• Brand is the second fire-themed champion, the first being Annie Annie.
    • Sear.png Sear's animation resembles Annie Annie's basic attack one.
      • Brand's autoattack particle is the same as Morgana Morgana's but orange instead of purple.
  • Brand comes from Proto-Germanic *brandaz, meaning "fire, torch, sword (poetic)." In English, brand only means "torch" and "sword" in literary contexts, unlike its related Germanic cognates which still mean "fire".
    • His host's given name Kegan is likely based on Old Norse kagi "young tree, shrub", cf. English keg and key [1]; the surname Rodhe likely from hróðr "glory".
    • Pyroclasm.png Pyroclasm derives from pyroclastic, a term used to describe fast-moving volcanic material, from Greek πῦρ "fire" & κλαστός "broken"


  • Brand might have been based on the mythical Norse fire giant Surtr "swart(y)": Brand resembles him (blackened skin with lava crackling underneath) and, like Surtr in Ragnarök, Brand is destined to renewing the world by burning it.
  • Brand occupying the body of seafaring marauder Kegan Rhode might be referencing Human branding, a process in which, for example a slave, was branded a searing mark that would then leave a permanent scar.


BrandSquare.png Classic Brand
  • "Some say the world will end in fire" might be referencing Fire and Ice by Robert Frost but most likely Ragnarök (the Norse version of the end of the world where the earth is set on fire)
  • "Is it hot in here or is it just me?" was part of Anivia Anivia's old voiceover.
BrandSquare.png Zombie Brand


BrandSquare.png Apocalyptic Brand [S|L]
BrandSquare.png Vandal Brand [S|L]
BrandSquare.png Cryocore Brand [S|L]
BrandSquare.png Zombie Brand [S|L]
BrandSquare.png Spirit Fire Brand [S|L]
BrandSquare.png Battle Boss Brand [S|L]


  • Brand is the 'being of living fire' Nasus Nasus and Renekton Renekton fought right before the fall of Shurima. The details of his imprisonment are unknown but he was released and used by Xerath Xerath as a distraction for stealing the Ascended power meant for Azir Azir.
  • Lokfar being a region of the Freljord implies Brand's icy imprisonment many centuries ago was at the hands of the ProfileIcon0548 Frostguard Frostguard, going so far as Lissandra Lissandra having a taunt specifically directed at Brand.


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