgrades in the store, which are new item recipes that grant new effects to his Hogtech Drivinson…

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  • Degritone

    After a cast time, Mathematician launches 10 bolts that oscillate between spreading out evenly to 750 units across and converging every 314 units, starting together. Each bolt passes through minions and small monsters, but stops at terrain, , and large and epic monsters, dealing magic damage when they initially make contact with enemies. Additionally, they are 300 units long, dealing magic damage to enemies inside them every 0.25 seconds. Each bolt deals its own damage.

    |leveling = | }}

     % AP)}}|  % AP}}}}  % AP}}

    |cooldown = |cost = |range=1200 |costtype = mana |targeting=Sine Wave is an area of effect ability. |damagetype=magic |spelleffects=AoE |onhiteffects= |spellshield=will block the contact damage. |additional=

    • Missile speed of 4…

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  • Baristar

    Leo, Grand Cannon

    May 24, 2016 by Baristar

    Leo recharges one cannonball if he stood still for 1 second without acting or being acted upon. The passive will be disabled if he is in combat, he is moving or his ammunition bar is already full.}} If Leo has at least one cannonball at his disposal, he is granted a unique range indicator. At 700 unit range, Leo fires one cannonball, dealing splash plus . If the targeted enemy unit is within his melee range, The passive will deactivate and he will do basic attack instead.

    |cooldown = 10 |cost = |leveling = |costtype = |range = |targeting = Force Reload is a self-targeted buff that empowers his basic attacks. |damagetype = |spellshield = |spelleffects = |additional = If Leo has more cannonballs at his dispo…

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  • Emptylord

    This custom champion is a mirror of Heroes of the Storm's Cho'Gall, a hero that is controlled by two players. Should such a concept be implemented on the League of Legends? Would it even work? It does fall into the "Champion select strategy" gameplay that Riot has historically stated they dislike (even if I don't believe they've ever actually taken this into account when designing a champion) - since picking Cho'Gall is a massive double-edged sword and requires a helluva lot of comp-planning and its subject to a lot of counter-strategies.

    Core Differences
    • HOTS' Blind Pick requires you to build your team before you queue up (and doesn't permit you to queue without both parts of Cho'Gall selected). In Draft Pick, Cho'Gall can only be selected be p…

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  • Ridro

    Hi there summoners!

    For my master thesis I am researching League of Legends! At the moment I'm gathering data and you probably feel it coming... wait for it... Could you fill in my survey? By completing the survey you do not only contribute to my graduation but also to science!

    To make filling in the survey a bit more rewarding I will give away 10x 750 Riot Points when at least 200 respondents have completed my survey. Filling in the survey will take approximately take 5 minutes.

    Thanks a lot!





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  • ClayHuang158


    May 23, 2016 by ClayHuang158

    Flamberge, the Flame Wielder, is a champion that I decided to make for no apparent reason.

    2.5level}} (+ 10% AP) on-hit magic damage}} and deals 0.45(level1)}} (+ % AP) magic damage}} per second for 3 seconds. |description2 = On the third hit, Flamberge will deal double the damage and grant Flamberge 1level}} bonus magic penetration|MR}} against the target for 6 seconds. This will not remove the stacks. Stacks last 4 seconds and cap at 4 stacks. |targeting = Arcflame Blade is an on-hit effect. |damagetype = magical |spelleffects = damage over time |onhiteffects = |spellshield = Will not block the ability. |additional =

    • The bonus will affect the damage over time and on-hit damage.
    • After the third hit, the target will be taking the same a…

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  • Berryeater


    We have a total of 6 roles

    Fighter     Tank          Marksman        Assassin           Mage        Support

    They need to be split up into a play style that is BASED on their roles only.

    The fighter would be the bruiser or just fighter. They have overall rating as it was claimed but they scale into the biggest threat (not true for certain heroes like pantheon). They have great physical combat stats but are weak to magic (as how in general MMORPGs or RPGs fighters would be)

    So they would have the highest overall base AD, but the lowest MR

    These guys would scale off of AD.

    Characters that would just fighters are Aatrox, Warwick, Gangplank, Darius, Pantheon. etc.

    What people need to build on these guys are both offense and d…

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  • Emptylord
    Removed Items
    • /
    • /
    • / /
    • Renamed Sight Ward.
    • Sight Wards will become visible while an enemy champion is within 212.5 units.
    • Sight Wards will reveal stealthed units within 212.5 units (700 units for and ).
    • Duration adjusted to seconds from 180 at all times.
    • Sight Wards are held in the player's Sightstone, up to 2 at a time.
    • All players start with a Sightstone in their Trinket slot. Summoner's Rift only; cannot be sold.
    • Health removed.
    • Now holds 5 .
      • Up to 3 wards generate passively (every seconds), and all 3 charges will be granted whenever you visit the fountain.
      • Up to 2 wards can be purchased in the store (described as premium charges).
      • The item will show the charges as 1/3 and 1/2, for example. The free charges will be used first.
    • At level 9, the Sights…
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  • Emptylord

    Sandbox/Item bank

    May 22, 2016 by Emptylord

    Chillwind Potion
    • Costs .
    • Regenerates 5 health and mana every half-second for 15 seconds, restoring a total of 150 health and 100 mana.
    • Holds 5 charges that are refilled upon spawning. Picking up Health Relics will restore 3 charges.

