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  • Slashingstrike

    AP Item for Tanks

    October 24, 2016 by Slashingstrike

    This is Ability Power item idea for AP tanks that scales well with Health giving them Edge of Survivability

    10% cooldown reduction

    | passive = Unique: 2% into | passive2 = Unique: Damaging enemy champions with an ability will cause them to take
    10% your as over 2 seconds while your champion
    will restore 10% instantly. Cooldown 12 .. 4 seconds
    based on your champ level

    | buy = 2900 | recipe = Kindlegem, Blasting Wand, Giant's Belt }}

    I think there are more Health options for AD champion and much less for AP Tanks.

    may lose its health stats which along with are oriented for AP tanks. Rylai is one of the core items for who would lose quite amount of power and defense

    If Scepter is about to become health-less then this item would be g…

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  • KeithCornell

    I am surprised that nobody has talked about Riot's changes for the 2017 Pre-Season, so here I am.

    The more time goes on, the smaller these changes get, it seems. In the assassins' case, though, it might be justified, since most of these changes are actually very satisfying and look very promising on paper.

    The biggest change to LeBlanc is her new passive . It's basically the same as her pre-update Q's mark, now applied with every spell, but it can only be procced after second. I must admit it's a very blunt way of extending her burst window, since it carries a lot of her damage. Everything else remains pretty much as is, except her new Q : it's still a target-shot much like the current one, except now if it procs her passive, it spreads to …

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  • Lyndongwapo

    |alttype = |date = |rangetype = range |health = 50 |attack = 40 |spells = 80 |difficulty = 70 |mana= 230 (+45) |manaregen= 6.9 (+0.6) |hp =433 (+78) |damage= 52.3(+3.9) |range = 150 / 525 |armor = 14 (+3.2) |magicresist = 30 (+0.00) |attackspeed = 0.640 (+3.7%) |healthregen = 6.95 (+0.6) |ms = 340 }}

    "Asushin" is a custom champion in the League of Legends and one of the 17 masters of Blades. Asushin is also one of the masters of blade which does not weild a blade or swords. Asushin is based in the game Samurai Showdown IV character:Amakusa the final stage boss. Asushin has multi-personality disorder, he has 2 characteristics the Evil one and the Good one. In Good one, he controls an energized Orb floating in him and use this as a basic at…

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  • Lyndongwapo

    These champions are all based in the game Samurai Shodown IV. Some concepts, idea and character design are extracted from each character in Samurai Showdown. Actually I made 16 heroes and there is one character not yet finished.

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  • Ysana

    Basic attacks do not apply attack damage. Basic attacks apply a stack of Invisible Wound.

    |description2 = All stacks of Invisible Wound are consumed after Waffle has not applied any stack to any target for 2.5 seconds. The stacks are instantly consumed if the affected unit moves. Consumption of Invisible Wound deals ( + ) physical damage per stack. Consumption caused by enemy movement deals 20% extra damage. This damage is affected by lifesteal and critical chance.

    • On-hit effects are applied in equal quantity as Invisible Wound when it is consumed.
    • On-attack effects are applied upon performing a basic attack.
    • This passive DOES apply to structures as well.
    • Last hitting will be a bitch.


    When activated while no enemies are affected by Invisible Wound, Waffle…

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  • Poisonshark

    Chiharu, the Green Channeler is a custom champion.
    Chiharu is a green-haired girl, with flowers and a vine crown growing in her hair. She has a few plant-like aspects to herself, though she's more a "flower-lady" than a "tree-lady", to use her terms. She is constantly accompanied by Daisy, who appears as a one-eyed demon covered in darkness, with eye-ended tentacles sprouting from her back. She's also wearing a long, stained white dress with a thick golden neck-lining.
    In gameplay, Chiharu is an assassin who relies on Daisy to poke the enemy and get enough damage amplifications to burst them in one rotation.

    When Chiharu is near a brush, a Primrose blooms in it. It is visible to enemies even from out of the brush. Primroses stay alive for 300 sec…

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  • Thenoobsummoner

    Ok, forget my last blog post. I went with Teemo instead of Rammus. Now, from what I've seen of Teemo he is quite over powered for him being so small. He can also stealth by just standing there. Any ideas on how to use this guy?  

    Also, I need some help on the IP boost thing. How do you use it???? 

    If you would like to help, plz post a comment. Any hurtful or innapropriate comments will be reported.

