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  • Willbachbakal

    This is a tentative rework for Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance. In terms of novelty, Kalista has a lot going for her that is unique: she has an orbwalking paradigm like no other, unparalleled ally synergy, and a really cool vision contribution. Problem is, she's also a bloated mess: her kit is massively overloaded with different mechanics, actives, passives (she has 4 passives in total) and conditionals, many of which are redundant, and none of which contribute that much to kit depth. In fact, she usually has so many options at her disposal that she can at least moderately succeed at any choice she makes, which I think is the opposite of depth (choices need to be meaningful). On top of this, there's a lot to her that is supremely irritating:…

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  • BIA-Kaboose

    I will start this off by saying that I'm not hating on Tahm, honestly he is pretty fun, but seems to have a few glaring bugs.

    I decided to run a 1vs1 with a friend of mine as we had both recently purchased Tahm with the post release week price drop, so we load into customs with the usual trash talk prominent in my group of friends, the "git guds" and "step up feggits" were flying like birds through the room. So we get into game and I decide to actually read his abilities, settling on devour first because it sounded funny. I manage to get three passive stacks on him about the time the minion wave shows up, and when I go to devour him it grabs a creep on the other side of my character model. So now we decide that the 1vs1 can wait, and we nee…

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  • Dravengron

    Xing Yang is a custom champion in League of Legends. Xing uses two small scythes to kill his enemies quickly. He looks like an middle-aged man with a Beard like Graves. He wears a Black cloak and fights for everyone who got damaged by Noxus. I dont know if hes Op or Up and i dont know if the Scalings are good but i hope you can give me some good advice (its my second concept)

    Xing Marks a Target enemie champion.

    All of his other Abillitys will gain aditional Effekt if used (not) against the Marked Champion.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = |cost = 40 |costtype = mana |range = 525 }}

    Xing throws a Knife in the Target direction dealing physical damage to the first Enemie hitand slowing him by 40 for 2 sec.

    |description2 = If he throws the Knife in …

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  • JmLyan

    Aljira, the Aspect of Darkness is a custom champion in League of Legends. Her numbers possibly should be lower due to her versatility, but the kit is the main focus for now.

    Deals }} magic damage to enemy units inside the field each second.}} enemies inside the field by %.}} Reduces the magic resistance of enemies inside the field by .}}

    |description3 = |range = |cost = |costtype = |cooldown = |customlabel = |custominfo = }} }}

    After a delay, Aljira strikes a target 250-radius area with fire, dealing magic damage and creating a Field of Fury in the area.

    |description2 = Ignites the field, dealing an additional }} magic damage to enemy units hit by the strike over 3 seconds.}} enemies hit for seconds and converts the field to a Fi…

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  • CLK3

    7/17/15 and no news about the possible rework... I don't know when it might come but I hope it will. Some discussion/concepts have been shown back in April 2014 (surrenderat20.net) and I think earlier... Some of you may know/remember. A bunch of fanbase concepts for Fiora reworks has been done.

    Nevertheless, a rework for Fiora is needed, as for many more champions. Her whole current kit should be re-thought for the following issues:

    • Thematic character vs the character in game: "Duelist", "fencer", honor, talent. The state of her current kit does not really cross with the Grand Duelist character. (Mainly her ult and poor Passives)
    • Role: Q -> Q -> Ult and you're done. That is the current state. Full AD assassin, since she simply cannot handle o…

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  • Impri Gaol

    Kheyklas, the Soulsickle is a mixed custom fighter champion in League of Legends.

    Kheyklas' Secondary resource bar displays his Soul Well. All of Kheyklas' abilities cost Souls to cast. If Kheyklas has insufficient Souls, all Souls will be depleted, and the ability will cost the equivalent percentage of health remaining of the cost to cast.

    (e.g. If Kheyklas has 30 Souls, and he uses his Ultimate, Embrace of Shadows, he will take damage equal to 50% of his current health.)

    Kheyklas slashes his scythes in front of him, dealing physical damage to all units in range.

    |description2 = Kheyklas sends out a soul blade in a line that deals magical damage to all units that it passes through.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 15 |costtype = Souls |range…

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  • Commander Marko

    I decided to get out of my cave, stop drawing my characters for a while and put up a blog here.

    These patch notes aren't official. They are merely some ideas and propositions I have for some of the game's champions, items and in-game mechanics.

    This blog includes minor changes, semi-reworks and full reworks for several champions. I'd gladly appreciate feedback for many of these.

