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  • Neaware

    Veegee is a moth champion that I developed within like 5 minutes because someone was interested in spitballing ideas for a moth champion.

    I don't know squat about champion designing or balanced values or anything, and am completely open to ideas.

    Here goes:

    Passive: Silk Trail

    As Veegee moves about, she leaves a silk trail that lasts for 4 seconds. Any non-allied target to touch the trail will be slowed by 15%. Stepping on two lines of the trail will double the slow to 30%. If Veegee creates a circle with silk trail, all targets within the circle will be stunned for 1.5 seconds. Effect will not work on the same target for 8 seconds.

    Q - Chew Through

    Veegee munches through a target, targeting the tender organs to debilitate it, Dealing physical d…

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  • Lokiwg

    Dear Ekko players

    June 26, 2015 by Lokiwg

    So Ekko has been out for a minute and there is a pretty solid understanding of how he works, so I have one question aimed to those of you that build Luden's Echo on him - why?

    I have not built the item on him once not even the first day he was out as a ill try it. The item just doesn't make sense on him. Lets think about it. Lets say we have a level 6 Ekko with Luden's Echo and nothing else for stats we are just looking at the item. With pre-nerf Ludens Echo you would get 118 damage per pop. In 1 fight the most you can realistically look for is 2 procs in a fight 1 at the beginning and 1 near the end so that's 236 damage from the Echo. Now with nerfed Luden's Echo the best you can realistically hope for in a fight is 1 proc dealing 112 dama…

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  • JmLyan

    Khez, the Otherworldly Being is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    (4|||}} at each level)}} bonus magic damage. Subsequent basic attacks within 5 seconds causes this bonus to stack up to 5 times, for a maximum of (20|||}} at each level)}} damage.

    |description3 = |range = |cost = |costtype = |cooldown = |customlabel = |custominfo = }} | }}

    Khez fires a bolt of strange energy in a line, dealing magic damage and the first enemy champion hit. After traveling 1500 units, the bolt slows down , but the root duration is doubled and the damage is increased by 50%.

    |description2 = Aether Threads: If the bolt hits a marked unit, it it instead of rooting it. |description3 = |leveling =

    • | }}
    • | }}

    |leveling2 = |leveling3 = |range = Global |cost…

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  • YourPrivateNightmare

    Ahoy community,

    today we're going to talk about the updated defensive mastery tree.

    As someone who likes to play tanks, this was a pretty big deal for me and I was really excited for this. however, it kinda turned out, that it's now a lot less easy to decide which masteries to pick.

    That's why I'll now share my opinions on them and then expect you to tell me why I'm wrong.

    So let's get started

    this has replaced the mastery, which is now farther up.

    What does this mean? Basically it's a small nerf to Bruisers, because they don't get the ~5 bonus armor/MR anymore, but it might be a valuable investment on ADCS, or assassins if your enemy team has a lot of slows.

    Personally I'm hesitant and prefer , because it offers more safety to marksmen (and ass…

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  • Psychofreak2

    Just an ordinary support } |static=} |customlabel= |custominfo= |cost=} |costtype=} |description= Whenever a non-ultimate ability activates, he gains a shield equal to [16 + (2 per lvl)] for every allied champion nearby for 3 seconds. Does not stack but refreshes shield every ability activation. }}} |costtype=} |description= Upgrades a Ghost Ward,a Stealth Ward or a Greater Stealth Totem allowing it to sweep the nearby 300 unit area revealing stealthed units for 3 seconds. The Tactical ward attacks other non-stealthed/revealed wards within 300 units. A Tactical Ward loses stealth while attacking enemy wards and will gain stealth 1 second after it finished attacking. A Tactical Ward sweeps the area upon placement and for 3 seconds before it…

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  • Xyzdragoncannon

    It's a catfish with a top-hat my life is complete. The reveal page: http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/champion-reveal/tahm-kench-river-king

    Tahm is described as a solo laner or a support. He uses mana, and given that he attacks with his tounge, he is probably melee ranged.

    The abilities:

    Passive-An aquired taste:

    Allows interaction with the Q and W at 3 stacks. By putting extra power into a 3-stack passive, they create opportunities of extra power as well as extra counterplay. It also allows them to put more power in the rest of his kit, which is (depending on the numbers) pretty crazy.