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  • Slashingstrike

    is critical strike oriented and preserves on-hit effects. It encourages more dynamic playstyle and quick reactions preserving it entirely, while expanding his mastery level by giving the Master more options on how he can outplay his opponents as well as giving him some swift combos on auto attack resets.

    bonus true damage to Alpha Strike,
    Basic Attacks, both attacks on Double Strike, and
    may on basic attacks only

    Deals 200% damage against minions and monsters |targeting= Wuju Style applies fully The bonus true damage on

    • Basic Attack once
    • ' once per target and additional time on 2nd Cast' to marked target
    • ' twice on the same target as Double Strike' strike the same target twice
    • bonus crit damage enhances ability's critical strikes
    • Wuju Style cannot critical…

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  • Wlord99

    Fiddlesticks Rework

    October 17, 2016 by Wlord99

    This is my rework for Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom . Why does Fiddlesticks need a Rework? Currently Fiddlesticks does only really well as a jungler due to his massive sustain from his W-"Drain". You can play him as a support or midlaner too, but he lacks in reliable damage without his ultimate and his close range CC does not come in handy with his squishyness. Futhermore his kit and his lore and appeareance are all totally out of touch. He should be a scary sneaky scarecrow which rips off its opponents with its scythe and not a totem of damage incapable of winning trades against anybody with CC. Both his playstyle and visuals are outdated, just look at his poor Q,W and R animation, which are btw all the same, farming with his auto att…

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  • Thenoobsummoner

    The return to LOL

    October 17, 2016 by Thenoobsummoner

    Ok, its been quite some time now since I last played LOL. I have been saving my IP, but I've got a problem: I don't know which Champion to get!!! I've decided on either Twitch, Twisted Fate, or Rammus. To those viewing this post plz help!

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  • Psychofreak2

    and each. Basic abilities use 1 Soul Mirror each.

    |customlabel=Recharge Time |custominfo=8 seconds }}

    Places a mirror at a target location facing a target direction from the location. After 0.5 seconds the mirror activates for 4 seconds and casts a line of effect. It provides sight and every enemy champion that comes within the line of effect are slowed for 2.5 seconds and spawn a "Soul Reflection" that attacks their counterparts.

    |description2 = Mirrors take 3 hits + 1 per Soul Reflection. Soul Reflections are untargetable and invulnerable and lasts as long as the mirror persists. |leveling = of the enemy's AD}} |cooldown = |cost = 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 |costtype = mana |range = 500 |customlabel = Line of effect |custominfo = 5…

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  • Willbachbakal

    Out of all of LoL's novelty features at launch, summoner spells have been one of the most successful systems around. Bar a few tweaks, removals and graphical updates, summoner spells have largely stayed the same since Season 1, which is good, considering they bring tremendous amounts of gameplay for relatively little complexity. However, the system isn't without its issues, many of which have remained unanswered for years. Here are the changes I propose:

    What are your thoughts? What do you think of the current state of summoner spells? Are there different effects you'd like to see in summoner spell form?

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  • GoejoeDenzo

    Sky, the Guardian of the Seas is a champion in League of Legends.

    Sky tosses her Anchor forward, dealing 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 Physical Damage to the enemy champion being hit (deals 50% increased damage to minions, deals 90% total damage on monsters). Upon hitting, the Anchor stops and stuns the champion between 1 to 2 seconds based on how near the champion is. Upon hitting an enemy champion or terrain or reaching the maximum range, Sky can cast Breaching Waves or clicking either the Anchor or the rope to perform Tidal Breach, dashing forward to grab again her Anchor and knocks airborne all enemies pass through.

    |description2 = Sky pulls her anchor towards her while creating "Sea Trails" and waves that knocks all enemies caught airborne. Reduces …

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  • ClayHuang158


    October 15, 2016 by ClayHuang158

    Necrius. the Spirit Controller is a champion that I decided to make for no apparent reason.

    . |description3 = instantly grants Necrius up to 10 Spirit Essences. |range = |targeting = Spiritual Essence is a storage system that allows Necrius to use his abilities. |damagetype = |spelleffects = |onhiteffects = |spellshield = |additional =

    • Spiritual Essence's Spirit Essence collection range is around the enemy killed instead of the ally who killed it.
    • If Necrius already has 10 or more Spirit Essences upon returning to base, he will not be granted any more.