    Another thing I would appreciate is feedback for the layout and way the page is ordered/made. Does it look neat? Organized? Messy? Do tell in the comment section below.

    Annie's problem is that, due to lacking a damage oriented passive and her E being a defensive tool and mostly a way to charge up her passive, most of her damage is focused into her remaining abilities. …

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  • Toymakers Creation

    DISCLAIMER: I possess only a remedial understanding on stats and scalings, so for all I know the numbers present could all be absolutely terrible. All aid with said numbers would be very appreciated!

    Also, don't know how to get the champion stats above to show. They're written in the template and everything and I just, it won't work.

    The Ruined King is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    The Ruined King's basic abilities have no cost and are limited only by cooldowns. His secondary resource bar instead displays his Life-force. He starts the game with 0 Life-force and has a cap of 100 Life-force. Auto-attacks gather 5 Life-force, and killing a unit gathers 10 Life-force.

    |description2= Additionally, every third basic attack or damaging ability on …

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  • Ahri-chan

    Hello again, people! Ahri-chan here with another blog tackling about a small idea that frequents my mind.

    Here's a very small introduction. I love roleplaying, and I am a very imaginative person that would love to know peoples' OC (own character) on the internet simply because on the internet you can become anything/everything you want: like a dazzling young noble in a high horse with telekinetic powers. Now, I know for a fact that there's just a lot of people on the internet who has their own personas and express them in either printed/drawn output.

    What am I exactly going on about? Since Riot has halted using "summoners" in lore and probably in everything, some people started to ask other people and themselves where did it go. Some people …

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  • Willbachbakal

    This is a tentative rework for Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace. Despite being a fairly old champion, Cass only truly surged into prominence last year, when she was reworked for the Shurima event. The results were pretty mixed, to say the least: initially, the new Cassiopeia was catastrophically bad, and was horribly weak on top of still keeping some of her age-old bugs. It was clear her rework was rushed, and the community disliked the direction she had been taken in (E-spamming hypercarry, rather than a dedicated poison mage). After a flurry of buffs, fixes and occasional nerfs, she eventually became far more popular, both in normal and competitive play, than she had ever been before, but there is still a sizeable amount of dissatisfacti…

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  • Toymakers Creation

    This is my attempt at retelling the story of the events that lead to the creation of the Shadow Isles, filling it in with lore bits and I suppose is mostly headcanon. Sorry for the wall of text but I think this was as concise as I could get all the details in that I wanted in. Enjoy!

    Part 1. The Revenant

    "The powers that govern life and death are not to be trifled with. The Shattered Crown is a king’s reward for defying the shadow’s embrace. I believe we are meant to ponder mortality through poetry and verse, not enslave it to our will.”

    Before the Shadow Isles was the accursed and vile land it is now, it was home to a sacred forest, filled with natural energy and teeming with all forms of life. Many species of animal and spirit called the pl…

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  • Sylverstarr

    |alttype = |date = July 12, 2015 |rangetype = melee |health = 5 |attack = 8 |spells = 1 |difficulty = 6 |hp = 595-2040 |mana = 0 |damage= 60-114 |range = 125 |armor = 25,0-85,0 |magicresist = 32,0-53,5 |attackspeed = 0,672 (+0%-51,0%) |healthregen = 6,8-20,4 |manaregen = 0 |speed = 350 }} Julien Laurent, the Duelists´ shame is a custom champion in League of Legends. (He is a manaless champion, only limited by his cooldowns)

    Julien uses his fighting experience to target his enemies weak spots, causing his basic attacks and damaging abilities to apply a slow to his enemy. This passive slow lasts for 3 seconds, with subsequent attacks refreshing the duration.

    Slow: 3%/3,25%/3,5%/3,75%/4%

    |description2= Julien stabs his enemy in the knee with his…

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  • Benicioneto

    Elise Update

    July 12, 2015 by Benicioneto

    When Elise's spells hit an enemy champion or large monster, applies 1 stack of on targets, up to 3 stacks, for 6 seconds. Spider Web applies 1 stack for standing on it and another when .

    |description2 = Elise's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and restore health (based on ranks in ). |description3 = Elise's basic attack or consumes all stacks on the target, dealing % of target's maximum health}} as magic damage per stack, the victim for seconds, and summoning by the same amount of stacks consumed. }} | }}

    Elise launches a blast of corrosive poison on the area, dealing magic damage to enemies hit over 3 seconds.