    Q-Tounge lashe:

    Deals damage in a line to the first unit hit and slows it. If a champion has 3 passive stacks, it gets stunned instead. A fairly standard a…

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  • JBox2D

    The patch I want to see\

    June 23, 2015 by JBox2D

    Most non-targeted DoT effects now have a standardized tick rate of once every half second, with the damage dealt per second unchanged. The goal here is to make these abilities feel a bit better to use, and to make it so that "if you're in my ability you're taking damage" instead of "if you're in the ability when it ticks you're taking damage" which is how it sometimes feels when using abilities with a one second tick rate.

    Affected Abilities: , , , , , , , , , ,

    Anyone who's ever played Leauge knows that there are a bunch of abilities with hitboxes that just don't match their visual effects at all. Not all of these champions necessarily need nerfs, and in many of these cases the visual effect should be increased to match the ability's hitbox …

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  • Sifter66

    Hi friends,

    Today, I have decided to talk about the idea of changing Swain, not his kit directly, but how they work with his Mana, to make his mana consumption more managable during all phases of the match. I think the UTILITY and COST of his abilities should scale with his Mana, while the damage still scales with his AP. You may look at this as another version of Ryze if you want. Note: these ideas DO NOT change the damage of his current kit.

    Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

    Restores 2.5% of Maximum Mana on small minion or monster kill. Restores 5% on Large Minion, Monster or Structure kill. Restores 10% on Champion kill or assist.

    Cost: 4% of Maximum Mana

    The Slow percentage increases by 2% for every 100 mana consumed from the abil…

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  • Tylobic

    • Hello ladies and gentlemen, this page is about the fun remake of all League of Legends' champions and items in a realistic way, were guns one-shot people, and Lee Sin jumps are just impossible.
    • Hope you enjoy it.

    % of his current health}} over 5 seconds. |description2 = Upon taking lethal damage, Aatrox gives a double kill. Indeed when he die, Aatrox try to revive himself by drinking his own blood, which makes him die a second time. |description3 = Aatrox is a creepy dude, and the only champ who can be damaged by his allies. }}}}

    Aatrox tries to jump off the floor and manage to take a 10-inch height, but lands in a terrible way, breaking both of his legs and dealing magic to him damage over time due to the hemorrhage he's suffering.

    |leveling …

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  • Shigfugjum

    One of the major balance issues with Nasus is that he scales infinitely with his stacks – he can go almost full tank and, if the game goes on long enough, still be able to output large late-game damage. This means that the power in the rest kit has to be strictly limited. However, removing the stacking mechanic from his Q guts out a large part of his identity as a champion.

    This is an attempt to reconcile these two points by allow Nasus to expend stacks to access more power in other areas in his kit. The overall concept is that by spending stacks over the course of the game, Nasus’s late game oppression can be delayed and also adds decision making on the end of the Nasus player (how much should I conserve my stacks?)

    Disclaimer: I do not cla…

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  • Tridan V2

    Freddy Fazbear, The Animatronic Horror is not and will never be a champion in League of Legends due to legal reasons. He is however a funcept created by me because I have little creativity at the moment and feel like FNAF.

    Bold text

    Freddy's basic attacks and abilities apply for 2 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. can only affect one target at any given time.

    |description2 = Subsequent strikes against enemies grant Freddy % bonus attack speed for 3 seconds. At 3 stacks, stacks are consumed and the target for seconds. A target cannot be affected more than once every few seconds.

    |description3 = Basic attacks against the target stack the attack speed bonus up to 3 times, but will not refresh the bonus' duration.

    |customlabel = |custominfo …

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  • MrSuperSpy

    Tyler, the Scarred

    June 21, 2015 by MrSuperSpy

    Tyler, the Scarred is a custom champion for League of Legends made by MrSuperSpy.

    Tyler gains movement speed for 1.5 seconds whenever he damages an enemy champion with a basic attack.

    |description2 = Damaging an enemy champion with an ability grants a (4015 at each level)}} health shield for 3 seconds. This cannot occur more than once every seconds. }} | }}

    Every third basic attack against the same target deals bonus physical damage equal to 6% of their max. health (max. 300 damage vs. monsters). The third attack can also proc on structures, ignoring 100% of their armor, but dealing reduced damage. This effect resets after 5 seconds of not attacking the target.

    |leveling = damage |description2 = Tyler's next basic attack within 5 s…

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  • Gavinmagnus


    June 20, 2015 by Gavinmagnus

    Champion, the Title is a champion in League of Legends.

    or 6(3level).


