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CJ Entus Frost
Cjentusfrost Logo
Background Information
Region: South Korea
Members: Shy (Captain)
Gank By Mom
Former players Woong
Created: February 2013

Line Up

ID Name Role
Kr Shy Park Sang-myeon (박상면) Top

Kr CloudTemplar Lee Hyun-woo (이현우) Jungle

Kr RapidStar Jung Min-sung (정민성) AP

Kr Ganked By Mom Lee Chang-seok (이창석) AP

Kr MadLife Hong Min-gi (홍민기) Support

Kr Space Seon Ho-san (선호산) AD


Azubu Frost and the Season 2 Championship

When the team first began as Azubu Frost, they appeared in the League of Legends scene during season 2. Their strong performance throughout the season got them to Los Angeles for the Season Two Championship in October. In the group stage they displayed there dominance, defeating Invictus Gaming, SK Gaming and CLG Prime, which brought the to the top team from their group (Group A). The went on to the quarterfinals where Team SoloMid awaited them. However the European team took the first game, ending Frost's winning streak when they seemed unbeatable. Yet that small blunder didn't repeat in the following two matches, which secured their place in the Grand finals. Now they were up against the Taipei Assassins. Here Frost's reign of power fell with a 1-3 score, giving 2nd place to Azubu Frost and the Championship Victory to Taipei Assassins.

Cheating Controversy

During the Championship a controversy developed over cheating. The stage for the Championship was set outdoors with a large screens above each computer assembly for each team. During a paused moment in the match with Team SoloMid attempting to fix audio problems, TSM's Chaox had reported he had witness Woong looking up at the minimap screens during the game. Although TSM's Dyrus had also looked up at the screens during this moment. An investigation by Riot Games followed with the conclusion both players were at fault. With video evidence a warning was issued to Dyrus. However Woong's actions were determined to have had a direct affect on the match and therefore warranted the consequence of a $30,000 fine for Azubu Frost's behavior.

CJ Entus Frost

On February 4, 2013 the Blaze and Frost contracts expire and were not renewed with Azubu. CJ Entus then officially procures both teams. In March CJ Entus Frost place 2nd in the IEM Season VII - World Championship. Afterword Woong leaves the team and is replaced by Hermes.

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