    |description2 = The damage is increased by % for each on the target, up to a maximum of 50%. |leveling = of target's current…

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  • JBox2D

    Irelia Rework Concept

    July 11, 2015 by JBox2D

    Irelia dashes forward to strike her target, dealing physical damage and applying all on-hit effects except for Hiten Strike. If it kills the target, Bladesurge's cooldown refreshes and refunds 35 mana.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 60 |costtype = mana |range = 650 }}

    Irelia restores health with each basic attack. This passive is unavailable for 6 seconds after casting Hiten Strike.

    |description2 = Irelia strikes a target, dealing true damage to it but draining her own health in the process. |leveling =  % AD}} |leveling2= |cooldown = 4 |cost = |costtype = |range = 325 }}

    Irelia throws a dagger which deals physical damage to the first unit it hits and slows it by 50% for two seconds. If it hit a champion, the dagger d…

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  • Tizop

    Champion Concept

    July 10, 2015 by Tizop
    Xezel slices through target enemy unit, dealing physical damage and dashing through the unit, applying on hit effects. If this ability kills the unit, the cooldown is reduced to half.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 |costtype = mana |range = 625 }}

    |description = Xezel goes invisible, costing an initial amount of mana that increases by 25 every second that Xezel is invisible. While this ability is active, ??? gains greatly increased attack range and a damage bonus to his next basic attack, dashing a fixed distance to the enemy attacked. |cooldown = |cost = 50 |costtype = mana |range = 800 }}

    Xezel jumps up and lands at target location. Enemies directly under ??? when he lands are stunned for 1…
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  • BoltOfSpades

    Mordekaiser Rework

    July 10, 2015 by BoltOfSpades

    |alttype = |date = February 24th, 2010|rangetype = melee |health = 7|attack = 5|spells = 7|difficulty = 8|hp = 555 - 2143|damage= 58 - 117|range = 150|armor = 24.9 - 84.4 |magicresist = 32.1 - 53.4|attackspeed = 0.679 (+0% – 22.1%)|healthregen = 3.4 – 12.7 |speed = 330}}Mordekaiser, The Master of Metal is a champion in League of Legends.

    Mordekaiser es numero uno. Huehuehuehuehuehuehue. No, but seriously, Mordekaiser has been at the bottom of the barrel for a while now due to his outdated kit. With a complete lack of cc, there's very little reason to pick him in the current meta. So, he'd be a suitable target for an extensive kit rework. The main goal here is to fix his flaws, namely, no crowd control, and a toxic kit that makes him difficul…

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  • Lukeatlook

    Event page

    After over a year of various Featured Game Modes, we get a real treat - a mode with new minions and items! There's a new currency and the minions are upgradeable, which surely reminds of Heroes of the Storm.

    Here's the topic for discussion:

    • Are the new minions really going to be the center of the gameplay, or are most of the players going to ignore them?
    • Is the gamemode interesting enough to stay for a longer time?
    • Are the new items candidates for the Season 5 changes?
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  • ND999

    Daemons of Runeterra

    July 7, 2015 by ND999

    Greetings fellow wiki-goers and welcome to my post. Just to inform you right away, this is going to be a lore-oriented wall of text, so if you're not interested now's the time to turn back. For those of you that are genuinely interested in the backstory of League and would like to discuss it, feel free to continue reading. 

    As well all know, the setting of League of Legends is the fictional world of Runeterra which is filled with a variety of different races. Now, since the introduction of  lore-enthusiasts have been wondering what he's supposed to be. The recent Q&A gave us a couple of answers, such as the fact that fish-boy is a river-demon and has existed since Humanity, preying on the weakness in their hearts. Naturally, connections hav…

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  • IsGamer13

    Lux Suggestions

    July 7, 2015 by IsGamer13

    Let's play a small game, I will suggest a fair amount of "buffs" that Lux could get, and you pick one of them for each ability, then explain why should it be done. You can also suggest more buffs as well (that are not too broken or OP), just to make this game funnier. I would like to point out first that Lux doesn't really need that much of a buff, she's balanced right now, but she still could use a small buff nonetheless.

    Also, if there's a buff that should get changed, explain why and I will change it, since I'm not taking in count some things while writting those buffs, greatly appreciated in advance.