    Necrius steals some of the target enemy's spiritual energy, dealing , the target by 25% for seconds, and granting himself 2 Spirit Fragments. If the target is a champion, Necrius will ga…
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  • Healingmantra

    | alttype =

    | attack = 4 | spells = 9 | health = 3 | difficulty = 8

    | range = 125 | rangetype = melee | ms = 335

    | hp_base = 525 | hp_lvl = 82 | hp5_base = 7.5 | hp5_lvl = 0.75 | mp_base = 340 | mp_lvl = 45 | mp5_base = 9 | mp5_lvl = 0.72 | dam_base = 53 | dam_lvl = 3.2 | as_base = 0.643 | as_lvl = 2.34 | arm_base = 24 | arm_lvl = 4 | mr_base = 32.1 | mr_lvl = 1.25 }}Radya, the Rogue Elementalist is a custom-made champion in League of Legends.

    %. }}

    Radya throws a burning dagger in the chosen direction, which explodes upon colliding with an enemy, dealing magic damage to them and setting them ablaze, causing them to take additional magic damage …
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  • AHarmlessTaco
    Akali gains |% per 100 AP)}}}} of her bonus AD}} as bonus movement speed outside of combat.

    |description2 = Akali's basic attacks deal |% per 100 AP)}}}} of her AD|AD}} as bonus on-hit magic damage.

    |targeting =

    • Sustain swapped for mobility as per fighter vs assassin gameplay elements.
    • Passive is still subject to change but I figured I would just fix the broken part and leave it be for now.


    Akali throws her chained kama in a line, retracting it at the end of its trajectory. Upon its return, the kama impales itself on the first enemy or terrain it collides with, tethering Akali to them for up to 2 seconds and dealing physical damage if it impaled a unit.

    |description2 = While tethered, Akali may cast or . Doing either will break the tether. |descriptio…

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  • Numinous J

    } |alttype = Support

    | attack = 9 | spells = 2 | health = 4 | difficulty = 7

    | range = 550 | rangetype = ranged | ms = 335

    | hp_base = 555.17 | hp_lvl = 87 | hp5_base = 6.93 | hp5_lvl = 0.65 | mp_base = 257.63 | mp_lvl = 33.5 | mp5_base = 7.155 | mp5_lvl = 0.675 | dam_base = 54.1 | dam_lvl = 2.75 | as_base = 0.625 | as_lvl = 1.75 | arm_base = 24 | arm_lvl = 3.7 | mr_base = 30 | mr_lvl = 0 }}

    Gwenaël’s blindness makes him lack , making him unable to use or purchase wards and other sight-related items, but can detect all nearby units by provoked by movement. Movement in the river portion of the map is detected much further than in any other t…

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  • TMStage

    Hyperion, the Beacon of Hope is a champion in League of Legends.

    armor, magic resist, and attack speed.

    Additionally, whenever an allied Champion with a Medal kills an enemy Champion, the duration of the Medal resets.


    Places a Medal of Valor onto a target ally, granting them attack damage and ability power for a short time.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 45 |costtype = mana |range = 700 }}

    Places a Medal of Courage onto a target ally, granting them movement speed toward enemies for a short time.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 65 |costtype = mana |range = 700 }}

    Places a Medal of Freedom onto a target ally, granting them freedom from movement impairing effects for a short time.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 90 |c…

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  • The Naked Drummer


    October 10, 2016 by The Naked Drummer

    AIF-107, the Prototype is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    AIF-107 is a prototype designed by Heimerdinger to be the ultimate combat machine gaining more power the longer it fights and adapting to almost any scenario. It was an amazing success and as Heimerdinger was placing the final touches on the AI he made only the smallest of mistakes. One misplacement of a 1 and suddenly, AIF-107 was given human emotions. The most prominent of which was guilt. As such, whenever it is done with fighting it shuts down its own combat systems. Still, it's better than AIF-106 who had an ... explosive personality.

    I am open to any and all criticism, but please be gentle, I am but a simple milk maid. I am aware of balancing issues and staleness with thi…

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  • Nearthel

    | mana = 290 (+49) | manaregen = (+) | range = 500 (Ranged) | damage = (+) | attackspeed = (+%) | armor = (+) | magicresist = (+) | movespeed = 335 }}

    Hemet, the Great Game Hunter is a custom champion.

    This is the third champion of a series of champions based on World of Warcraft classes, this one being based on the Marksmanship Hunter.

    If Hemet stands still for seconds, he gains increased critical strike damage and 200 range until he moves.