    This is the description for Q's active. This also showcase the basic layout of a regular ability with scaling with attack damage & ability power scaling.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = |cost = 25 |costtype = mana |range = 625 }}

    This is the description for W's passive ability. This showcase the basic layout for an ability with a passive ability.

    |description2 = This is the decription for W's active ability with bonus health scaling and mana scaling. |leveling = |leveling2= |cooldown = |cost = 100 |costtype = mana |range = }}

    This can be the first part of the ability, or first set. This also showcase defensive scaling.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 140…

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  • Nearthel

    Riot was trying to remove the randomness on the game, they removed dodge chance and gave critical strike a pseudoRNG system to make it more consistent. But critical strike chance is still there and I thing it could be changed to a more consistent system.

    They also created bonus Armor penetration (on and ) and reworked because it was a good item against both squishy and tanky enemies.

    So these are my proposals:

    no longer grants a probability to deal increased damage from autoattacks, instead it constantly increases damage autoattacks deal, up to 100% bonus damage dealt.

    Critical Chance runes converted into Critical Damage runes. If you have more than 9 Critical Damage runes of the same type after the conversion (or 3 Quintaessences), extra ru…

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  • QuantumFeint

    OK, so sadly, my most beloved adc(that is only adc I actually like) is getting harsh treatment, since she is seen as really weak. Which is not completely true, but she certainly has many drawbacks. I heard people talk about wanting her reworked. So I decided to offer my ideas for sale.

    Miss Fortune gains 40 movement speed after not taking damage for 5/4/3/2 seconds(at level 1/6/11/16).

    |description2 = When her health goes bellow 40%, Miss Fortune gains 200 movement speed for 2.5 seconds. This puts both parts of her passive on 30 seconds cooldown.




    While strut is claimed to be one of weakest parts of her kit, in my opinion, it is heavily underestimated. It allows Miss Fortune to flank, to dodge skillshots, and return about 25% faster back to…

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  • BoltOfSpades


    June 20, 2015 by BoltOfSpades

    |alttype = |date = June 20th, 2015|rangetype = ranged|health = 3|attack = 3|spells = 9|difficulty = 7|hp = 469 (+81)|damage= 48 (+2.9)|range = 175|armor = 18 (+2.4)|magicresist = 23 (+1.8)|attackspeed = 0.66 (+0.06%)|healthregen = 3.92 (+0.18)|mana = 280 (+55)|mana regen = 5.9 (+1.01)|speed = 340}}Salem, The Plague of Zaun is a custom template champion in League of Legends. ==Abilities== }} Salem hurls a grenade at target location for 5 seconds. The grenade creates a cloud of gas around it that poisons enemies inside, dealing magic damage over 3 seconds. If the grenade lands on a unit, it will attach itself to it, leaving a trail of poison behind it that lingers for 2 seconds.|leveling =    |cooldown= |cost= }} Whenever Salem kills a u…

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  • Tylobic

    Gardylan, the Dark Warlock is a project champion.

    of Gardylan's total .

    ex: Gardylan has , Eileryl will receive (530). }} Gardylan's level|}} over 5 seconds. }} }}

    the first enemy hit. Missile Speed}} 1500 Missile Speed}} 2500 50

    |leveling = Magic Damage}}

    Magic Damage}} Stun Duration}} Stun Duration}}

    |range = – |cooldown = }}

    After an incantation time, Gardylan casts an Enhanced Spectral Orb in target direction, dealing magic damage and the first enemy hit. Missile Speed}} 1500 Missile Speed}} 2500 50

    |leveling = Magic Damage}}

    Magic Damage}} 3

    |range = – |cooldown = }} }}

    as magic damage.

    |description2 = Additionnal informations:

    • Each rank in this ability will give Eileryl addtionnal , , , and .
    • Eileryl's , , , and upgrade with Gardylan's level.
    • Eileryl…

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  • Tridan V2

    Blastjaw, the Mechanized Demons are not and will never be a twin champion in League of Legends. Blastjaw consists out of two beings, Blast & Jaw. They are functionally identical to any other champion, but their model consists out of two creatures following eachother.

    Upon taking damage, Blastjaw gains and for 4 seconds.

    |cooldown = }}

    Blast sends out a blast of Demon-energy in a line, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit and reducing their for 2 seconds and slowing them for 1 second.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = |range = 850 }}

    Jaw bites targets in a small 110 degree cone in front of him, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit and reducing their for 2 seconds and stunning them for 0.5 seconds.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = …

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  • Emptylord

    Imagine these like picking a Summoner Spell then a perk to your Summoner Spell.

