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Bond of Stone is a tier 6 Resolve Keystone mastery. [1]

Patch History

  • Damage reduction increased to 4% from 3%.
  • Removed: Increased damage reduction while near an allied champion. Redirected damage remains at 6%.
  • Base damage reduction increased to 3% from 2%.
  • Enhanced damage reduction reduced to 6% from 8%.
  • Health threshold for disabling damage redirection reduced to below 5% maximum health from 15%.
  • Base damage reduction reduced to 2% from 4%.
  • Added
  • Tier 6 Resolve Keystone mastery with 1 rank.
  • Grants 4% reduced damage, increased to 8% while near an allied champion, and 8% of the damage that allied champions would take from enemy champions is dealt to you instead (cannot reduce you below 15% maximum health)


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