    Hemet takes 1 second to aim, and fires a shot in a line that deals physical damage to the first enemy hit, and him by 90% for seconds.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 40 |costtype = mana |range = 1000 }}

    Hemet leaps backwards, freeing himsel…
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  • Slashingstrike

    This is 150 Gold idea for Hunter's Potion which grands 1 charge instead of 5 and refills when slaying a monster or visiting the shop to give early game sustain to junglers


    | type = legendary

    | consume = Regenerates, based on champion level,
    85..170 ' and 55..140 '
    for duration of 12 seconds

    | passive = Potion Refills upon slaying a large monster
    or visiting the shop

    | passive2 = Slaying large monster when potion is full
    will trigger the Regenerates at no cost

    | passive3 = Maximum Charges: 1 | passive4 = Limited to 1 type of Potion | buy = 150 | sell = 50 }}

    I personally rarely find myself buying because seems kinda too expansive, delaying the finishing of the final tier jungle item which seems like waste of gold and time

    My usual start…

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  • Lesdin

    Please note:
    Mikado is an original character from ', and I do not claim her to be of my own design. Adara is a personal re-imagination of Mikado's persona. Copyrighted images that aren't of my ownership are used under the ' doctrine, and thus have not been modified with the intention of obscuring its origins. All artworks, save for the preliminary portrait, are linked to their respective source. The portrait can be found here.

    This page is optimized for viewing through the Desktop XL perspective. Please consider zooming out on your browser if your monitor does not inherently support this.

    Adara is tended to by Shiva's Link. Shiva's Link rotates about Adara until appointed by her a direction, upon which it remains there until Adara has not dealt damage i…

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  • Nearthel

    | mana = 100 | manaregen = | range = 550 (Ranged) | damage = (+) | attackspeed = (+%) | armor = (+) | magicresist = (+) | movespeed = 330 }}

    Benedictus, the Twilight Father is a custom champion.

    This is the second champion of a series of champions based on World of Warcraft classes, this one being based on the Shadow Priest.

    Benedictus's base abilities generate a certain amount of Insanity. At 100 Insanity, he enters Voidform, increasing all magic damage he deals by 20%.

    |description2 = While in Voidform, he loses 5 Insanity per second, increasing by 1 every second. Upon reaching 0 Insanity, Voidform ends. |targeting =

    • He loses 5 Insanity first second, 6 Insanity second second, 7 Insanity third second... Similar …

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  • Tyranitar12

    Legacy skins are rare, but there are some champions that only have a few or none at all. Here is my list of skins that should go into the vault. Each champion should have at least 5 skins available in the store and 1-2 skins in the vault (Not counting champions with less than 5 skins).

    • (too many available skins)

    • (all Hextech skins should be Legacy, not including Annie)

    • (too many available skins)

    • (I feel like this one should be Legacy)

    • (I feel like this one should be Legacy)

    • (he has ZERO Legacy skins)
    • (he has ZERO Legacy skins)

    • (I feel like this one should be Legacy)

    • (too many available skins)

    • (way too obvious)

    • (all Hextech skins should be Legacy, not including Annie)

    • (too many available skins)

    • (why is this one not Legacy like the other 3?)

    • (he has ZER…

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  • Nearthel

    | mana = 320 (+42) | manaregen = (+) | range = 175 (Melee) | damage = (+) | attackspeed = (+%) | armor = (+) | magicresist = (+) | movespeed = 335 }}

    Maraad, the Hammer of the Light is a custom champion.

    This is the first champion of a series of champions based on World of Warcraft classes, this one being based on the Retribution Paladin.

    Some of Maraad's abilities deal Holy damage. This damage is calculated as either physical or magical damage, based on which would deal the most damage, and ignores shields that apply only to either physical or magic damage.

    |description2 = Maraad gains and . These bonuses do not stack with themselves. }}

    Maraad strikes an enemy target, dealing Physical damage, for 1 second an…
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  • AKCLord

    Serverius, the Weaver of Mirages is a custom champion based on the Guild Wars 2 Mesmer

    }} }}

    Serverius throws a illusionary greatsword to the target enemy that bounces to the nearest unaffected enemy up to 3 times, dealing Magic damage and them 35% for 2 seconds.

    |description2 = The first enemy champion stuck by the blade will summon an Illusionary Berserk that will spin in the place for 2 seconds, dealing damage per second to all enemies in the area. |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = mana |range = 675 }}

    Serverius summons a giant illusionary blade from the ground, impaling all enemies in the area and dealing magic damage to all enemies inside the blade's area.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = mana |rang…

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  • Double Slap

    Zara, The Cryptic King

    October 1, 2016 by Double Slap

    . Killing a minion with an autoattack resets Zara's autoattack animation.

