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Bob Nashahago

Bob Nashahago is a summoner and journalist. He works as reporter for The Journal of Justice.


  • His tag-line is "I'm Bob Nashahago and you're not".
  • He is dating Nidalee Nidalee.
    • He gets many threatening letters because of jealous fans.[1]
    • He holds a grudge against Ram Steed for having made public their relationship.[2]
  • Janna Janna was once matched through Blitzcrank Blitzcrank's dating service with him.
    • It is unknown if they intended to date one another, considering that Nashahago had already been dating Nidalee.
    • The picture in the article shows Janna trying to present himself during one of his meetings with Nidalee.[3]

The Journal of Justice Articles


  1. Nasha-target
  2. The Cougar is on the Prowl
  3. Blitzcrank’s Fleshling Compatibility Services Picture

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