Bramble Vest is an advanced item in League of Legends.[1]


Bramble Vest item
Bramble Vest
Gold 900 (Gold 300)

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value
  • 35 armor = Gold 700
    • Total Gold Value = Gold 700

Gold Efficiency*

  • Bramble Vest item.png Bramble Vest is 77.78% gold efficient, without its passive.

Builds Into

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  • Bramble Vest item.png Bramble Vest is a particularly effective defensive option when facing down opponents whose damage is dealt primarily through basic attacks, or against opponents that utilize on-hit healing to survive fights (such as life steal).
  • Unlike Molten Shield.png Molten Shield and Defensive Ball Curl.png Defensive Ball Curl, Bramble Vest's magic damage does not trigger spell effects.

Patch History

V7.14 Added
  • Recipe: Cloth Armor item.png Cloth Armor + Cloth Armor item.png Cloth Armor + Gold 300 = Gold 900
  • +35 armor.
  • Unique Passive – Thorns: Upon being hit by a basic attack, reflects 20 magic damage, inflicting Grievous Wounds icon Grievous Wounds on the attacker for 1 second.
  • Builds into Thornmail item.png Thornmail.


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