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Upon Selection

  • Caitlyn Select
    "I'm on the case."


  • Caitlyn.attack1
    "Got them in my sights."
  • Caitlyn.attack2
    "Meet the long gun of the law."
  • Caitlyn.attack3
    "Boom. Headshot."
  • Caitlyn.attack4
    "So many bad guys, so little time."
  • Caitlyn.attack5
    "Who doesn't like being under the gun?"
  • Caitlyn.attack6
    "Up for a showdown?"
  • Caitlyn.attack7
    "Sorry boys, I keep the fuzzy cuffs at home."


  • Caitlyn.move1
    "Hot on the trail."
  • Caitlyn.move2
    "I love a good chase."
  • Caitlyn.move3
    "Don't be caught flat footing."
  • Caitlyn.move4
    "I have the tools for the job."
  • Caitlyn.move5
    "Wanna see a hat trick?"
  • Caitlyn.move6
    "Let's investigate."
  • Caitlyn.move7
    "Time for a shakedown."
  • Caitlyn.move8
    "Me, miss? Not by a long shot."
  • Caitlyn.move9


  • Caitlyn.taunt1
    "Want another shot? I wouldn't want to leave things up in the air."
  • Caitlyn.taunt2
    "Would you prefer the good cop, or the bad cop?"


Caitlyn begins calibrating her gun, but it falls apart.
  • Caitlyn.joke1
    "A sniper's greatest tool is precision... and good equipment."
  • Caitlyn.joke2
    "The whole is greater than the sum of its... parts."


  • Caitlyn.laugh1
    Caitlyn laughs.
  • Caitlyn.laugh2
    Caitlyn laughs.
  • Caitlyn.laugh3
    Caitlyn laughs.
  • Caitlyn.laugh4
    Caitlyn laughs.

Upon Using Ace in the Hole.png Ace in the Hole

  • Caitlyn.ult1
  • Caitlyn.ult2
  • Caitlyn.ult3
    "In my sights."
  • Caitlyn.ult4
    "Nowhere to hide."
  • Caitlyn.ult5
    "Target marked."

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "The Sheriff's in town."
Against Player Yordle
  • "I've got a Yordle Snap Trap.png cupcake for you, little Yordle."
Player Team Victory
  • "Sharp shooting, everyone."
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"


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