    |description2 = Does not gain damage reduction upon buying and . Rather, Zara gains up to 20% of his as a shield that regenerates every 5 seconds. |description3 = Upon reaching the maximum value, Zara also gains a physical damage shield worth per armor)|armor}} and a magic damage shield worth per magic resistance)|magic resistance}}. Each shield regenerates every 2 seconds not in combat. }}


    enemy units hit for 1 second, then imbuing a glyph on the enemies that , by 20% , and deal physical damage over 5 seconds. |description2 = Archaic Bludgeon deals twice the damage against minions and recovers for every unit slain by Archaic Bludgeon. |cooldown = 16 |le…
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  • Jared Grace

    Jacob, Boy of the Shadows

    September 30, 2016 by Jared Grace

    | alttype =

    | attack = 20 | spells = 100 | health = 40 | difficulty = 80

    | range = 550 | rangetype = Ranged | ms = 335 | hp_base = 530 | hp_lvl = 75 | hp5_base = 6.5 | hp5_lvl = 0.65 | mp_base = 582 | mp_lvl = 55 | mp5_base = 6 | mp5_lvl = 0.8 | dam_base = 52.6 | dam_lvl = 4 | as_base = 0.625 | as_lvl = 2% | arm_base = 24.5 | arm_lvl = 3.1 | mr_base = 30 | mr_lvl = 0 }}'Jacob is custom champion in League of Legends.

    Hi this is my champion concept named Jacob. Yes, as the boy who controls the shadows. Jacob is a 16 year old teenage boy. Jacob has an ability mechanic that focus on shrouding his enemies into darkness and attempts to consume them.

    Jacob gathers energy from all abilities he uses. For every ability Jacob casts, he gains a stack, stac…

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  • Slashingstrike

    Annie kit update idea

    September 29, 2016 by Slashingstrike

    the Dark Child
    Kit Update Idea

    This Idea is about giving Annie more options on how she uses , which will enhance Annie's basic abilities in a different way reducing the frustration to play against a little bit by giving better counterplay as well as expanding her mastery level, which would make her more fun to play as and would be more competitive

    burst wave dealing to enemies and refunds its mana cost if it kills a unit

    |description2 = Enhancement:
    Disintegrate traves up to 1200 range, has 300 and enemies for 1 sec

    |leveling = '
    80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200
    |cooldown= 3 |cost=60 |costtyp=mana |range= 800 }}

    to all enemies in the area

    |description2 = Enhancement:
    Incinerate deals bonus over 3 seconds
    reducing enemies by 20% for the duration


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  • Johnarch77

    Thrender the Element Master

    September 29, 2016 by Johnarch77

    [Thrender the Element Master] is a custom champion of Johnarch77.

    Hi this is my champion concept named Thrender. Yes, as the element master, he is inspired by the Avatar(cartoon). Thrender has an ability mechanic similar to Udyr in a sense that he has no ultimate ability, but not too similar in a sense that he has no stance, persistent effects, etc. Thrender is about 21-25 years of age. Also, the other inspiration of this champ is the rumored skin "Elementalist Lux", that before Lux became an elementalist, she met Thrender on a journey, and through him, Lux learned how to use the 4 elements (This is for the lore, but I don't have it yet 'coz I haven't thought of any events that would lead to that).

    Thrender has no ultimate ability: instead, a…
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  • AHarmlessTaco

    seconds without acting or being acted upon, he gains stealth. Teemo retains stealth so long as he doesn't move or act, including if he is . If Teemo is within a brush, he may move within the brush without breaking stealth.

    |icon2 = Toxic Shot.png |description2 = KUMUNGU TOXINS: Teemo's basic attacks his target for 3 seconds on-hit. Enemies by Kumungu Toxins take level}} level}}}} magic damage per second and are for the duration of the . Subsequent applications refresh and extend the 's duration by 1 second, up to 5 additional seconds, for a maximum of level}}}} level}}}}}}} magic damage over 8 seconds.

    |targeting =

    • The stealth mechanics here are the same as live, I pulled this directly from the current Wiki.
    • The fairest way I can s…

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  • TNickxx

    Let's start off by saying this: I haven't been following the reworks and what the fuck is Corki Mid?

    I would never in a healthy state of mind take Corki Mid. I had so much fun playing him bot (before the rework) and chunking enemy ADC for extra 10% true damage on AA.

    On a second thought, why wouldn't you take Corki Mid? With all these broken ass champions, do marksmen even belong in the bot lane.

    Ok, Tristana, you broken ass designed piece of shit better not leave bot lane till we hit the post-game info.

    But there are many marksmen being played in other positions, Graves (what is a "rework", right Riot?), Vayne (you bitch ass top laners who can't beat her ass should be ashamed of yourself), Quinn (same as vayne). And I understand why would you…

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  • TNickxx

    State of League

    September 24, 2016 by TNickxx

    Okay, first of, whenever I make a post about League on any site, I have to mention I've been playing League since season 3, and played through all champions, got to know them well, mastered some of them, and have over ~3k games over three separate accounts.

