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Upon Selection

  • Brand Select
    "Ready to set the world on fire? Heheheh..."


  • Brand.attack1
    "The inferno begins."
  • Brand.attack2
    "The fires of vengeance."
  • Brand.attack3
    "I purify this one!"
  • Brand.attack4
    "Forged in pain!"
  • Brand.attack5
    "Their scars will be warning."
  • Brand.attack6
    "Some say the world will end in fire."


  • Brand.move1
  • Brand.move2
    "I'm on a short fuse."
  • Brand.move3
    "Like wildfire."
  • Brand.move4
  • Brand.move5
    "I will blaze a trail."
  • Brand.move6
    "You can't contain me, summoner."
  • Brand.move7
    "After millennia, I am free!"
  • Brand.move8
    "This body is just one of many!"
  • Brand.move9
    "I am the fire that cleanses the world!"


Brand sets himself ablaze in a column of fire.
  • Brand.taunt
    "Is that fireproof?"


Brand drops on the ground and rolls around in panic.
  • Brand.joke
    "Is it hot in here or is it just me?!"

Upon Using Conflagration.png Conflagration

  • Brand.E1
    "Burn! Hahaha!"
  • Brand.E2
    "Burn! Hahaha!"


  • ZombieBrand.attack1
    Brand grunts.
  • ZombieBrand.attack2
    Brand growls.
  • ZombieBrand.attack3
    Brand growls loudly.
  • ZombieBrand.attack4
    Brand makes a gurgling sound.
  • ZombieBrand.attack5
    "Mmm, flame broiled."
  • ZombieBrand.attack6
    "Quit running, I'm hungry!"
  • ZombieBrand.attack7
    "Blood on my suit."


  • ZombieBrand.move1
    Brand grunts.
  • ZombieBrand.move2
    Brand grunts.
  • ZombieBrand.move3
    Brand grunts.
  • ZombieBrand.move4
    Brand makes a gurgling sound.
  • ZombieBrand.move5
  • ZombieBrand.move6
    "Burning hunger..."
  • ZombieBrand.move7
    "Some say the world will end in zombies."
  • ZombieBrand.move8
    "Dead man walking."
  • ZombieBrand.move9
    "Every day I'm shambling."
  • ZombieBrand.move10
    "Not easy being green... and dead."

When Chasing

  • ZombieBrand.chase4
    "Wait up!"


  • ZombieBrand.joke
    Brand realizes his hand is on fire and begins running around in a panic as he is engulfed in flames.


  • ZombieBrand.taunt
    Brand swipes the air and grunts menacingly.

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "This world will be consumed in flames!"
Player Team Victory
  • "This is not the end..."
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"


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