    Without further delay, let's begin:

    Passive (Illumination):

    • Make it so her passive is triggered by Q and E as well as her R, also keep it's p…
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  • Krufix

    Krufix Nidalee Rework

    July 6, 2015 by Krufix

    It's widely known that Nidalee has granted so much pain to players and especially pain to Riot in the past. Nidalee's kit at the moment makes her all but unbalancable, she will ether become completely unfun to play against, or completely drowned out in various metas.

    I have to say that I dislike the direction her rework took her. Not talking about the champion balance or toxicity, it's just that she deserved a lot more change, a lot more "Pow!" to her powers.

    For one thing her lore screams jungler. But when she was reworked she was pure mid laner... then a single change gave her the power to jungle to the point of abusivness, her rework didn't design her as a jungler and thus it was untested when she did become one.

    I'd personally like to dro…

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  • Willbachbakal

    This is a tentative rework for Olaf, the Berserker. Olaf's been a problem champion for years now: back when he was strong in Season 2, he was really strong, as well as impossible to balance properly, which caused Riot to nerf him so hard that Olafing is still a term used to describe balance changes that completely sink a champion. He then received a rework in Season 3, but those changes were simply done to "fix" him, i.e. remove the aspects of him that made him so snowbally (namely, his personal passive on his W) and try to make his build options a bit more interesting via an AD ratio to his E. The end result is a champion who, while not expressly unhealthy, feels consistently underwhelming, and who still has a lot of issues affecting his o…

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  • Warwick-is-love

    In my psychology class last month, we talked about how other people's standings or rank affects your own performance and my teacher used LoL as an example since it was a pretty popular game in my campus.

    He said that most players who has an opponent with a higher rank tends to AFK or do poorly because it stresses them out or they got scared. Sometimes, players who have an ally with a higher rank has a tendency to do poorly on purpose just because he thinks he will carry the whole game. Of course, there are those who AFK on purpose to troll, but let's talk about that later...

    My point right now is that, when you see the ranks of everyone it gives off a reaction that will either way make them do poorly or AFK or...both? IDK. Of course, it won'…

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  • Warwick-is-love

    With all these changes with the jungle items, it reminds of that teaser trailer that appeared a few months ago with the caption : "Hold on to your buffs".

    I thought it was a teaser for the GP rework (which is coming soon said Rito) or the Prehistoric Skins but apparently it has a different meaning warning us for all these changes with Magus/Runeglaive and now Devourer.

    I feel that at the next cycle. they will change Warrior next. It seems is that they wanted to give these jungle items some more gimmicks so that other roles, not just the junglers, would benefit from them and since Cinderhulk already has one, I think it's safe to say Warrior will either get changed or be replaced.

    What I'm saying is just pure speculation, but it's kinda hard no…

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  • ArtMaster7

    [Kyoniya the Shadow Avenger] is a custom champion of ArtMaster7.

    Kyoniya's basic attacks do not critical strike. Kyoniya's basic attacks against champions deal bonus physical damage depending on the difference of their movement speed(slowed enemies receive only 10% of bonus damage). This effect only applies when Kyoniya's movement speed is higher than that of the enemy's.








    Kyoniya teleports to a target enemy with a stab, dealing physical damage, marking the enemy for 4 seconds, then returns to the location where the ability is activated.

    |description2= Damaging the marked target with an ability or basic attack will consume the mark and deal additional physical damage.





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  • Tesla Effect

    With the new Splash arts coming out, more people are taking an interest in the art of League of Legends. I thought the best way to help those that are interested would be to give full credit to those that created the wonderful art of league of legends. This post is a WIP and i'll try to update as fast as i can, I appreciate any help I can get.

    Hopefully in the future we have pages for all these awesome artists.

    Aka ? (Splash artist)

    • Facebook
    • DeviantART
    • Splash art:
      • (Abyssal)
      • (Battlecast)

    Aka ? (Splash-Concept artist)

    • DeviantART
    • Art Station
      • (Risen)
      • (Classic VU)
      • (Classic)
      • (Classic VU)
      • (Warring Kingdoms)
      • (Aether Wing)
      • (Classic VU)
      • (Classic)
      • (Hired Gun)
      • (Classic VU, Mecha)
      • (Classic VU)
      • (Classic VU)
      • (Dragon Slayer)
      • (Night Hu…

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  • ChickenRave

    } |image = } |title = } |herotype = } |alttype = } |resource = } |date = } |patch = } |ip = } |rp = }

    |attack = } |health = } |spells = } |difficulty = }

    |hp_base = } |hp_lvl = } |hp5_base = } |hp5_lvl = } |mp_base = } |mp_lvl = } |mp5_base = } |mp5_lvl = } |rangetype = } |range = } |dam_base = } |dam_lvl = } |as_base = } |as_lvl = } |attack_delay = } |arm_base = } |arm_lvl = } |mr_base = } |mr_lvl = } |ms = } }} Jane, the Living Fantasy is a custom champion in League of Legends, created by ChickenRave.