    Recently, I started recording and playing games where I take a marksman champion designated for bot lane and play them in Top lane or Mid lane, with fair success. Naturally, I'm up against mages mostly, and fighters in top lane.

    Currently, the mages are a problem. I'm not talking about the real mages. You know, what real mages were like in season 3 - 4. Brand, Orianna, Morgana, Lux ... I'm talking the CC-packed, ability spamming, point-and-click or hit-them-all mages. Lissandra, Anivia and C…

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  • Asfidyll

    Aevyn, the Spellblade Master

    September 23, 2016 by Asfidyll

    Aevyn, the Spellblade Master is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Instead of a resource bar, Aevyn generates Might for every ability used, for a total of 6 Might.

    and deals 10(3.5level) bonus true damage per autoattack. Aevyn can only wield one blade at a time.

    Aevyn's other abilities do not use/affect the blade Aevyn is currently wielding. This bonus ends upon the end of the blade's duration. }}

    All blades deal magic damage over 3 seconds to all they come into contact with. Blades can proc lifesteal, but excludes any item bonuses.

    Consecutive procs of Blades of War do not stack upon themselves, and an enemy can only be affected by one proc of Blades of War at a time. |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = |range = }}

    Aevyn calls d…

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  • Thenoobsummoner

    Hello viewers of my stuff! this is thenoobsummoner (aka Zendekarian) here! Now, first off if you are viewing this there are some things you'll need to know. #1: I'm pretty much a complete noob at LOL, so bear with please! #2: Please do not judge me. That is not nice and will likely get you beaten to a pulp by angry Bug Pokemon as a result. #3: If you haven't noticed already, I'm completely wacko. I'm just like that so DEAL WITH IT. Anywho, as of this post I have only played one PvP game due to my need of champions over human-vs-human skills right now. If you ever look up the username Zendekarian on LOL, you will find that I have level one mastery of Cho' Gath. This is mainly because of my near-constant use of him, but soon I hope to have t…

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  • Nazareadain

    Clearly the new akali

    September 20, 2016 by Nazareadain

    Readjusted the passive. More ability synergetic, but still promotes hybridization.

    Q is untouched. due to passive readjustment, and new R passive, it ends up being more useful later, and less boring, though the ability itself hasn't changed.

    W works like gragas barrels, but targetable by abilities. allows her to dash to them, in exchange for smaller radius unless they've charged.

    R is shorter and has a new marking system. This is to promote more detailed play instead of just spamming - burst potential still remains, despite how ridiculously low it looks. while increasing peak performance and fun, when you're dashing repeatedly between multiple targets, and returning marks for more dashes. And you might be wondering why I'm mentioning this bef…

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  • Absolved

    Ganran the Void Zombie

    September 20, 2016 by Absolved

    Ganran the Void Zombie

    “They turned me into a monster. I’ll make them regret it.”


    In the land of Kaladoun lived a small group of people who called themselves the Saimin.  Originally dwellers of Ionia, the Saimin were forced to leave their homeland after the Noxian Invasion.  Ganran's father, Yudo, who was also considered as the most powerful Saimin at the time, used all of his power to control the minds of the Noxian soldiers who tried to attack his tribe.  Through his efforts, the Saimin were able to hijack one of the Noxian ships.  However, as they sailed to the land of Kaladoun, the strain of using all of his power in order to repel the invaders caught up with Yudo.  He died three days after they arrived in Kaladoun.  Stricken by grief, Yu…

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  • Healingmantra

    Bugarn, the Gorilla King

    September 17, 2016 by Healingmantra

    | alttype =

    | attack = 80 | spells = 20 | health = 80 | difficulty = 50

    | range = 125 | rangetype = melee | ms = 340 | hp_base = 609 | hp_lvl = 99 | hp5_base = 8.43 | hp5_lvl = 0.76 | mp_base = 264 | mp_lvl = 33 | mp5_base = 7.2 | mp5_lvl = 0.62 | dam_base = 60.22 | dam_lvl = 3.375 | as_base = 0.651 | as_lvl = 2.7% | arm_base = 25.47 | arm_lvl = 3.4 | mr_base = 32.1 | mr_lvl = 1.25 }}Bugarn, the Gorilla King is a custom-made champion in League of Legends.

    within 2.5 seconds summons a Gorilla that will fight your opponents. These gorillas use level Savage Leap when spawned, choosing closest oppoents as their targets, and then they will fight fo…
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  • Witchking99

    Hakura, The Relfection Demon is a custom champion by Witchking99

    This kit was inspired by Haku from naruto and Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh!. The Name Hakura is the combination of their names. The thing is that most of the powers Hakura has is Haku's since he is more powerful than Bakura but He has Bakura's Tendencies of Evil and love of taking cheap shots. of course there are rules to his Mirror Powers so Don't worry its not that Bad. Please Don't be shy to comment or be honest.