    The following is designed out of context of other proposed changes:
    • Moving (5 per 100 units) and casting (10 per cast) generates charges up to 100. Striking at least one monster with an ability generate 20 bonus charges. When fully charged, your next ability is free to cast (mana and energy) and is empowered based on its type:
      • 30 bonus magic damage to the first enemy hit, doubled versus monsters.
      • 30 bonus shield or increased healing to the first ally hit, prioritizing yourself followed by other champions.
    • Moving (5 pe…

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  • Emptylord

    I personally can't stand , and . Upgrading shouldn't just give more raw stats because more stats shouldn't ever be the solution to the problem. There should be decision making. Versus an autoattacker, you have plenty of armor options - but versus any other damage dealers...?

    So the goal here is: options. (With a sub-goal of removing the above three items, at least as stat-only upgrades.)

    • Recipe cost increased to 700g from 450g.
      • Total cost increased to 2700g from 2450g.
    • Cooldown reduction reduced to 10% from 20%.
    • Aura removed.
    • Now grants Slows the movement speed of nearby enemy units by 40% and applies Cold Steel for 2 (+1 second per 500 bonus mana) seconds, as well as granting you 15% attack speed per enemy champion hit for the same duration. …

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  • Tylobic

    Welcome to this League of Legends Wiki tutorial made by Tylobic. In this tutorial, we are going to see the basics of programming on LoLWiki.

    League of Legends Wiki is using the programming language HTML and Templates. So you can code in HTML, but it's actually quite complicated and the Wikia community created Templates to make it easier for everyone to code on the website. Basically here we are going to see the Templates more than HTML language.

    On almost every LoLWiki pages, you have the ability to edit a page if you a registered and logged in. Your default editor is set to the VisualEditor, which is useful when you don't know anything about programming, but produces poor coding. I highly recommand changing your editor to Source editor. To do…

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  • Emptylord

    Gameplay Update
    • Niche - The weaponized warehouse robot. The forklift. The organizer.
    • Lore - was designed to be an automated replacement for the general workforce of Zaun, but his was overqualified for slave labour and decided to do what it wanted.
    • Stats
      • Base mana increased to 300 from 267.2.
      • Mana growth increased to 70 from 40.
    Blitzcrank stores all mana he expends as grey mana. If Blitzcrank drops below , he converts all of his grey mana into a shield that decays over the next 6 seconds. If out of combat for at least seconds, Blitzcrank will rapidly consume his grey mana and restores equal to % of the grey mana consumed.

    |cooldown = 90 seconds }}

    Blitzcrank fires his right hand in the target direction, the first unit he hits and, if enemy, dealing the…
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  • Numinous J

    Numinous J/Sandbox

    May 19, 2016 by Numinous J

    Inspired by LivesbyProxy's thread on our Urgod, I tried to convey a new ult that combined artillery and a more Juggernaut-ish playstyle.

    Upon falling below , becomes primed to explode after a 1 second delay, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemy units.

    |description2= deploys two flying drones, the Hextech Annihilation Xyster (HAX) and the Noxian Orbiting Physical Eschewer (NOPE). HAX has offensive properties and NOPE has defensive properties. The drones orbit around Urgot and can be targeted by enemies. They last 10 seconds but last 5 more seconds for every kill and assist scored. |description3= will share 30% of the damage suffered by the drones (except physical damage if NOPE is still functional). While the drones are active, will have h…

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  • Emptylord
    Full Relaunch
    • Niche - The insanely mobile tank.
    • Lore - is now an Ascendant of Shurima, although this is not confirmed canonically. He remains enigmatic and stoic.
    • Title - The Guardian of the Sands
    • Visuals - updated to resemble Utopix's artwork.
      • updated to use a darker, more scarab-like color pallet and renamed Risen Rammus.
      • Traditional Rammus released under the moniker of Prehistoric Rammus, resembling a mere armadillo.
    • Pipe Dream - Rammus has a /taunt for every champion, plus a few race/regional taunts to cover new champions.
    • Stats
      • Base attack damage increased to from .
      • Attack damage growth increased to from .
      • Rammus no longer benefits from bonus attack speed, similar to . His basic attacks are suitably empowered by his innate.
    Rammus can initiate a chann… Read more >

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