    0.1 per level

    }} |}}

    |range = 400 |cost = |costtype = mana |cooldown = }…

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  • Willbachbakal

    Critical strikes have been a contentious mechanic in League of Legends since pretty early on: in a game defined by its competitive scene and player-focused gameplay, having a mechanic that is both core to the power of an entire class of champions (namely, marksmen) and completely random (or pseudo-random, anyways) feels out of place. Crit has a lot of issues: it's heavily unstable in small amounts, undesirable unless stacked in large amounts, which creates itemization islands (i.e. some items work only on one class of champions, even though the stats and effects could easily be desirable on other classes), and can determine the outcome of trades, fights and even entire phases of the game (or the game itself) based on what is essentially a …

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  • MrSuperSpy

    Julia, the Nursing Accomplice is a custom champion for League of Legends made by MrSuperSpy.

    Hello to all, my name is MrSuperSpy (i.e. Tyler IRL) and I bring forth to you another blog post! This time, it's a champion concept inspired by witch doctors and voodoo artists (something which highly excites me). I bestow upon you, Julia, the Nursing Accomplice, a utility support that uses various types of herbs and plants to help people (contrary to , who wants to cover the world in vines). Below is given, primarily the kit, game-play focuses and lore, and if I have time, I'll add some of her quotes and possibly (though highly unlikely) some of her art and looks. Furthermore, on with the concept:

    Julia cannot target herself with any of her spells, bu…

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  • Emptylord

    ' ' ...

    enemies will send them 750 units away, stopping upon colliding with an enemy or terrain. Enemies launched will take  % AD}} physical damage upon collision as well as dealing the same damage and harshly slowing enemies they collide with. Debris launched in this way will disintegrate upon collision.

    |description3 = |cooldown = |range = |targeting = Passive |affects = Self |damagetype = |targeting = *The flavour text is a little weak - if you can offer a better pun/metaphor for "Ballistic", I'm all ears.

      • Abrasive personality?
      • Smashing good looks?


    Ballistic causes the ground at the target location to tremor. After a 0.5 second delay, the ground ruptures dealing physical damage and enemies caught with 75 units f…
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  • ViridianFan

    Hello, everyone. I'm ViridianFan, but most people call me Viridian or VF. I'm pretty new to the forums, but not to League of Legends itself, and I have thought up some neat item ideas (and reworks) in the timespan that I have played League of Legends.

    On spell cast, you store 50% of the Mana expended, up to 250 mana. Once fully charged, on selection of a target, it fires the Mana Charge to the selected target, dealing 70% of the mana in magic damage. If all charges are released, the active will go on cooldown for 60 seconds before being able to charge again. Magic resistance reduces the damage before the damage is dealt. 60 second cooldown.

    |buy = 3100 |sell = |code = }}

    1. Sage's Ring (Rework)

    |t2 = |t3 = }}

    I found to be a…

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  • Emptylord

    Jungle Rework

    June 28, 2015 by Emptylord

    In season one, the jungle halves were split betwween North-West and South-East with a typical starting route of Wolves, Blue and "enemy" Golems (followed by a gank top/bottom lane, depending on whether you're blue team or purple team). This added an inherent risk to jungling (beyond the mechanical issues jungling had back then) as a chunk of your experience and gold required putting yourself in the enemy's domain.

    The original Twisted Treeline also shared this philosophy with only one of the four top camps being "safe" for the allied team and the middle two being contestable/dangerous; and the map only had a single that, again, was meant to be contestable.

    Over the seasons the golems were made consistently stronger while wraiths were made w…

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  • Warmk

    Champion, the Title is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Arno was a scientist and mage in pitlover developing weapons for noxus in secret. After being caught in the act Arno quickly took his research strapped his experimental weapon to his back and fled to noxus to finish his research. Finally finishing the weapon he let noxus use it in on of there most major battles the one in ionia and many didnt aprove of it by causing inhuman damge to the ionan army but also injuring many in the noxian army angered and dissatisfied of the critisicm of his lifes work he joined the league strapped his weapon a cannon with magical powers. wore some protective gear And set out to prove his master piece to the whole of runeterra

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  • Tinhboe

    Sated Devourer

    June 27, 2015 by Tinhboe

    Hi people.