    Please note that the Title was Given to him by a Society that gives Jobs to Assassins. They Gave him the name Reflection Demon because of the Way he kills and his powers only leaving a bloody mess of a room. No Body, No Weapon, and No Trace He has been there. Only the Blood …

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  • Xyclone010

    Next Big Event Guessing

    September 17, 2016 by Xyclone010

    League of Legends has a lots of stories, and some are untold. To explore further in the mystery of Valoran, there is at least one big event every year, based on one location in Valoran. So here is what I think the next big event could be.

    For now, there has been 4 big events, which follow a champion released or reworked.

    • Shadow Isles: in 2012
    • Frejlord: in 2013 (Event: The discover of Lissandra).
    • Shurima: in 2014 (Event: Sivir resurrects Azir, and awaken Renekton and Xerath)
    • Bilgewater: Rework in 2015 (Event: The revenge from MF, Gangplank fake death, the union of Graves and TF).
    • Mount Targon: 

    Two smaller events, one is Bilgewater vs the Harrowing (with ) and the other is Shurima (with ).

    There are also three lore update: one for Mount Targon …

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  • Lyndongwapo

    Anon, the LOL Summoner

    September 16, 2016 by Lyndongwapo

    |alttype = |date = |rangetype = range |health = 40 |attack = 30 |spells = 70 |difficulty = 80 |mana=250 (+50) |manaregen=6.9 (+0.6) |hp = 384 (+76) |damage= 48 (+2.625) |range = 150 |armor = 24.50 (+3.45) |magicresist = 30 (+0) |attackspeed = 0.579 (+1.36%) |healthregen = 4.5 (+0.55) |ms = 335 }}

    "Anon" is a custom champion in the League of Legends and actually a summoner who enter the summoner's rift. Summoner are the ones who controls the champions in the battle now one bravely join the battle using thier own spells. Summoners has many types of spells to be chosen as an option to build his own 3 normal skills.

    When Anon Right-click his target Allied Champion, he creates a channel of energy from him toward the ally. This Shackle unables A…
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  • MrSuperSpy

    Beast, the Mercenary for Justice is a custom champion for League of Legends.

    , but loses and replaces his mana bar with Focus. He gains Focus by attacking, 1 for non-champions, 5 for champions and 10 for kills or assits up to 50 at all times. Additionally, at 50 Focus his next ability is empowered, which when cast, drains 25 Focus }}

    and 400 range, but loses . Additionally, attacks towards enemy champions below apply Grevious Wounds and cause them to bleed for as magic damage over 1.5 seconds.

    Upon switching between weapons, he either removes all gained Focus or nullifies mana regeneration, depending on what weapon is not in use.

    }} |.

      • Neither the passive damage nor the bleed will be applied, nor will Focus be generated if the attack was or .

    |additional …

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  • LancettaBreeze

    Esther, The Product of Experimentation is a custom champion for League of Legends. A young lady born and raised in the horrid streets of Zaun, Esther had lived on by volunteering her body to the experiments many scientists needed a subject for. Aware of how durable her body was, Esther faced all kinds of torture by being a lab rat to numerous inhuman experiments. After years of being experimented on, one ambitious scientist had gone up and beyond what Esther had ever faced. This scientist drenched her in searing chemicals all while disecting her body so that she could resist more of his dangerous chemicals. And one day, when the testings were done, the scientist thought that Esther was at the last of her straw since her body had been so mu…

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  • ArtMaster7

    Armatos the Crimson Dragon

    September 13, 2016 by ArtMaster7

    Before you proceed below, I'd like to introduce a new mechanic. This mechanic is called spell attack. Spell attack is an ability which replaces the basic attack of this champion. This ability, of course, can be cast by pressing the (A-button + mouse-left-click), in other word, the attack move function.

    [Armatos the Crimson Dragon] is a custom champion of ArtMaster7.