    • For the next 8 seconds, you gain vision of all enemy champions within 2500 units and 15% bonus movement speed while moving toward nearby, visible enemy champions. (120 second cooldown).
      • - The bonus movement speed is increased to 25%.
      • - The vision radius is increased to 4000.
      • - The cooldown is reduced to 90 seconds.
      • - The bonus movement speed is increased to 30% while moving toward an enemy below half health.
    • You deal 390-1000 true damage to the target minion or monster and restore 75 + (15 level) health. (60 second cooldown)
      • - You gain 35% attack speed for 12 seconds.
      • - You gain a Well Fed bonus for the next seconds, based on the unit consumed.
      • - Adds to the health r…

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  • DarkCreeper

    The River King

    June 18, 2015 by DarkCreeper

    So Riot released a new video which is obviously pointing at a new champ. So what do you guys think? here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9RM4HwwoKs&feature=youtu.be

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  • Xyzdragoncannon

    First of all, for all of you who haven't seen it, Riot released a teaser on a chinese website. Here is the YouTube mirror: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POzIylGkZqg

    So, let's assume the teaser is real, then also the name in the teaser is real. What kind of champion will Tamm, King of the Rivers,  be? 

    The first thing I though of when I saw the teaser was this: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Whiscash_(Pok%C3%A9mon)#Trivia 

    I think Tamm is inspired from the catfish. For one because of the moustache-ish thing on his face, two; he is king of the rivers. Catfish "are found in freshwater environments, though most inhabit shallow running water". That sounds like a river to me. A third thing I found is a resemblence with Whishcash: "It will…

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  • JmLyan

    Zikai, the Master Blaster is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    magic damage to all enemies in a '-radius area.

    |description2 = |description3 = |range = |cost = |costtype = |cooldown = |customlabel = |custominfo = }} | }}

    After a delay, Zikai fires a fast bolt in a line, dealing magic damage to the first enemy it hits.

    |description2 = If Flash Bolt triggers Fusion Blast, its cooldown is reset. |description3 = |leveling = |leveling2 = |leveling3 = |range = 1000 |cost = |costtype = mana |cooldown = |customlabel = |custominfo = }} | 4000 |damagetype = magic |projectile = true |spelleffects = single |onhiteffects = |spellshield = will block the ability. |additional = }} }}

    Zikai fires a magical orb in a line, dealin…

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  • ChickenRave

    } |image = } |title = } |herotype = } |alttype = } |resource = } |date = } |patch = } |ip = } |rp = }

    |attack = } |health = } |spells = } |difficulty = }

    |hp_base = } |hp_lvl = } |hp5_base = } |hp5_lvl = } |mp_base = } |mp_lvl = } |mp5_base = } |mp5_lvl = } |rangetype = } |range = } |dam_base = } |dam_lvl = } |as_base = } |as_lvl = } |attack_delay = } |arm_base = } |arm_lvl = } |mr_base = } |mr_lvl = } |ms = } }} Moai, the Mad Better is a custom champion in League of Legends, created by ChickenRave.


    |range = 600 |cooldown = }} |}}

    |leveling3 = |range = 200 |cooldown = …

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  • Psychofreak2

    • Bane and Bale has separate stats.
    • If one dies, the other dies as well.
    • Killing them only counts as one kill.
    • They can only be separated up to 550 units from each other.
    • Moving more than 550 units will automatically issue a move command to the other. If one is "displaced, the other is instantly pulled toward the other to stay in range.
    • Pressing(not holding) the alt key will switch the control to the other.
    • Items work increase stats and provide effects in a different way.

    } |cooldown=} |static=} |customlabel= |custominfo= |cost=} |costtype=} |description= Basic attacks and damaging skills reduce enemy armor and attack speed by 3% for 4 seconds. Stacks up to 6 times. }}}} } |cost= 65/ 70/ 75/ 80/ 85 |costtype=Mana |customlabel= |custominfo= |descrip…

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  • Commander Marko

    This is sadly, my 3rd blog this year. I'm ashamed of myself.

    Like always, feel free to discuss in the comment section. Ask me a question about the concept, the idea of X in the game, where have I been all this time, etc. and I'll provide an answer (most of the time).

    Fulgurion is a dangerous being of lightning, able to manipulate electricity itself and conjure devastating storms upon those who stand in his way. A shadow of his former self, Fulgurion seeks to eliminate all seekers of knowledge before they locate a hidden artifact that countless have lost their lives for. As to what the ancient talisman does, only few bear that particular piece of information.