    As for 26/6 PBE patch, got mini reworked and will evolve into​at 30 stacks and stop accumulate stacks, and instead of giving infinite scaling to the magic on hit damage, now provide Phantom hit, a passive that reapplies on-hit effect every other/2 attack. 

    Theoretically, the passive increases its own damage out put by 50%, which mean you will deal 90 damage on hit, not much of a problem. But if it's built on attack reliant champs, the item can cause a lot of imbalance

    The item, on the first day released, was shown to be extremely strong on certain champs, namely Yi, Shyvana, and Skarner , and literally every champ with 3 hit stacks burst( footage of them building the item can be found HERE , watch it please :)

    • Yi procs double strik…
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  • Xyclone010

    Warwick Rework Idea

    June 27, 2015 by Xyclone010

    Warwick, the Blood Hunter is a champion in League of Legends.

    • Healing apply to all kind of magic damage, including Hunger Strike, items and ally's ability that apply on-hit effect (ex: Nami's E).
    Warwick attacks deal extra magic damage on 3 stack Enternal Thirst target.

    |description2 = Warwick double attack on his attack, dealing bonus damage and apply on-hit effect twice. If the target already has 3 stack, apply Grevious Wound for 2 seconds. |leveling = |leveling2 = + |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = mana |range = 300 }}

    Warwick leap forward, gaining bonus speed over 3 seconds. During this time, any ally can jump on his back, follow him. His next attack gains addition range, leap to the target again.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = |co…

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  • Neaware

    Veegee is a moth champion that I developed within like 5 minutes because someone was interested in spitballing ideas for a moth champion.

    I don't know squat about champion designing or balanced values or anything, and am completely open to ideas.

    Here goes:

    Passive: Silk Trail

    As Veegee moves about, she leaves a silk trail that lasts for 4 seconds. Any non-allied target to touch the trail will be slowed by 15%. Stepping on two lines of the trail will double the slow to 30%. If Veegee creates a circle with silk trail, all targets within the circle will be stunned for 1.5 seconds. Effect will not work on the same target for 8 seconds.

    Q - Chew Through

    Veegee munches through a target, targeting the tender organs to debilitate it, Dealing physical d…

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  • Lokiwg

    Dear Ekko players

    June 26, 2015 by Lokiwg

    So Ekko has been out for a minute and there is a pretty solid understanding of how he works, so I have one question aimed to those of you that build Luden's Echo on him - why?

    I have not built the item on him once not even the first day he was out as a ill try it. The item just doesn't make sense on him. Lets think about it. Lets say we have a level 6 Ekko with Luden's Echo and nothing else for stats we are just looking at the item. With pre-nerf Ludens Echo you would get 118 damage per pop. In 1 fight the most you can realistically look for is 2 procs in a fight 1 at the beginning and 1 near the end so that's 236 damage from the Echo. Now with nerfed Luden's Echo the best you can realistically hope for in a fight is 1 proc dealing 112 dama…

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  • JmLyan

    Khez, the Otherworldly Being is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    (4|||}} at each level)}} bonus magic damage. Subsequent basic attacks within 5 seconds causes this bonus to stack up to 5 times, for a maximum of (20|||}} at each level)}} damage.

    |description3 = |range = |cost = |costtype = |cooldown = |customlabel = |custominfo = }} | }}

    Khez fires a bolt of strange energy in a line, dealing magic damage and the first enemy champion hit. After traveling 1500 units, the bolt slows down , but the root duration is doubled and the damage is increased by 50%.

    |description2 = Aether Threads: If the bolt hits a marked unit, it it instead of rooting it. |description3 = |leveling =

    • | }}
    • | }}

    |leveling2 = |leveling3 = |range = Global |cost…

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  • YourPrivateNightmare

    Ahoy community,

    today we're going to talk about the updated defensive mastery tree.

    As someone who likes to play tanks, this was a pretty big deal for me and I was really excited for this. however, it kinda turned out, that it's now a lot less easy to decide which masteries to pick.

    That's why I'll now share my opinions on them and then expect you to tell me why I'm wrong.

    So let's get started

    this has replaced the mastery, which is now farther up.

    What does this mean? Basically it's a small nerf to Bruisers, because they don't get the ~5 bonus armor/MR anymore, but it might be a valuable investment on ADCS, or assassins if your enemy team has a lot of slows.