    Armatos has no basic attack, so he cannot benefit from attack speed, critical strike chance, on-hit effects, and life steal.

    |description2= Instead, Armatos has a spell attack, Draconic Flare, replacing his basic attack. |description3= Armatos channels for 1.25 seconds, exhaling flames in a line to deal % AD}} magic damage in 0.25 second intervals. The flames' trajectory updates itself over …

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  • Shadowlord723

    Randall, The Arcane Spellmaster is a champion in League of Legends, created by Shadowlord723. His gameplay as well as strategies formed by playing him will differ based on the Summoner Spells he has equipped for the match.


    Important Note: Due to Randall having a kit which requires a huge amount of knowledge, resulting with as you guys call "Burden of Knowledge", as well as many other reasons, I have decided that I will create another champion concept which is the reworked version of Randall (Riot can have reworks, so can we). However, as this is merely a personal champion concept which I wished to create and I hold the right to post any kind of champion concepts I want as long as it does not offend anyone, I will not delete this champion concep…

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  • How About nope

    Just recently, I played a Normal Draft Pick game and as role was picked to be a jungler, I tried playing Pantheon. As I was in the game, I started to buy the usual jungle build and went out to the Krug camp. With the help of the ADC and support, I managed to take down the Krug camp with ease. As I killed both the krugs and to move to the next camp, a sudden quote was played stating the following, "What a shame, he could have been a mountain". The most oddest part to this quote is that when it was triggered, it does not sound like Pantheon's original voice. Not only this, this voice can overlap Pantheon's quotes such as his Movement quotes. This 'new voice' and quote surprised me and it got me thinking, if I go to a custom game and kill the…

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  • Alexray35

    As most of you may know the new jungle voicelines are now on the live servers. Since they are tide to the jungle monster he would most likely be a jungler.

    Now take a look at this quote from Rengar's lore: Rengar never knew his real parents, but was raised by a human who was revered as a legendary hunter.

    Personally, taking into account the lines, the new champion seems to get along with the monsters of the jungle. But if he is a jungler he will have to kill them (I think). Rengardless (the puns) that I think it would be very cool to see the Rengar's mentor/father as a champion.

    What you guys think?

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  • Lyndongwapo

    |alttype = |date = |rangetype = Melee |health = 50 |attack = 80 |spells = 20 |difficulty = 30 |hp = 450(+70) |mana=250(+55) |manaregen=+6.8(+0.7) |damage= 57(+3.2) |range = 150 |armor = 25(+3.75) |magicresist = 30 (+0) |attackspeed = 0.705(+3.2%) |healthregen = +5.8(+0.65) |speed = 320 }} Grand Harald is a custom template champion in League of Legends. He is an armored harpy warrior weilds a Burning Lance and a defender of the skies.

    When out of sight from the enemy for 2 seconds, he increase his movement speed and increase attack range by dashing himself toward the target. After taking damage, the effect of

    this passive will lost after a second delay.

    |leveling=  % |range= units }} }}

    Thrust his lance with fire in the target lane, dealing Ma…
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  • Lyndongwapo

    |alttype = |date = |rangetype = melee |health = 60 |attack = 90 |spells = 20 |difficulty = 70 |mana=375.75 (+45.45) |manaregen=5.80 (+0.75) |hp = 403.25 (+57.15) |damage= 64.00 (+3.24) |range = 150 |armor = 24.50 (+3.45) |magicresist = 30 (+0) |attackspeed = 0.626 (+0.331%) |healthregen = 6.11 (+0.57) |speed = 340 }}

    "Nicetas" is a custom champion in the League of Legends. Nicetas is a coward type of person, he fully rely on his Golden Artifacts which is the legendary weapons from the Gods. Then each of Golden Artifacts can be augmented in the shop gaining bonuses effects from his abilities.

    This weapon gives the user a limited courage that enables Nicetas to join in the battle. This courage duration will vary in the found in the second re…
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  • Nearthel

    Yone, the Shadow Samurai

    September 9, 2016 by Nearthel

    | mana = 100 | range = 175 (Melee) | damage = (+) | attackspeed = (+%) | armor = (+) | magicresist = (+) | movespeed = 345 }}

    Yone, the Shadow Samurai is a custom champion.

    While in the Realm of Shadows, Yone receives 15% reduced damage, gains total movement speed and is .

    |description2 = Yone generates 1 Torment for every units he travels by any means, requiring a total of units travelled to obtain maximum Torment. At maximum Torment, his next basic attack consumes all torment and curses his target, dealing physical damage over 3 seconds. }}

    Yone thrusts his sword forward, dealing physical damage to the first enemy hit and applying on-hit effects.

    |description2 = If this ability hits an enemy champion or epic monster, …

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