    Back in 2013, I had various sketches and drafts for a champion that utilizes electric…

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  • Willbachbakal

    This is a tentative rework for Morgana, Fallen Angel. At her core, Morg is extremely well-designed, offering unique and powerful utility alongside surprisingly good damage and crowd control. However, over time, these strengths have also caused her power to be stretched thin, and in order to compensate for her strength as a support her abilities have had their damage shaved down, to the detriment of her mid lane playstyle. Despite being an awesome utility mage, the sheer raw strength of her abilities has ushered her further and further into a support-only role.

    To solve this, I think one way of giving her back some of her strength would be to trim off some of her less visible power, namely her spell vamp passive, whose sustain is strong yet d…

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  • Quantumyogi

    recat |alttype = |date = TBA |rangetype = ranged |health = 40 |attack = 10 |spells = 80 |difficulty = 70 |hp =XX |mana = XX |damage= XX |range = XX |armor = XX |magicresist = XX |attackspeed = XX |healthregen = XX |manaregen = XX |speed = XX }} Sinder, The Thaumaturge is a custom champion in League of Legends Sinder is a thaumaturge, a master of chaotic but benevolent magic. Sinder is a former member of the Black Rose, but fled once she witnessed the terrible things her collegues did to innocent people. She now lives in Demacia, safe from Noxian attackers. However, Sinder could not forget her past, and has joined the League of Legends to dispense justice in the name of a better Noxus.

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  • ArtMaster7

    Hello, welcome to this blog.

    This is my newest custom champ, hope you'll like it.

    [Kyoniya the Shadow Avenger] is a custom champion of ArtMaster7.

    Kyoniya's basic attacks do not critical strike. Kyoniya's basic attacks against champions deal bonus physical damage depending on the difference of their movement speed. This effect only applies when Kyoniya's movement speed is higher than that of the enemy's.








    Kyoniya throws her weapon in a line, dealing physical damage to the 1st enemy it hits and leashing it to her for 3 seconds. The leashed enemy cannot move more than 1000 units away from Kyoniya. Kyoniya cannot attack during this time.

    |description2= At max range of leashing, Kyoniya can drag the ene…

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  • Apotheoxis

    Gathellia, the Avatar of Twilight is a custom champion created by Apotheoxis. This post is still a work in progress, so feel free to comment/discuss.

    Hitting enemy champions and neutral monsters with Sacred Lance and Radiance will mark them with Effulgence for 3 seconds, revealing them. If a marked champion attacks an allied champion or is hit by your damaging Dark Form abilities, the mark will be consumed, dealing 12 (6 x Gathellia's level) magic damage and them for 2 seconds.

    |description2 = Hitting enemy champions and neutral monsters with Shadow Rush and Chaos Blast will mark them with Gloom for 3 seconds, reducing their vision to 900 units. If a marked champion attacks you or is hit by your damaging Light Form abilities, the mark will be consume…

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  • C4bal

    Hello there fellow LoLers!

    You all know how to build corki, sorc boots, triforce, IE, BT, LW

    but here is the thing:  you have good AD scalings (passive, E), but have to get close. SOOOO

    my idea is to switch out the TWO MOST PROMINENT items in corkis build.

    triforce and last whisper.

    the substitution:  iceborngauntlet and black cleaver. E applies black cleaver fast and easy, iceborngauntlet makes you kite harder and very tanky.

    yes, its slightly less damage, but a huge buff in survivability. due to your passive, you will still do some unmitigateable damage.

    yes, you lose 50% AD from the sheenproc. but you gain so much, that you can go toe to toe with tanks and survive.

    what do you think?

    an usual fight would be both sides' tanks diving for the enemy…

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  • ChickenRave

    } |image = } |title = } |herotype = } |alttype = } |resource = } |date = } |patch = } |ip = } |rp = }

    |attack = } |health = } |spells = } |difficulty = }

    |hp_base = } |hp_lvl = } |hp5_base = } |hp5_lvl = } |mp_base = } |mp_lvl = } |mp5_base = } |mp5_lvl = } |rangetype = } |range = } |dam_base = } |dam_lvl = } |as_base = } |as_lvl = } |attack_delay = } |arm_base = } |arm_lvl = } |mr_base = } |mr_lvl = } |ms = } }} Mona, the Maiden of Emptiness is a custom champion in League of Legends, created by ChickenRave.