    Personally I'm hesitant and prefer , because it offers more safety to marksmen (and ass…

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  • Psychofreak2

    Just an ordinary support } |static=} |customlabel= |custominfo= |cost=} |costtype=} |description= Whenever a non-ultimate ability activates, he gains a shield equal to [16 + (2 per lvl)] for every allied champion nearby for 3 seconds. Does not stack but refreshes shield every ability activation. }}} |costtype=} |description= Upgrades a Ghost Ward,a Stealth Ward or a Greater Stealth Totem allowing it to sweep the nearby 300 unit area revealing stealthed units for 3 seconds. The Tactical ward attacks other non-stealthed/revealed wards within 300 units. A Tactical Ward loses stealth while attacking enemy wards and will gain stealth 1 second after it finished attacking. A Tactical Ward sweeps the area upon placement and for 3 seconds before it…

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  • Xyzdragoncannon

    It's a catfish with a top-hat my life is complete. The reveal page: http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/champion-reveal/tahm-kench-river-king

    Tahm is described as a solo laner or a support. He uses mana, and given that he attacks with his tounge, he is probably melee ranged.

    The abilities:

    Passive-An aquired taste:

    Allows interaction with the Q and W at 3 stacks. By putting extra power into a 3-stack passive, they create opportunities of extra power as well as extra counterplay. It also allows them to put more power in the rest of his kit, which is (depending on the numbers) pretty crazy.

    Q-Tounge lashe:

    Deals damage in a line to the first unit hit and slows it. If a champion has 3 passive stacks, it gets stunned instead. A fairly standard a…

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  • JBox2D

    The patch I want to see\

    June 23, 2015 by JBox2D

    Most non-targeted DoT effects now have a standardized tick rate of once every half second, with the damage dealt per second unchanged. The goal here is to make these abilities feel a bit better to use, and to make it so that "if you're in my ability you're taking damage" instead of "if you're in the ability when it ticks you're taking damage" which is how it sometimes feels when using abilities with a one second tick rate.

    Affected Abilities: , , , , , , , , , ,

    Anyone who's ever played Leauge knows that there are a bunch of abilities with hitboxes that just don't match their visual effects at all. Not all of these champions necessarily need nerfs, and in many of these cases the visual effect should be increased to match the ability's hitbox …

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  • Sifter66

    Hi friends,

    Today, I have decided to talk about the idea of changing Swain, not his kit directly, but how they work with his Mana, to make his mana consumption more managable during all phases of the match. I think the UTILITY and COST of his abilities should scale with his Mana, while the damage still scales with his AP. You may look at this as another version of Ryze if you want. Note: these ideas DO NOT change the damage of his current kit.

    Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

    Restores 2.5% of Maximum Mana on small minion or monster kill. Restores 5% on Large Minion, Monster or Structure kill. Restores 10% on Champion kill or assist.

    Cost: 4% of Maximum Mana

    The Slow percentage increases by 2% for every 100 mana consumed from the abil…

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  • Tylobic

    • Hello ladies and gentlemen, this page is about the fun remake of all League of Legends' champions and items in a realistic way, were guns one-shot people, and Lee Sin jumps are just impossible.
    • Hope you enjoy it.

    % of his current health}} over 5 seconds. |description2 = Upon taking lethal damage, Aatrox gives a double kill. Indeed when he die, Aatrox try to revive himself by drinking his own blood, which makes him die a second time. |description3 = Aatrox is a creepy dude, and the only champ who can be damaged by his allies. }}}}

    Aatrox tries to jump off the floor and manage to take a 10-inch height, but lands in a terrible way, breaking both of his legs and dealing magic to him damage over time due to the hemorrhage he's suffering.

    |leveling …

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  • Shigfugjum

    One of the major balance issues with Nasus is that he scales infinitely with his stacks – he can go almost full tank and, if the game goes on long enough, still be able to output large late-game damage. This means that the power in the rest kit has to be strictly limited. However, removing the stacking mechanic from his Q guts out a large part of his identity as a champion.

    This is an attempt to reconcile these two points by allow Nasus to expend stacks to access more power in other areas in his kit. The overall concept is that by spending stacks over the course of the game, Nasus’s late game oppression can be delayed and also adds decision making on the end of the Nasus player (how much should I conserve my stacks?)

