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Freljord Avarosan

Upon Selection

  • Braum Select
    "The heart is the strongest muscle."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Braum.start01
    "Good times, good friends... what could be better?"
  • Braum.start02
    "If they insist on a fight, I will oblige them."
  • Braum.start03
    "Ah! We are about to begin the fighting!"
  • Braum.start04
    "Now, what can we learn from fighting?"
  • Braum.start05
    "Ah, new beginnings."
  • Braum.start06
    "Let's get going."
  • Braum.start07
    "Shall we begin?"
  • Braum.start08
    "Today will be exciting day!"
  • Braum.start09
    "Always bring Braum!"
  • Braum.start10
    "Follow me, friends!"
  • Braum.start11
    "They may have many, but you have me."
  • Braum.start12
    "Is it the moustache? Who knows?"


  • Braum.attack01
    "Why not enjoy some warm milk instead?"
  • Braum.attack02
    "First we fight, then we eat."
  • Braum.attack03
    "My shield is my sword."
  • Braum.attack04
    "Take heart."
  • Braum.attack05
    "When going gets tough, you call Braum."
  • Braum.attack06
    "Think carefully, my friend."
  • Braum.attack07
    "Let's show our friends the door."
  • Braum.attack08
    "You hit like baby ram! No horns yet!"
  • Braum.attack09
    "Now I give more than harsh talking to!"
  • Braum.attack10
    "Sometimes, shield becomes smashing board."
  • Braum.attack11
    "Troublemaker toss is best game."
  • Braum.attack12
    "Now this is fun!"
  • Braum.attack13
    "Show me your best."
  • Braum.attack14
    "Keep your spirits high."
  • Braum.attack15
    "Put away your worried face!"
  • Braum.attack16
    "Sometimes battle is unavoidable."
  • Braum.attack17
    "Today we fight each other. Tomorrow, we may fight together."


  • Braum.move01
    "Sometimes icy heart just needs warm smile."
  • Braum.move02
    "Braum is on the job."
  • Braum.move03
    "Let us go."
  • Braum.move04
    "Move like the herd."
  • Braum.move05
    "You are safe with Braum."
  • Braum.move06
    "Even heaviest door can be opened."
  • Braum.move07
    "If you have problem, you come to me first."
  • Braum.move08
    "Mother always said - don't lose!"
  • Braum.move09
    "The darker the night, the brighter the stars."
  • Braum.move10
    "No time for worrying."
  • Braum.move11
    "Hehe, life is good, no?"
  • Braum.move12
    "I wonder what's around next corner."
  • Braum.move13
    "You can always trust Braum."


  • Braum.taunt01
    "If at first you do not succeed, please, tell me what it is like."
  • Braum.taunt02
    "Don't worry, Braum was trying little bit."
Taunting an Enemy Alistar Alistar
  • Braum.tauntAlistar01
    "You remind me of Agatha. Best cow back home."
  • Braum.tauntAlistar02
    "Alistar! I have cow you should meet."
Taunting an Enemy Annie Annie
  • Braum.tauntAnnie01
    "Mother gave me bear as child too, Annie."
Taunting an Enemy Fizz Fizz
  • Braum.tauntFizz01
    "Something fishy here? Hehehehehe!"
Taunting an Enemy Gragas Gragas
  • Braum.tauntGragas01
    "After this, we share a drink! You like goat's milk?"
  • Braum.tauntGragas02
    "What's your poison, Gragas? Mine's milk!"
Taunting an Enemy Jinx Jinx or Vi Vi
  • Braum.tauntVi01
    "Your hair... we do not see things like this in the Freljord."
Taunting an Enemy Tryndamere Tryndamere
  • Braum.tauntTryndamere01
    "Tryndamere! This is fun, right?"
  • Braum.tauntTryndamere02
    "Are you having fun, my friend?"


  • Braum.joke01
    "When life gives you curdled milk, be patient. You get very good cheese!"
  • Braum.joke02
    "The goats are wise; eat everything, climb everything, and if something kicks you, kick it back!"
  • Braum.joke03
    "Mother always said - float like iceberg, sting like thrown iceberg!"


  • Braum.laugh01
    Braum laughs.
  • Braum.laugh02
    Braum laughs.
  • Braum.laugh03
    Braum laughs.

Upon Casting Winter&#039;s Bite.png Winter's Bite

  • Braum.Q1
    "Strike like ram!"
  • Braum.Q2
    "Not so fast!"

Upon Casting Stand Behind Me.png Stand Behind Me

  • Braum.W1
    "You thought you were in trouble."
  • Braum.W2
    "Braum is here!"
  • Braum.W3
    "Stand behind Braum!"

Upon Casting Unbreakable.png Unbreakable

  • Braum.E1
    "It is easy, see?"
  • Braum.E2
    "My shield is here for you."
Upon Blocking Enchanted Crystal Arrow.png Enchanted Crystal Arrow
  • Braum.ashe01
    "I'm having cold flashes."
Upon Blocking Ace in the Hole.png Ace in the Hole or Trueshot Barrage.png Trueshot Barrage
  • Braum.caitlyzreal01
    "Good shot! You'll get them next time."
Upon Blocking Whirling Death.png Whirling Death
  • Braum.draven01
    "Look! Your axes bounce right off!"
Upon Blocking Tidal Wave.png Tidal Wave
  • Braum.nami01
    "Ah! A refreshing sea breeze!"
Upon Blocking Wind Slash.png Wind Slash
  • Braum.riven01
    "Hm. It is windy today."

Upon Using a Poro-Snax item.png Poro-Snax

  • Braum.poro01
    "Eat, eat and grow strong."
  • Braum.poro02
    "Train hard, little poro, and one day you will be strong like... baby!"

Upon Buying...

Ancient Coin item.png Ancient Coin
  • Braum.coin01
    "This has the smell of a faraway land. Perhaps I shall see it one day."
Boots of Speed item.png Boots of Speed
  • Braum.bootsBasic01
    "These shoes... they're too tight!"
Tier 2 Boots
  • Braum.bootsMobility01
    "Ha ha! Perfect!"
Sightstone item.png Sightstone
  • Braum.sightstone01
    "No sneaking up on Braum this time."
  • Braum.sightstone02
    "Sight is the key to victory. Also stone."
Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape
  • Braum.sunfire01
    "Fire does the body good."
  • Braum.sunfire02
    "Ohoohoo, nice and toasty."
  • Braum.sunfire03
    "I've always wanted an on-fire cloak!"
  • Braum.sunfire04
    "Ooh! Now I need marshmallow."
Frozen Heart item.png Frozen Heart
  • Braum.frozenHeart01
    "To friends, I am snowfall. To enemies, I am avalanche!"
Randuin&#039;s Omen item.png Randuin's Omen or Aegis of the Legion item.png Aegis of the Legion
  • Braum.randuins01
    "My shield will protect this shield!"
  • Braum.randuins02
    "A shield for my shield? I like it!"

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • Braum.recall01
    "Ah... returning home."
  • Braum.recall02
    "Hehe, time for a snack."
  • Braum.recall03
    "Back I go."
Upon Completing Recall.png Recall
  • Braum.return01
    "See? That wasn't so bad."
  • Braum.return02
    "Braum lives another day."
  • Braum.return03
    "Is very important to take time to rest."


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