    |leveling3 = |cost = |costtype = mana |cooldown = }} |}}


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  • GutsyTick

    } |image = } |title = } |herotype = } |alttype = } |resource = } |date = 2015-06-13 |changes = 2015-06-26 |attack = } |health = } |spells = } |difficulty = } |hp_base = } |hp_lvl = } |hp5_base = } |hp5_lvl = } |rangetype = } |range = } |dam_base = } |dam_lvl = } |as_base = } |as_lvl = } |mp_base = } |mp_lvl = } |mp5_base = } |mp5_lvl = } |arm_base = } |arm_lvl = } |mr_base = } |mr_lvl = } |ms = } }}

    Siago's attacks utilize interceptable projectiles as their damage medium, deal magic damage, and are exclusively treated as abilities: causing Siago's attacks to only be influenced by crowd…

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  • Warwick-is-love

    A little something I thought of as I looked at the Unreleased Content page in the Champs section, saying that Riot is interested in making a champion with pets. I'm still a beginner doing this so please help. :p Raiden, the Beast Tamer is a custom champion created by Warwick-is-love.

    While this skill is not on cooldown, Fangs will fight valiantly on the frontlines with 300/400/600/700/800 health, 10/12/14/16/20 armor and 4/8/12/16/20 magic resist. He has 50% of Raiden's total attack speed and physically strikes in melee-range twice.

    |description2 = Fangs dashes through other enemies and applies Grievous wounds for 2 seconds and deal physical damage to a single enemy. While dashing, Fangs is immune to crowd control and knocks aside enemies, d…

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  • Xyclone010

    Critical Effect

    June 12, 2015 by Xyclone010

    Have you ever think about Critical Effects. Similar to On-hit Effects, however, CE only happen when the champion deals a critical hit. As it is rarely happen, the effect should be effeciently good but also have cooldown (very OP when used on champions like and ). Let's start with the first item.

    return to League of Legend with a little rework. Its active become its passive, increase attack speed for a limited of time.

    Build from: + + 400 Gold (Total:2300 Gold)

    Stats: +25% Attack Speed;    +15% Critical Strike

    Unique Passive: Basic attacks deal an additional 10 physical damage on hit. This changed to 15% AD during Rush.

    Unique Passive: Rush: Whenever you critical hit, you gains 50% Attack Speed for 2 second. 10 second cooldown.

    So basically, y…

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  • JmLyan

    Fortuna, the Lady of Luck is a custom champion in League of Legends. Numbers are possible off by a lot and may be tuned later.

    (1 + Bonus Critical Strike Damage). This bonus is doubled against champions. |description2 = Fortuna also gains bonus critical strike chance equal to . |description3 = |range = |cost = |costtype = |cooldown = |customlabel = |custominfo = }} | }}

    Fortuna calls down a star from the sky, dealing magic damage to each enemy in a target 250-radius area after a seconds delay.

    |description2 = Lucky Star can critically strike, applying Serendipity's bonus damage and triggering Philosopher's Stone's cooldown reduction. |description3 = |leveling = per 10% critical strike chance)}} |leveling2 = |leveling3 = |range = 9…

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  • ClonetrooperCobb

    AZACOR and I have been going thinking through how we will possibly make our podcast. We would love input such as what recording software is best, general tips and ideas, and if this is even something players would be interested in listening to. It seems more convenient for players than having to read a 5300 word post (yeah, we did that), and could be a lot more fun. Please give us any helpful tips and ideas you all would have!

    Thank you very much,

    The Life in Low Elo Team


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  • Degritone

    Omega, the No is a champion in League of Legends.

    physical damage and applying on-hit effects as a melee basic attacks, but at 50% reduced damage. This can only affect the same target once every 5 seconds, additional basic attacks only refreshing the duration of the stacks.

    |details |targeting=Ancient Memory is an interesting ability. |spelleffects= |additional= }}

    Omega throws his sword, pulling himself to the first target he hits, dealing physical damage to it, generating one stack of Ancient Memory on the target, and slowing the target by 25% for 2 seconds. Basic attacks against champions reduce the cooldown of this ability by one second.

    |leveling= |range=1000 |cooldown= }} |}}

    Omega releases a burst of time energy, dealing magic damage to…
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  • Degritone

    Wowser, the Graveyard Spectre is a champion in League of Legends.

    Wowser's health regeneration is tripled if in combat with a monster.

    |description2= Wowser's next basic attack ignores the armor of his target and has 125 bonus range, but does not use his armor penetration alongside this effect. His clones' attacks also deal increased damage. |leveling2= % |cooldown= }} |% damage. }}}}

    Wowser deals 50% more damage to monsters. This is doubled if he is under 50% health.

    |description2= For the next five seconds, Wowser stores all damage done by him and his clones in the graves beneath them, each Graveyard having a separate storage, up to a maximum. At the end of these five seconds, one skeleton is spawned for every 250 damage done, each one having…

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  • YourPrivateNightmare

    Not-so-short but meaningless blogpost:

    Skins. All of them. Existing skin themes (Guardian of the Sands, Eternum, etc.). Expand them with more skins. Here are the ideas.