    Disclaimer: I do not cla…

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  • Tridan V2

    Freddy Fazbear, The Animatronic Horror is not and will never be a champion in League of Legends due to legal reasons. He is however a funcept created by me because I have little creativity at the moment and feel like FNAF.

    Bold text

    Freddy's basic attacks and abilities apply for 2 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. can only affect one target at any given time.

    |description2 = Subsequent strikes against enemies grant Freddy % bonus attack speed for 3 seconds. At 3 stacks, stacks are consumed and the target for seconds. A target cannot be affected more than once every few seconds.

    |description3 = Basic attacks against the target stack the attack speed bonus up to 3 times, but will not refresh the bonus' duration.

    |customlabel = |custominfo …

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  • MrSuperSpy

    Tyler, the Scarred

    June 21, 2015 by MrSuperSpy

    Tyler, the Scarred is a custom champion for League of Legends made by MrSuperSpy.

    Tyler gains movement speed for 1.5 seconds whenever he damages an enemy champion with a basic attack.

    |description2 = Damaging an enemy champion with an ability grants a (4015 at each level)}} health shield for 3 seconds. This cannot occur more than once every seconds. }} | }}

    Every third basic attack against the same target deals bonus physical damage equal to 6% of their max. health (max. 300 damage vs. monsters). The third attack can also proc on structures, ignoring 100% of their armor, but dealing reduced damage. This effect resets after 5 seconds of not attacking the target.

    |leveling = damage |description2 = Tyler's next basic attack within 5 s…

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  • Gavinmagnus


    June 20, 2015 by Gavinmagnus

    Champion, the Title is a champion in League of Legends.

    or 6(3level).


    This is the description for Q's active. This also showcase the basic layout of a regular ability with scaling with attack damage & ability power scaling.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = |cost = 25 |costtype = mana |range = 625 }}

    This is the description for W's passive ability. This showcase the basic layout for an ability with a passive ability.

    |description2 = This is the decription for W's active ability with bonus health scaling and mana scaling. |leveling = |leveling2= |cooldown = |cost = 100 |costtype = mana |range = }}

    This can be the first part of the ability, or first set. This also showcase defensive scaling.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 140…

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  • Nearthel

    Riot was trying to remove the randomness on the game, they removed dodge chance and gave critical strike a pseudoRNG system to make it more consistent. But critical strike chance is still there and I thing it could be changed to a more consistent system.

    They also created bonus Armor penetration (on and ) and reworked because it was a good item against both squishy and tanky enemies.

    So these are my proposals:

    no longer grants a probability to deal increased damage from autoattacks, instead it constantly increases damage autoattacks deal, up to 100% bonus damage dealt.

    Critical Chance runes converted into Critical Damage runes. If you have more than 9 Critical Damage runes of the same type after the conversion (or 3 Quintaessences), extra ru…

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  • QuantumFeint

    OK, so sadly, my most beloved adc(that is only adc I actually like) is getting harsh treatment, since she is seen as really weak. Which is not completely true, but she certainly has many drawbacks. I heard people talk about wanting her reworked. So I decided to offer my ideas for sale.

    Miss Fortune gains 40 movement speed after not taking damage for 5/4/3/2 seconds(at level 1/6/11/16).

    |description2 = When her health goes bellow 40%, Miss Fortune gains 200 movement speed for 2.5 seconds. This puts both parts of her passive on 30 seconds cooldown.




    While strut is claimed to be one of weakest parts of her kit, in my opinion, it is heavily underestimated. It allows Miss Fortune to flank, to dodge skillshots, and return about 25% faster back to…

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  • BoltOfSpades


    June 20, 2015 by BoltOfSpades

    |alttype = |date = June 20th, 2015|rangetype = ranged|health = 3|attack = 3|spells = 9|difficulty = 7|hp = 469 (+81)|damage= 48 (+2.9)|range = 175|armor = 18 (+2.4)|magicresist = 23 (+1.8)|attackspeed = 0.66 (+0.06%)|healthregen = 3.92 (+0.18)|mana = 280 (+55)|mana regen = 5.9 (+1.01)|speed = 340}}Salem, The Plague of Zaun is a custom template champion in League of Legends. ==Abilities== }} Salem hurls a grenade at target location for 5 seconds. The grenade creates a cloud of gas around it that poisons enemies inside, dealing magic damage over 3 seconds. If the grenade lands on a unit, it will attach itself to it, leaving a trail of poison behind it that lingers for 2 seconds.|leveling =    |cooldown= |cost= }} Whenever Salem kills a u…

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