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For a detailed look, see The Reckoning.
  • Burning Tides serves as the main event to re-introduce Bilgewater into the new canon.
  • In Act 2, it has been revealed that Twisted Fate Twisted Fate's name is Tobias.
  • In Act 3, it has been revealed that Graves Graves' grandmother was dead for 5 years before the events of Burning Tides.
    • Gangplank Gangplank's old ship cannon is named Death’s Daughter.
    • Twisted Fate and Graves previously had a crew, all of them died when they and Twisted Fate tried to save Graves. Some of their names were Kolt, Wallach and The Brick.
    • Even though Twisted Fate lived on a river, he is unable to swim.
    • Miss Fortune Miss Fortune's personal ship is called The Syren.
      • Her first shipmate is called Rafen.
    • It was Miss Fortune herself that anonymously hired Twisted Fate for the warehouse heist.
    • Gangplank was the man that personally killed Miss Fortunes parents when she was a child, 15 years ago.
  • Graves lost his old gun during the events of Burning Tides.
  • Gangplank's survival between Act 3 and the Epilogue was unknown and many believed he was dead.
    • Because of the power vacuum his disappearance caused, Miss Fortune is ready to take charge of Bilgewater for herself and punish all who willingly served under Gangplank.
    • It's been revealed that Gangplank has survived, but has had to replace his arm with a mechanical prosthetic.



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  1. Lunar Revel (Chinese New Year)
  2. Valentine's Day
  3. Masquerade (Carnival Season)
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  5. April Fools' Day (URF)
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