    Legendary skin. Sejuani replaces her trusty boar with a badass Motorcycle (with metal tusks, because she still likes pigs). Sejuani comes with a spiky leather jacket, torn shirt n pants and one of those stereotypical biker helmets (the round, soldier-y one, with the little spike at the top) Effects should include some sort of smoke, chains, and/or fire.

    Alternatively, can be adapted into th "Road Warrior" theme


    Since that's a thing now, prehistoric Sejuani fits perfectly. Put her on a Triceratops, Chasmosaurus, or Styracosaurus, and give them the same kind of…

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  • ClonetrooperCobb

    Note: We want to apologize for how late this post is, many things kept us busy and delayed this article, including items intended to improve this endeavor, which will be noted at the end of this post. We have decided to make this a dual weekly post with information from this last week and the one prior.
    These last weeks in League of Legends were busy with hype from all aspects of the game. Patch 5.10 incorporated some interesting changes with its implementatiom, bringing about Ekko, tweaking the latest powerhouses in the jungle, revamping Karma, and slightly buffing a few items. The LCS also kicked off the Summer Split and we'll take a look at the standings. A HUD update hit the PBE as well.

    Highlights of the Weeks

    • Reader Mailbag
    • Patch 5.10
    • HUD…

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  • Theapegod


    June 9, 2015 by Theapegod

    |no resource = |damage =50 |range =175 |armor =25 |magicresist =30 (+0) |attackspeed =.658 |healthregen =8 |speed =350

    |ms = 350|rangetype = melee|disp_name = Grimm|as_base = .658|as_lvl = 2.7|dam_base = 50|dam_lvl = 4|attack_delay = |arm_base = 25|arm_lvl = 3.4|mr_base = 30|mr_lvl = 0|hp_base = 517|hp_lvl = 88|hp5_base = 8.5|hp5_lvl = .9|resource = None|ip = 7800|rp = 975}}

    % of the targets max armor}} each time they hit with either abilities or auto attacks.

    SUFFER: While Grimm is in combat, he loses % current health}} per second. |targeting = Shred is an on-hit, on-spell effect.
    Suffer is a passive self-debuff.}}

    Grimm shoots out one of his chain blades that will follow the mouse, attaching for 3 seconds and dealing ph…

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  • Emptylord

    Eury the Damsel of Distress is a ranged mage.


    |quotes = Upon selection


    • "Insane? Of course!"
    • "I love this game!"
    • Hums.




    • "I've got a long list of ex-lovers who will tell you I'm quite insane."


    Attacking and Moving
    While it wasn't intentional that Eury has Atomic Poison Ivy's ultimate, upon seeing her champion spotlight I found how I want Eury to move and attack.
    • Eury is carried around the battlefield by her hair in an insect-like manner, with a crude similarity to or .
    • Eury attacks with whips of her hair - the same hair that she otherwise walks on.
    Eury's basic attacks, Hairwhip and Pirouette will enemies below 50% of their maximum health for a short duration. This cannot happen again for some seconds.

    |targeting =…

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  • RoznosicielCiast

    } |image = } |title = } |herotype = } |alttype = } |resource = } |date = } |patch = }

    |attack = } |health = } |spells = } |difficulty = }

    |hp_base = } |hp_lvl = } |mp_base = } |mp_lvl = } |dam_base = } |dam_lvl = } |rangetype = } |range = } |arm_base = } |arm_lvl = } |mr_base = } |mr_lvl = } |as_base = } |as_lvl = } |attack_delay = } |hp5_base = } |hp5_lvl = } |mp5_base = } |mp5_lvl = } |ms = } }}

    Inikathia, the Void Traveller is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    for 2 seconds every time any of her abilities becomes ready to cast again.

    This effect does not stack up and is not tri…

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  • VirusVirus

    Well, everyone knows, League of Legends is game with countless mechanics, and a great game in general, but a lot of old posts talk about to add more forms of crowd control, no for begin too small the pool, is for some champion fall in have almost the same CC, namely, , , and . A lot of champions have those and sometimes don't fits its theme (how and can stun you with fire? You should run as crazy instead), I know they need some of those CC form they combos, but they can make you and still working.

    In the other hand, there's a lot of CC with a few of uses, or even none (), some like are new and before was more like a buff with a drawback, but other have years ago and still only there's are a , 3 , 4 , one union of Root}}, one Silence}},…

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  • Benicioneto


    June 6, 2015 by Benicioneto

    |date = |disp_name = Gaspare|ms = 345|range = 125|rangetype = melee|as_base = 0.635|as_lvl = 0.6|dam_base = 52.328|dam_lvl = +3.1|arm_base = 25.584|arm_lvl = 3.8|mr_base = 32.1|mr_lvl = 1.25|hp_base = 572.16|hp_lvl = 87|hp5_base = 7.96|hp5_lvl = 0.75|resource = Blood|herotype = Fighter|health = 5|attack = 7|spells = 3|difficulty = 8|title = the Hunter|alttype = Fighter}}

    apply stacks of and nearby enemy targets for 4 seconds. Upon reaching 4 stacks, the target is for seconds and takes (14Gaspare's level)|}}true damage. |description2 = After being , an enemy cannot be affected by again for a few seconds.

    |customlabel = |custominfo = }} }}

    After 1 second delay, Gaspare shoots an arrow to the skies to target location dealing physical d…
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  • QuantumFeint

    So, meta has been dominated by all these smite top laners. And its time for ADCs to counterattack. While I am not ADC player, I am also going to try this.

    If you are ADC player, I invite you to participate in experiment, that can change future of ADCs. Yeah, you guessed right. Take smite. Your support can take heal, or maybe exhaust. But you will take smite. Change your quints from attack speed to lifesteal. Start with longsword and 3 pots. And before coming to lane, take that camp on your side, forcing jungler to start somewhere else.

    Enchantment Warrior with Skirmishers Sabre shall be your first item.

    Now go, call your friends, and try it out. For the sake of future of ADC!

    Edit: I wrote original post under time pressure so let me expand it …

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  • JBox2D


    June 6, 2015 by JBox2D

    Kallian swings both of her weapons in front of herself in a target direction. Each hit deals physical damage and applies any persistent on-hit effects. Twin Sweep's cast time scales with Kallian's attack speed.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = |cost = 80 |costtype = energy |range = 525 }}

    Kallian dives a short distance. Her next two basic attacks gain increased attack speed, both proc Combat Rhythm, and apply a stacking 25% slow for two seconds. This bonus is lost if she uses any other ability.

    |leveling=  % |cooldown = |cost = 60 |costtype = energy |range = 475 }}

    Strikes a target twice in short succession, stunning it for .75 seconds and interrupting any spellcasts or autoattacks it is in the process of making (interrupted spells do n…

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  • The Purple Man

    Thresh's lantern. Click it. I main Thresh, and I can't tell you how many times I've had to explain to the ADC I'm supporting that they can teleport to me when they click my lantern. In fact, I think it was every time.

    There have been hundreds of times I could have easily saved someone, but failed because they didn't click my lantern.

    Just, study up on how Thresh works if you main ADC. Thresh is useless unless the ADC knows how he works.

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  • ChaseKing

    } |title = The Bandit Rogue |herotype = Assassin |alttype = Fighter |date = |patch = |ip = |rp =

    |attack = 8 |health = 4 |spells = 2 |difficulty = 7

    |hp_base = } |hp_lvl = } |hp5_base = } |hp5_lvl = } |mp_base = } |mp_lvl = } |mp5_base = } |mp5_lvl = } |rangetype = } |range = } |dam_base = } |dam_lvl = } |as_base = } |as_lvl = } |arm_base = } |arm_lvl = } |mr_base = } |mr_lvl = } |ms = } }}

    }}Nysker, the Bandit Thief is a character made by ChaseKing

    He throws a dagger at a direction, marking them. there can only be one marked target at a time. His next attack on the marked …

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  • ChaseKing

    okay, i know this is could be a HUGE stretch but recently in my Lol community group, their have been complaint that Leblanc could be the only champion without an actual counter. i think that Ekko could be Lol's answer to that. I mean just look at Ekko's skills. He has dodge, slow, and heal. he could counter Leblanc in mid Lane. though like all counter's in LoL. Leblanc can also outplay him. People use Annie when playing against Akali or Katarina. or Pantheon when playing against Fiora. but this doesn't matter if outplayed by them. so my question is what do you guys think? is Ekko a counter for Leblanc to make things harder for her? or is he not?  cuz im not really sure hahahaha

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